Skillz Games🎖️Win Real Money on Mobile

Have you ever wanted to compete in mobile games against other players? Have you ever wondered if you could win money with your gaming skills? Well, there’s a way to find out!


Skillz is a mobile gaming platform for players and game developers. You can play their games entirely for free or make a deposit and compete in their numerous skill-based tournaments for a real money prize. This review covers everything you need to know about Skillz gaming.

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⭐ What is Skillz Games?

Skillz games are skill-based mobile games that reward victorious players with real cash. Skillz is a platform for online mobile game competitions incorporated into numerous iOS and Android games. Players use Skillz to compete in different multiplayer games against other players worldwide.

Skillz Games Real Money esports

Skillz brings mobile gaming to another level! Compete against other players worldwide and win real money prizes.

How Does it Work?

Skillz isn’t exactly a sweepstakes site or a social casino provider but a platform where game developers can add their games. Players can download games on their mobile devices and compete against each other in a head-to-head match or various tournaments. The games can yield real money prizes, so it’s no wonder Skillz games are rapidly growing in popularity.

As the name implies, Skillz games are mobile games based on skill. Skillz matches and tournaments have matchmaking based on your skill level, meaning the game lobby is as evenly balanced as possible. This is to ensure that all of the players have as equal chances of winning as possible.

Unlike typical casino games, Skillz games are not games of chance. Instead, these are skill games, so the element of luck has been removed. The skill element is what truly differentiates Skillz from many others: in a way, the games can be considered competitive esports, accessible for almost everyone.

⭐ Skillz Games in the US – Is it Legal?

Skillz games don’t fall into the gambling category. This is due to their games being skill-based, meaning that the element of luck doesn’t play a dominant part in the outcome of the game. In most states, playing skill games for real cash prizes is perfectly legal. Do note that in order to play Skillz games for real cash prizes, you have to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Skillz has taken extensive measures to ensure its gaming operations fully comply with local laws. As of 2023, Skillz games can be freely played in 45 states. Some states do not allow real prize competitions of this format:

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana
  • South Dakota

In addition to the states above, neither Maine nor Indiana allows real money games that involve playing cards. Furthermore, real prize gameplay in New Jersey isn’t available for domino-based games.

According to the developers, the Skillz platform is accessible to roughly 80% of the world, meaning you could compete against people from all over the globe!

⭐ Play Skillz Games & Win Cash Prizes

You can win real money with Skillz. In order to play games for real money, you’ll have to make a deposit via credit card, PayPal, or Apple Pay. You can win cash prizes by excelling in your chosen Skillz game.

If you end up winning cash prizes, you can withdraw them by using the same banking methods. Winnings that exceed your total deposits are sent to you via paper check (if you’re residing in the United States). Note that you can’t deposit more funds when your withdrawal is pending.

Deposit and Cash Out

Making a deposit on Skillz is easy but not at all mandatory. If you wish to compete for real money, however, you’ll have to chip in. You can keep track of your deposits and withdrawals on your dedicated account page.

Skillz has disclosed that withdrawals could take four to six weeks. While this is admittedly a very long wait, it’s for a good reason: Skillz processes each withdrawal request manually to ensure fair play and that there’s no shady business behind the cash-out request. Also, despite the disclaimer, they usually handle these requests in a much shorter period of time.

Skillz will use your chosen deposit method also as the method for cash outs.

Banking Method Deposit Withdraw
💳 Credit Card Yes (Visa, Mastercard) Yes (Visa, Mastercard)
💰 Prepaid Card Yes Yes
📱 PayPal Yes Yes
🍏 Apple Pay Yes (iOS Users) Yes (iOS Users)

Skillz Games for Fun

Whereas you have the possibility to win real money through Skillz, it’s not obligatory to make a real money deposit to play their games. Instead, you can play Skillz games also completely free by using their virtual currency, Z.

