Best NFL Betting Sites

Online betting is legal in many US states and no sport is as bet as football. From pre-season to the Super Bowl, NFL and college football dominate the nationwide sports betting handle. In this extensive review, BonusFinder US helps you find the ultimate online NFL betting site for you.

We found 6 bonuses worth $9,250

Best Online Football Betting Sites

NFL Betting Sites

Football is the biggest sport in America.

There are dozens of online betting sites that feature NFL games on their platform. In fact NFL bets are so popular, that all online sportsbooks post lines of each and every NFL game. However, the number of lines, odds, and bonuses vary between NFL sportsbooks. Furthermore every online sportsbook does not legally operate in every state. Below, we’ve listed the top NFL betting sites that operate across multiple states and feature NFL games online.

NFL Betting Site Bonus
#1 PointsBet $2,000 Risk Free
#2 DraftKings Sportsbook $1,000 Deposit Bonus
#3 FanDuel Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Bet
#4 BetMGM Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Bet
#5 Caesars Sportsbook $5,000 Risk Free
#6 TwinSpires Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Bet
#7 Barstool Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free
#8 WynnBET $1,000 Risk Free
#9 Unibet $500 Risk Free
Caesars Sportsbook Bonus

Caesars has the biggest gambling bonus in all of America.

How do we Rate NFL Betting Sites

There are several factors to consider when rating an online sportsbook. In the name of transparency, BonusFinder US reveals all the factors we use for reviewing the best NFL betting sites.

Legal NFL Betting Sites

When you want to bet on NFL games online, you’ll come across hundreds of betting sites. However, not all sites accepting NFL bets are legalized by US sports betting authorities. We make sure that we only review legal football betting sites that are regulated by US authorities like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement or the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

NFL Betting Bonuses

Bonuses are one of the biggest draws that sports betting sites have. We want you to have the best bonuses for betting on the NFL, and that’s why rank top NFL betting sites also based on the bonuses they offer.

NFL Odds & Lines

You want the best lines when you bet on the NFL. However, NFL odds vary between betting sites. While most NFL gambling sites offer the same odds on the money line and spread bets, it’s easy to see that some sites have much better betting odds on proposition and futures bets than others. Furthermore, some NFL betting sites

Ongoing Promotions

Top NFL betting sites often feature promotions to retain loyal customers. However, some betting sites are more focused on football, while others focus more on basketball or baseball betting. We have curated the list for those sportsbooks that give out the best promotions for NFL bettors.

NFL Betting Apps

Most sports bettors use their mobile device for betting on the NFL. In fact, the estimated mobile device usage is 79% of all wagers. Therefore, it’s crucial that the sports betting sites have an app for both iOS and Android devices.

User Interface

Ease of use is naturally one of the most important ranking factors for online NFL betting sites. You want the experience to be as easy and pleasant as possible when betting on NFL games. The ease of live wagering is one the most important aspects in this category.

Banking Methods & Withdrawal

When you bet, you naturally want to win. And when you win, you want to get your money out the gambling site safe and fast. Luckily most NFL football betting sites pay out in days and all transactions are safe and secure. However, not all NFL betting sites feature the same withdrawal methods. Just as always, some operators are better in this regard than others.

The Best NFL Betting Site Comparison

best us nfl betting site

PointsBet might partner with the Nuggets and Avalanche, but they are a top NFL gambling site as well.

NFL odds vary between between betting sites, as do bonuses, user interface, promotions and many other things. The best online sportsbooks feature hundreds of lines and different promotions for you when you bet on NFL games. To help you choose the site most suitable for you, BonusFinder US has compiled a list of the best NFL betting sites.

#1 PointsBet USA

Available States: NJ, IA, MI, IL, IN, CO

The best NFL betting site is PointsBet USA. This is because they run a “No Juice NFL Spread” promotion, which guarantees that you can bet on NFL games with better odds. Simply said, you will find the best NFL lines for singe game betting from PointsBet. You will also find great promotions on player props. If you are looking for the best futures though, you should check out the next site on the list.

