Real Money Live Baccarat

Real money live dealer games are becoming popular throughout the United States. Many online casinos offer baccarat as an option for the classical roulette and blackjack tables.


This live baccarat review will highlight some key features of live online baccarat and point out the top places to play.

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Live Baccarat Online

Real Money Live Baccarat Online

Real money baccarat is one of the most exciting live online casino games.

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and the game can now be played from the comfort of your own home. Baccarat is known as a game for VIP’s, and live baccarat online lets you feel like a VIP while sitting on your couch.

The rules of live baccarat online are the same as they are on the casino floor, and the game is still played in the same way. The only difference is that you are simply taking on the dealer. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for other players to place their bets.

Best Real Money Casino Sites for Playing Live Baccarat

Many live dealer casinos in NJ and PA offer live baccarat. You can play live casino games online at Unibet and BetAmerica in Pennsylvania, but all the best live baccarat casinos are in New Jersey. Here at Bonusfinder, we’ve listed the best real money live baccarat gambling sites for your benefit.

  • Golden Nugget
  • Party Casino
  • PlayMGM
  • Borgata
  • Resorts Casino

Live Baccarat Casino Bonuses

Although many casinos offer welcome bonuses to new customers, using these bonuses for live table games is usually a bit tricky. This is due to live games’ high RTP (return-to-player).

In most cases, a casino offering a $100 welcome bonus will only count 20% of money gambled in table games for the bonus. For example, if a casino offers a $100 bonus with a 1x wagering requirement, you would normally need to wager $100 on online slots to realize your bonus. However, if you are playing live baccarat, you need to wager $500 to realize the bonus.

Borgata Casino Bonus

Some casinos like Borgata Online Casino offer new players a welcome bonus you can use on live baccarat.

In addition to Borgata, other online casinos offering live baccarat like Resorts Casino, and 888Casino give out great welcome bonuses. However, Borgata’s bonus is the most competitive, because their wagering requirement is the lowest.

Online Real Money Baccarat Game Facts & House Edge

Baccarat is extremely popular for many reasons, but the fact that it offers great odds might be the best reason. The house edge stands at just 1.06 percent, making it a very attractive game.

Live Deaöer Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a popular online casino game because of its high RTP

Even though the rules of baccarat are relatively simple to understand, there are a few key facts that you will need to remember when playing online baccarat:

  1. Each card has a point value between 0-9, Cards 2-9 are worth face value, 10’s and face cards are worth 0 points, and an ace is worth one point.
  2. A winning hand is when the player has a higher value than the banker.
  3. There are three betting options: Bets on the banker, player, or on a tie.
  4. There are six positions at a baccarat table. These include: Caller, dealer, player, drop box, discard trays, tip box.

Live Baccarat Variants

Since baccarat is one of the most popular live dealer games, several versions of baccarat are available as well. Each casino will likely offer at least one variant of the game to give you different options. Here are a few of the most common variants that you will find at online casino sites.

  • Single Player Baccarat: This version of the game is just you and the dealer, and you are taking on the house. Simply bet on a tie, banker, or a player and watch the action unfold.
  • Baccarat Squeeze: The squeezer controls the game with this version, and it adds some extra excitement to this classic game.
  • No Commission Baccarat: The payout structure is different with this variant of the game, and side bets can usually be made as well. This is an exciting option, but it’s not one that is commonly offered by online casino sites.

Playing Strategy – Win Real Money Online

Since baccarat is a game of luck rather than skill, there isn’t a simple playing strategy that will work for everyone. Most baccarat experts suggest playing at a table with the lowest number of decks, but that will already be done since you are playing at an online casino.

Money management is key to playing live baccarat for real money, just as it is for playing any other casino games. Keep the bets small, and start slow, and you will be able to stay in the game longer.

Conclusion – Best Live Baccarat Casino in the US

It is impossible to choose a single casino as the best US live baccarat casino. However, the best real money baccarat tables can be found from established New Jersey casinos like Golden Nugget or Borgata.

Unfortunately, the entire country has not yet jumped on board with the online casino industry, and you might not be able to find a legal and regulated casino in your state. Laws are constantly changing, and your state could be the next to legalize and launch the industry.

Real Money Live Baccarat Q&A

Is it legal to play live dealer baccarat online?

Yes, it is legal to play live dealer baccarat online as long as you are playing at a regulated online casino. There are a handful of states in the US that allow online gaming, and these casinos have the option of offering live baccarat.

How does online baccarat work?

Online baccarat works very much like playing baccarat at a casino, but the action is much faster-paced. You will be able to see all of the cards, and the dealer will prompt you to make your bets. If you are familiar with baccarat, then you won’t have any trouble understanding how to play online.

Can I try live baccarat for free first?

This depends on where you are looking to play live baccarat, but most online casinos will offer a free demo or trial of the game before playing for money. Other casinos will offer free play or risk-free betting options, so those can be used to play without having to worry about losing any money.

Will the games work on my smartphone or tablet?

Most online casinos will offer a mobile app that can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. Even if there isn’t an app that is offered, the games can still be played through the online site with these two devices.

Can I trust the games to be fair?

Yes! Even if you can’t seem to win, you can trust that the games are fair. Online casinos are regulated by the state that they operate in, and they will not host rigged games. Plus, all of the cards are on display, and you will always be able to see what is taking place.