DraftKings Highlights
  • DraftKings is the biggest daily fantasy sports operator in the world.
  • Get $500 in DFS bonus credits
  • DraftKings offers daily fantasy sports, a sportsbook, and an online casino
  • In addittion to DFS, Casino, and Sportsbook, DraftKings has a sports analysis app (DK Live)
  • DraftKings DFS accepts deposits via American Express, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.
DraftKings Review summary
DraftKings started out as a daily fantasy sports hub. In more recent times, they have extended their brand to include a sportsbook and casino. In this guide, we'll brief you on what you need to know about DraftKing's three areas of focus: DFS, sportsbook, and casino.
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DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Bonus

DraftKings is the leader in Daily Fantasy Sports.

It took less than a decade for DraftKings to become one of the biggest names in daily fantasy sports. In 2019, they made over $300 million in revenues and awarded millions per week in DFS contests prizes. In this review, we’ll give you a run down of all the DraftKings promo offers from their various sites.

DraftKings Promo Code: Claim $500 DFS Bonus

The DraftKings DFS site offers fantasy footballers $500 in new player bonuses. However, there are some limitations. First of all, they only match your deposit up to 20%. Therefore for a $100 deposit, the bonus amount is $20. Furthermore, the Drafkints promo does not go directly to your account. Rather, for every $25 played on DraftKings DFS, Sportsbook, or Casino, the you will receive $1 in bonus funds released to your account.

Below, we’ll list the various DraftKings promotional codes.

DraftKings Site DraftKings Bonus DraftKings Promo Code
DraftKings DFS %20 deposit match bonus up to $500 SAVE
DraftKings Sportsbook %20 deposit match bonus up to $1000 WIN
DraftKings Casino 100% deposit match up to $1,500 + $10 no deposit bonus N/A
DraftKings Bonus Promo Codes

DraftKings offers players a variety of competitive bonuses with these promo codes.

What is DraftKings

DraftKings is one of America’s top platforms for daily fantasy football and other fantasy sports. Since 2012, they have offered daily/weekly competitions in 15 sports/leagues.

Some of the daily fantasy options available on DraftKings:

  • College Football & Basketball DFS

DraftKings also offers fantasy sports in more exotic markets. The options include e-sports, where you can draft your own League of Legends, or Rocket League Lineups, Tennis, and Aussie Rules.

However, there’s more to DraftKings than daily fantasy sports. In August 2018, they got into the sports betting industry, opening their first book in New Jersey. On top of this, they also added an online casino in December 2018.

How To Play DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports

Here’s how they work. Let’s say you are playing NBA DFS. You start by selecting your daily fantasy basketball lineup from the available player pool. Then you can watch NBA live and follow your players’ performance. The more points your NBA lineup scores, the more fantasy points you earn.

If you are a casual player who doesn’t follow power rankings or spend time reading player news, there are also DFS tools for crafting your starting lineups. For example, the NFL lineup optimizer provides you with the optimal DFS NFL lineup according to the sites metrics.

Popular DrafKings Contests

DraftKings contests can be divided into two categories: Cash games and Tournaments.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Cash Games

In cash games, you buy in, and if you win, you’ll get your stake back doubled. There are two distinct cash game categories, 50/50s and Head to Heads. In 50/50s the goal is to place in the top 50% in a given field. So if there are 1,000 players in a daily fantasy football cash game with a $10 buy-in, everyone from rank 1 to 499 wins $20.

Head to Heads work similarly to 50/50s, but you only compete against one other player. In both formats, just remember that you are looking for a team that has the least potential for dropping points. The lineup optimizer works well for cash contests as it provides you with the optimal lineup.

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Tournaments

In Tournaments, you try to rack up as many points as you can. Generally, only the top 20% ranked players receive a prize, and all the real money goes to those placing in the top 5%. Winning a big tournament is the dream of fantasy footballers everywhere, as the top prizes are are in hunderds of thousands, sometimes in millions.

Popular DraftKings Daily Fantasy Tournaments 2021 include

  • 2021 Fantasy Basketball World Championship
  • 2021 Fantasy Baseball World Championship
  • 2021 Fantasy Golf World Championship
  • 2021 Pro Football Pick’em Championship

To score big in tournaments, you should look at ownership projections. Ownership projections estimate the number of DFS players who are likely to choose a given athlete. As it’s almost impossible to win tournaments by choosing the same players as everyone else, you should go for some outsiders as well. They could be your best value play.

DraftKings Promo

DraftKings offers 2,000,000 in prizes for the daily fantasy football players.

Is DraftKings legit?

