Editorial Policy

Our Policy

At BonusFinder, our mission is to help you, our customer, to “Play With More” with your new favorite online casino. We believe in full transparency: we are very open about how we run our business, and we also share our review processes, introduce our experts, and detail our editorial policy. We hope this gives you the assurance to make BonusFinder your go-to source for all casino bonuses.

Our BonusFinder editorial team consists of experts who bring their deep industry knowledge and experience to life through our published content. Every brand goes through a detailed and thorough review, and all content is fact-checked using a rigorous process to ensure that our articles are void of mistakes and errors.

We believe in editorial independence and are very cautious about which brands we consider worthy of a review. As a result, we reject numerous brands every week after deeming them unsuitable for our customers (you).


  • You should expect accurate, nuanced, complete information for each brand we review.
  • We conduct our reviews using first and third-party data: we thoroughly test every brand and compare our experiences with third-party sources to ensure we have the whole picture.
  • We stay objective and strongly believe that using responsible gambling tools is a vital part of the user experience.


  • We are firmly committed to conducting our business independently: our aim is, first and foremost, to deliver the best possible content to our customers.
  • Advertising and commercial relationships have no impact on our editorial content.

Fact-checking and corrections

  • All content is fact-checked at the time of publishing and, due to the fast-paced nature of our industry, reviewed regularly for accuracy and completeness.
  • On the occasion of an error in our content, we fix it and acknowledge the revision.
    If you spot any errors, mistakes, or omissions or have other feedback, please contact Fintan Costello on [email protected]