The Best Progressive Jackpot Slots 🎖️ US Games & Casinos 2022

Slot machines are the cornerstone of any online casino, and recently Americans have been able to enjoy online jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots increase on all slot players’ spins, and someone wins the jackpot at regular intervals. Progressive slots are offered on many casino sites, and there is a jackpot slot for everyone.

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⭐ Progressive Slots Online December 2022

Jackpot Slots Online

US casino operators have some of the best progressive jackpots with high top payouts that could be life changing from many players.

Progressive jackpots are becoming more and more common on American online casinos, and these types of slot games are players’ favorites too. While there are not that many online progressive jackpot games, you can play progressive jackpots on many of BonusFinder US recommended real money casinos.

Popular Progressive Jackpot Potential Payout Where Available
Divine Fortune $162,376 Golden Nugget, BetMGM, Caesars
Mercy of the Gods $51,740 BetRivers, BetMGM, FanDuel
MGM Grand Millions $2,314,663 Borgata, Party, BetMGM
Jackpot Shores $344,349 Unibet, Pala
MegaJackpots: Cleopatra $585,443 DraftKings, Mohegan Sun

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is probably the most popular progressive slot machine in the U.S., made by software provider NetEnt. With an RTP of 96.59%, 20 paylines, and medium volatility, Divine Fortune has Ancient Greek imagery and the jackpot bonus game with three large jackpots. This NetEnt favorite is truly the mother of all online progressive jackpots, and we are sure you will enjoy this slot game. All best payout online casinos have this game in the library.

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Play progressive slots like Divine Fortune on several casino sites.

Mercy of the Gods

Another Net Entertainment hit game, Mercy of the Gods is one of the best online progressive slot machines. This online slot machine has an Egyptian theme, and you explore a new pyramid with an archaeologist. If you hit free spins, you can get a chance for a big win from the progressive jackpot slot! Most people who play slots love this one, and the sound effects are fantastic.

MGM Grand Millions

MGM Grand Millions, along with other progressive jackpots from MGM, can reach up to a huge jackpot: you could win millions of dollars from the jackpot pool of multiple machines. You can find this progressive slot machine game on BetMGM, Party, and Borgata casinos as an original game, and it has had some of the biggest jackpots in America. It is a wide area jackpot since the seed amount and compiling funds are gathered across several sites. If this slot is not for you, you can check out some of their other exclusive progressive slot machine games like Mango Madness and Loot’em Khamun.


IGT, an iconic slot machines provider, has created a line of progressive slots; the same progressive jackpot, aka mega jackpot worth often tens of thousands, is shared between several progressive games, which are well known by all slots lovers. Some of the MegaJackpot games are Cleopatra, Golden Goddess, Siberian Storm, and Wheel of Fortune. Note that some sites only carry the standard slots without the top prize of a progressive jackpot.

golden goddess jackpot slot

Golden Goddess is one of the progressive jackpots in the MegaJackpot series; you can get a big progressive jackpot win from more than three games.

Mega Drop

Like IGT, SG Digital also runs a selection of progressive jackpots, which includes Monopoly Big Spin, Book of Relics, and Road to Riches: Gold Pots. These huge progressive jackpots also offer a good variety of options for slot players, share the same life-changing prizes in the same casino, and you can find them in several of the best casinos.

⭐ What Are Progressive Jackpots?

🎁 Slot Type Progressive Jackpot
🎰 Games Divine Fortune, Mercy of the Gods
🌎 State CT, MI, NJ, PA, WV
🏛️ Available at Online Casinos
🏆 Biggest Bonus $2,050

Progressive slot machines are just like regular real money online slots; you spin the reels and earn bonus spins or a bonus round. If you hit a certain winning combination or finish the bonus rounds, you can win the progressive jackpot. In regular slot casino games, this is a set amount, but progressive slot machines have an increasing amount that resets when someone wins. Sometimes you might spin the prize wheel or land on a bonus symbol several times, depending on your total bet. All players contribute to the big jackpot, with more money added per spin. In the U.S., the progressive jackpots vary not only based on the casino but also based on the state. You can win the progressive jackpot even with a minimum bet, but the stars must be on your side!