But, is all of this legal? It depends on where you live. Some state regulators impose conditions on daily fantasy sports providers. In these jurisdictions, DraftKings operates within the bounds of the law. Other states do not allow DraftKings to operate. If you live in one of these places, DraftKings will (sadly) not allow you to create an account.

In states where DFS exists in a legal grey area, DraftKings is usually available. Whenever their legitimacy has been in question, DraftKings has asked the courts for their opinion. For this reason, we have no doubt that your money is safe with DraftKings.

DraftKings Sportsbook

In 2018, PASPA, or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, was struck down by the Supreme Court. This ruling swung the door wide open for legalized sports betting across the United States.
DraftKings was among the first in the pool, opening up their first sportsbook in New Jersey in August 2018. Since then, they have expanded their operations to cover more than 11 states, like DraftKings TN. With 25 other states having tabled sports betting legislation, that number is sure to grow. Their latest addition is the DraftKings Sportsbook in Wyoming.

What is DraftKings Sportsbook like? They offer betting markets in a broad slate of domestic and international leagues – the possibilities are endless. Their betting dashboard has a clean, easy-to-navigate design, and regular promos, like odds boosts, will keep you coming back. Learn more about DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Casino

When your games wrap up, the fun doesn’t have to stop. If you live in New Jersey, West Virginia, or like Pennsylvania casinos, you’ll also have access to DraftKings Casino. This outfit launched in December 2018 with a small number of games, but since then, selection has improved considerably. With hundreds of slots and dozens of table games to choose from, you’ll have plenty of ways to entertain yourself.

Read more about the DraftKings Casino and get your DraftKings Casino promo code.

Signing Up for a DraftKings Account

Ready to give real money gaming on DraftKings a try? Head over to DraftKings.com, and then click the “Sign Up Free” button on their promo offer. Fill in the fields, or simplify things by using your Facebook account instead.

Once you have done this, hit the “register” button. At this point, you can choose to play in a freeroll. To participate in most DraftKings contests, though, you’ll need to pay an entry fee.

Making a Deposit

Fortunately, DraftKings makes depositing easy. To put money on DraftKings, choose from one of the following options:

  • Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express)
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards (MasterCard/Visa/American Express)
  • PayPal

Note that these are the options available for players who want to participate in DraftKings’s DFS contests. In states where their sportsbook or casino is available, you can deposit via bank transfer, e-checks, and other methods.

Credit/debit card deposits are the most straightforward. Just enter your card details, and within seconds, you’ll have a bankroll online. However, do note that “DraftKings” will appear on your monthly bill/statement.

If this is problematic for you, we recommend depositing via gift cards or PayPal instead. When you use PayPal, its name will appear on your statement instead of DraftKings. To deposit using a gift card, purchase one at a local retailer. Then, use the code on the card to deposit on DraftKings.

How to Withdraw

So, you won a big cash prize on NFL DFS – awesome! When it comes time to enjoy your winnings, DraftKings provides the following withdrawal options:

  • Credit Cards (MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express)
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards (MasterCard/Visa/American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Paper Check

DraftKings DFS has a weird withdrawal process. If you want to withdraw your winnings, they will refund the original amount you deposited via your original deposit method. That means if you deposited via credit, debit, or even gift card, you’d get a refund.

Then, DraftKings will send the remaining amount (i.e. your profit) to you via PayPal or paper check. After DraftKings approves your withdrawal, it will take 2-8 business days to arrive in your PayPal account. Paper checks under $2,000 and all checks sent to a P.O. Box takes 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you request delivery via FedEx, expect delivery within 1-3 business days.

Note that payments are processed Monday through Friday at 9 AM to 5 PM ET.

DraftKings on Mobile

DraftKings has three distinct apps: DraftKings DFS, DraftKings Sportsbook/Casino, and DraftKings Live. All three have versions for iOS and Android.

DraftKings sportsbook online casino mobile app

The DK Live app offers all the insight you’ll need to make sound wagering decisions.

You can easily find their iOS apps in the App Store by searching for “DraftKings.” However, you cannot do the same for Android, as Google prohibits real-money gaming apps in the Play Store.

If you have an Android device, start by visiting DraftKings.com. On this site, you’ll find the download link for the DraftKings DFS app.

The DraftKings DFS app allows you to join daily and weekly competitions on the go, and the sportsbook app offers the same functionality, but on traditional betting markets. Lastly, the DraftKings Live app isn’t a gaming app, but a source of information. It provides in-depth analysis of player performance to help with your DFS projections.

DrafKings DFS in Legal Gambling States

DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports are available in almost every state in the US. However, in some states there are more DraftKings products available as well. Five states have online casinos, and ten more have a DraftKings online sports betting site.

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