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With a $523 Million jackpot up for grabs this weekend, the data analysts at BonusFinder have gone through more than 29 years of Powerball lottery results to provide you with the best chance of winning a truly life changing sum of money.

The Most Common Powerball Main Numbers

Starting off with the most common main numbers and the data reveals that throughout the entire history of the Powerball jackpot (3,076 draws and counting), the luckiest number you can pick is officially 32.

Having been drawn 303 times, it was picked as recently as the 4th of September 2021 – 19 days prior to this article being written.

41 and 26 are the next most lucky main numbers, having been drawn 302 times each, followed by the numbers 23 and 39 – drawn 301 and 299 times respectively.

The luckiest Powerball Main numbers to pick, along with the date they were last drawn, can be viewed in the table below:

The Most Common Powerball Numbers

The number 18 is officially the best pick as your Powerball selection. With 101 draws to date, it most recently surfaced on the 14th of August 2021.

If 18 doesn’t tickle your fancy, numbers 20 and 6 have similar levels of luck, being drawn 98 times each over the past 29 years.

The luckiest Powerball numbers to pick, along with the date they were last drawn, can be viewed in the table below:

How to increase your chances even further

As the Powerball is a lottery with 69 main numbers to pick and 26 Powerball numbers to choose from, the odds of winning are slim to say the least. 292 million to 1, to be exact.

However, as there are more odd numbers than even numbers to select, you’re better off going with a strategy of choosing more odd numbers than you do even ones.

The table below details the favourability of winning, based on your number choices:

As you can see, there are far more combinations to win if you go with 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers (main numbers) than the other way around, or any other numbered strategy for that matter.

Here’s how the theory stacks up in a practical test:

Layering onto this the expected frequency between low and high numbers will help increase your chances even further.

The only way to increase your chances further, is to ultimately buy more tickets so you have more combinations and chances to win. Also

How does the $523 Million Jackpot compare to Previous Powerball Jackpots?

As it stands, the current jackpot, (while massive), still only ranks 10th in the all-time biggest jackpots within the Powerball lottery system.

The biggest ever Powerball Jackpot win was on January the 13th, 2016, with the winner taking home a cool $1.5 billion Jackpot.

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