Types of Progressive Slots

There are three types of progressive slots: standalone, wide area, and local area jackpots. Most casinos offer a combo of these, and you can choose an annual payment or a cash payout if you win the top jackpot.

  1. Standalone Progressives
    These are not attached to other slots, meaning the jackpot only increases as players play on this specific slot machine. The winnings tend not to be as high on local progressives, as there are fewer players playing. On the other hand, your chances to win might be better than on a wide area network jackpot game.
  2. Local Area Progressives
    These types of progressive slots are connected to others in the same area through a central server, often within the same online casino. The games have a shared jackpot, which progresses as players play on any of the connected games.
  3. Wide Area Progressives
    As you might have guessed, wide area progressive slots are connected to a single jackpot among a wide area, say a whole state or two. These are less common among online casinos, although they might become more popular as more states legalize online gambling.

Odds to Win

Unfortunately, you can’t calculate the odds to win progressive slot machines, as online slots are coded to work randomly. Therefore there’s no way of knowing who will win progressive jackpots, although you might be able to find the average time between jackpot wins for any game. There are also no bulletproof slot strategies you can follow, although some recommend sticking either to the minimum bet or the max total bet.

In addition, all games carry a return-to-player (RTP) percentage that’s less than 100%; this might also be referred to as payback percentage. This means that in the long run, the casino will end up with profit due to the house edge; when someone wins the progressive jackpot, the losses have to be recouped from other players. This shouldn’t stop you from playing progressive slots though, as you never know when the current jackpot hits! If you’d like to check out some high RTP slots, BonusFinder US has curated a list of the best games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The more people play jackpots, the more the jackpot size increases, just like in a lottery game. Some recommend to play max coins to win a progressive slot.

⭐ Tips on How to Play Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

While there is no optimal strategy for slot play, you can follow some general tips to improve your (very small) odds of winning the jackpot. Remember that progressive slots work on random number generators, and even consistent game play won’t guarantee you hit the jackpot. Often you have to place a maximum bet and make it through a bonus feature.

  • Play When the Jackpot is Big What’s the point of winning a few hundred dollars when you can win a few hundred thousand? Your chances of winning a progressive jackpot are slim at best, so why not go for it when the pot is actually significant. Also, some claim you’ll eventually reach the break-even point, and then each wager becomes a positive expectation bet.
  • Stick to Standalone Progressives Your odds to win are marginally better with a standalone progressive slot. You probably won’t win a million dollars, but often enough for a new car.
  • Consider Which Game to Play First, you might only be eligible to win the jackpot if you place the max bet on some games, but other machines have a minimum amount one player has to play with. Second, the jackpot hits more often on some progressive slots. This might be related to the fact that more people play certain slots, but it never hurts to do some investigative work on multiple slot machines.

⭐ Online Casinos with Progressive Slot Games

The best online casinos carry a variety of different games, including progressive jackpots and other slot machines. You can find games easily on all casino platforms, and some let you test the games on demo mode before depositing any money. All the casino sites below carry many types of progressive jackpots you can find in the U.S., as do many other casinos.

Online Casino # of Progressive Jackpots Highest Slot Machine Jackpot Available In
DraftKings Casino 7 $587,710 CT, MI, NJ, PA, WV
BetMGM 15 $2,276,039 MI, NJ, PA, WV
BetRivers/SugarHouse 6 $88,294 NJ, MI, PA, WV
Golden Nugget 27 $47,097 NJ, MI, WV
Caesars Casino 2 $104,197 NJ, MI, PA, WV
Stars Casino by PokerStars 2 $104,603 NJ, MI, PA

Casino Bonuses

Most online casinos offer welcome bonuses, such as a deposit bonus or risk-free play, to get new players to try their games. These bonuses vary in size, wagering requirements, and game restrictions. For example, if you get a free spin bonus, it might only apply to selected slot machines, whereas a no deposit bonus might be applicable to any casino game. Always check the terms and conditions for each welcome bonus before you claim it if you want to play a progressive slot machine; you can sign up on several casinos if you want to!