Z doesn’t have any real monetary value and can only be used for entertainment purposes. Z allows you to try games and practice without risking any real money. Before aiming for real cash prizes, you can give a game a go by using this virtual currency first.

⭐ Creating a Skillz Account

Creating an account with Skillz is a very straightforward process:

  1. Download the Skillz app either by searching ‘Skillz Games’ in the app store or through the QR-code on
  2. Open the app on your mobile device: you’ll notice you’ve been assigned a random username.
  3. Update your account information through the main menu on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap ‘Account’, then ‘Personal Info’, and then review and update all the necessary information.
  4. After updating your account, tap ‘Update’ at the bottom of the screen, and you’re done!

Downloading Skillz and creating an account is 100% free, and you’re not obligated to use any real money to play their games.

⭐ Most Popular Skillz Games

You can choose from a variety of different Skillz games. Skillz has successfully lowered the threshold of trying out their games: they’ve introduced some of the most popular games with new titles, making it easy to familiarize yourself with their game selection.

From different bubble shooter versions to blackjack games, Skillz games are easy to learn and have familiar game mechanics. For example, Blackout Bingo is a new take on a classic bingo game, whereas Solitaire Cube follows the basic gameplay of solitaire.

Since Skillz is also a platform for game developers, new games are being continuously introduced. Conveniently enough, there’s a list of the most popular Skillz games available on their homepage: you can visit on your browser to see their selection. Some of the most popular Skillz games include:

  1. Blackout Bingo
  2. Solitaire Cube
  3. Dominoes Gold
  4. 21 Blitz
  5. Pool Payday
  6. Cube Cube
  7. Bubble Cube 2
  8. Bubble Shooter
  9. Yatzy Cash
  10. Big Buck Hunter

⭐ Skillz Games on Mobile Devices

Skillz platform is exclusively for mobile devices. While it’s unfortunate that you can’t try out the bubble shooters or battle against other players in real cash tournaments on your computer, it’s very easy to download the Skillz app from your application store or their website. Skillz games have been designed specifically to be played on a mobile platform, so the gaming experience on your phone or tablet is top-notch.

Skillz Games for Android Devices

Whereas most of the games on Skillz are available for both Android and iOS users regardless of the operating system, there are still some games that are exclusively for iOS.

Android users might face some difficulties trying to download the app from Google Play Store. Luckily, there are other ways to download the gaming platform: we recommend downloading the app through the QR code on the Skillz website.

The list on indicates whether the game is available for Android devices or not.

Skillz Games for iOS Devices

Apple users can browse for available games on the Skillz website and download the chosen games through the QR code. Alternatively, you can have a look at the variety of games on the internet first and then search the Apple App Store to download the apps from there.

⭐ Final Thoughts

Skillz games offer exciting gaming experiences on your mobile device. Showing your gaming skills through various tournaments and competing against fellow players for potential real-life prizes is a thrilling experience.

The game variety at Skillz includes various familiar game types, so learning the mechanics of a new game takes minimal effort. Mastering the game, however, is a whole other deal.

With convenient banking methods and wide accessibility throughout the US, Skillz is an exciting gaming platform that introduces some of the elements of esports to people outside the professional gamer spectrum.

Last updated: 03/15/2023

⭐ Skillz Games FAQs

1️⃣ Are Skillz games legal?

Yes! You can play various Skillz games in the vast majority of the US. However, there are some gameplay restrictions in a handful of states, plus you have to be 18 years old or older to participate in Skillz.

2️⃣ Can I win real cash from Skillz?

Yes, you can win cash by playing games on Skillz. However, note that you have to make real money deposits to compete, so the element of losing your money is also very much present.

3️⃣ Who owns Skillz?

Skillz is a public company founded by Andrew Paradise in 2012. Nowadays, the company headquarters are located in San Francisco. Skillz is partnered with over 30,000 game developers and hosts millions of daily tournaments for over 30 million players worldwide.