The Superb Owl Awards 2023: Join the Parliament

Are you passionate about nature photography or need inspiration for your next masterpiece? BonusFinder is looking for the most superb owls of the year!

Due to the popularity of the Inaugural Superb Owl Awards of 2022, BonusFinder has launched another hunt for the best owly artwork!

With the entries now open, send in your best shots to win.

We’re talon you, it’s going to be a hoot!

Entering the 2023 Superb Owl Competition

Whether you’re a bird watcher, a sculpting newbie, a misspelling Super Bowl fan, or a seasoned owl photography expert, BonusFinder welcomes your work for the Superb Owl competition.

Similarly to last year, we are looking for the best owl art in two separate categories: photography and artwork.

Who Can Join?

We are encouraging amateur photographers as well as professionals to send their greatest owl images in for a chance to win the competition of the Most Valuable Owl (MVO).

The second category is open for artists and welcomes owl-themed art, whether it is paintings, drawings or sculptures.

The best images and art pieces should be submitted by to enter the race.

Superb Owl 2023 Prizes

In addition to a lifetime of glory, the winner will also get a unique Superb Owl ring and trophy!

This year we have brought in to judge the best entries. The selected pieces will be selected by (date X) and revealed on (date X). The winners will be announced on.

Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite owls to participate in the draw of!

For more information contact X.

History of the Superb Owl

Inspired by a typo that trends on the second Sunday of every February, the origins of the term are unclear. However, the Reddit community for Superb Owls was created in 2011 and in addition to the February spikes, stays active throughout the year. Upon its creation, the subreddit had two simple rules:

1) Image posts must contain an owl

2) Text posts must be about owls

The term’s first mainstream appearance came in 2014 when Stephen Colbert used it on his show’s Super Bowl coverage to avoid what he called “the wrath of a litigious NFL”. As the NFL is known for coming after anyone advertising or promoting the event without a license, by moving the “B” the show avoided trademark infringement and aired with the title “Colbert Report: Superb Owl XLVIII”.

In 2019, Superb Owl even got its own category in Jeopardy!

In the past few years, Google has also jumped in and used this trend ahead of the Super Bowl by showing cute cartoon owls on top of the Super Bowl score for those who were searching for “superb owl” (whether this was intentional or not).

Over the years, this misspelled word has inspired photographers from amateurs to those working for National Geographic. It has become so popular that it now takes over the internet every year around Super Bowl Sunday with zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, museums and news outlets across the globe posting images and facts about the nocturnal critters on social media.

The Superb Owl Awards 2022

The Inaugural Superb Owl Awards kicked off in January of 2022.

All competition entries were reviewed by Green Bay Packers’ ex-football linebacker and wildlife photography enthusiast Jake Ryan, who shortlisted his favorites for a public vote. Hosted for the first time, the competition received over entries, so be prepared for a fierce battle for the title of the most valuable owl!

The Superb Owl Awards 2022 Winners

Flying Owl
Photography category winner photo by Daniel Graovac

Winking Owl
Artistic category winner image by Shelly Tellier

Superbowl artistic image winner with the trophy and the champion ring
Shelly Tellier, winner of the 2022 Superb Owl artistic category with the Superb Owl trophy and the Superb Owl ring

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