  • DraftKings Casino: $50 free credits + $2,000 deposit bonus
  • BetMGM Casino Bonus: $25 no deposit + $1,000 deposit offer
  • BetRivers/SugarHouse: 100% up to $250 bonus
  • Golden Nugget: $1,000 bonus + 200 free spins
  • PokerStars: Bet $1, Get $50
Divine Fortune Jackpot Slot Bonus

Divine Fortune progressive jackpot is available on most gambling sites. You can see the jackpot meter and what the maximum amount is on the corner of the screen.

⭐ Mobile Gaming

Mobile casinos are the biggest trend in online gambling. Players want to be able to play on their phones and expect to see numerous games available and a great game screen version. You can play progressive jackpot slots on mobile devices as well, and the experience is great whether you’re playing on the app or on the browser version of the casino. You can check out the best iPhone slots from BonusFinder US review.

⭐ Best Jackpot Slot

The best progressive slot is probably Divine Fortune. The game play is simple and easy to follow, you can get some fun bonus rounds and it’s one of the biggest video slots in the U.S. This online slot machine can be found on virtually every casino site, and you can even get free spin bonuses to try to win the jackpot on certain casinos. If you only want to try your luck on a standalone progressive jackpot, we’d say this is it. Please play responsibly.

Last updated: 11/03/2022


1️⃣ Are progressive jackpot slots rigged?

No, all the different slots with progressive jackpots hit regularly, assuming you play slot games from legit providers. Online slots are created with a random number generator so that they are truly random, and one lucky player wins the progressive jackpot prize one day! Keep in mind that the chance of winning is a tiny percentage even if more players play the same game and the current value of the jackpot rises.

2️⃣ Is Mega Moolah available in the U.S.?

Unfortunately no. Mega Moolah might be the best known progressive jackpot game in Europe, but due to Microgaming's legal issues in the U.S., it has not been introduced to American players yet. As Mega Moolah has dished out the biggest progressive jackpot win online, we hope it arrives to top online casinos on this side of the pond.

3️⃣ Are all slot games jackpots?

In a way, as most slot machines have a set maximum payout you can win with predetermined value based on your total stake, and it's triggered randomly through the wild symbols or bonus games. The big difference is that progressive slots have a jackpot which increases constantly; this means playing the slot always contributes to the jackpot. Similarly, every time someone wins a progressive jackpot, the jackpot resets for the one machine. On non-progressive slots, several players can win the biggest jackpot consecutively, although this is unlikely. Most slot machines don't offer progressive jackpots, and their jackpots have different amounts from each other.

4️⃣ Which are the most popular games with jackpots?

In Europe, Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune, but since they're not available in the U.S., we'd say Divine Fortune and Mercy of the Gods are the best local progressive slots and available in multiple casinos. Megabucks slot machine has some of the biggest prizes, but the odds of winning Megabucks are 50 million to 1.

You can win big on any game, but obviously the progressive jackpot depends on the casino where you're playing and your state. When a player wins the prize pool, the winnings might be paid in a single lump sum or in several instalments, depending on the specific game and casino.

5️⃣ What other games have jackpots?

Mostly just video poker games have a jackpot payout, but you might struggle to find a video poker game online that has a progressive jackpot amount. If you play at land-based casinos in Las Vegas or at local casinos, some games like Caribbean Stud Poker might be a progressive game and have a jackpot amount, which often tied to a side bet. A few blackjack games might also have a progressive side bet,

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