PointsBet also has the most NFL betting lines out of any sportsbook. This is due to their innovative ‘pointsbetting’ system, in which you can wager prop bets on almost anything. The more right you are, the more you win. For example, if you bet Lamar Jackson rushing yards at o 4,5 and he rushes 6, you would win more money than if he only rushes 5. PointsBet also gives new players a $1,500 risk free bet to test out pointsbetting in addition to another $500 that you can use to bet on the NFL with a more traditional market.

#2 DraftKings

Available States: NJ, IA, MI, IL, IN, WV, VA, PA, WY, NH, TN, CO

DraftKings Sportsbook is the most widely available of all online sportsbooks in the US. This makes it the natural choice for NFL betting for many people. Furthermore, you can use your DK dollars to play NFL daily fantasy contests on the same platform adding to your excitement. DraftKings also has the best NFL odds on futures markets. They have extensive futures betting lines ranging from the Heisman trophy winners.

The only downside to DraftKings is their bonus. The bonus is a 20% up to $1,000 deposit match, which means that you would need to deposit $6,000 to take full advantage of the bonus at this NFL sportsbook.

#3 FanDuel

Available States: NJ, IA, MI, IL, IN, WV, VA, PA, TN, CO

FanDuel is the biggest sports betting site in the US, which naturally makes it a top 3 NFL betting website. Betting on NFL games is easy with FanDuel and you get the same odds on money line and spread bets than you do at DraftKings (-110 on both betting lines). However, FanDuel does not have the same depth on online NFL futures as their main competitor.

When it comes to the bonus, FanDuel is average among NFL sports betting sites. Their $1,000 risk free is a standard offer, but we still feel that it’s better than the DraftKings deposit bonus. However, the lack of promotions and futures means that FanDuel has to settle for number 3 spot on the top NFL gambling sites list.

#4 BetMGM Sportsbook

Available States: NJ, IA, MI, IN, WV, VA, PA, TN, CO, WY

BetMGM NFL betting site is available in almost every state where online sports betting is legal. This makes them one of the best NFL betting websites in America. The BetMGM online sportsbook is one of the easiest places to bet on the NFL. It has a smooth user interface and especially beginner friendly. You’ll find dozens of markets and lines for every game. However, compared to other online sportsbooks, they sometimes post worse lines on NFL prop bets.

The BetMGM risk free bet is average compared to other best NFL betting sites (1,000). However, BetMGM comes highly recommended for its ease of use and slick appearance. You can also enjoy their live betting section, which is the best among online NFL betting sites.

#5 Caesars Sportsbook

Available States: NJ, IA, MI, IN, WV, VA, PA, TN, CO

Caesars Sportsbook is a newcomer among NFL betting websites in many states. They are quite standard across the board when it comes to NFL online betting, and lack the promotions or enhanced odds to attract serious NFL bettors. However, they have two things going on for them. First, you’ll automatically join the most extensive rewards program in the country, Caesars Rewards, for just betting on the NFL.

The second big thing about Caesars Online Sportsbook is their huge bonus. To get you started on the betting action, Caesars gives you a $5,000 risk free bet. Yes, you read it right, 5k. This is by far the biggest among the top NFL betting websites, and we recommend checking Caesars out especially for the bonus.

#6 TwinSpires Sportsbook / BetAmerica

Available States: NJ, PA, MI, CO, TN

TwinSpires is a great NFL betting site. You get access to tons of online NFL betting options, a good bonus and a great online betting experience. However, TwinSpires only operates in three states. If you could place sports bets in more states (like you can in the future), TwinSpires would climb higher on the list of online NFL sportsbooks.

The TwinSpires bonus is $1,000 risk free bet, which is the standard among US NFL betting sites. The competitive odds for NFL wagering and possibility of adding more states in the future make this gambling site one to watch out for in the future.

#7 Barstool Sportsbook

Available States: PA, IL, IN, VA, MI, CO, NJ

Barstool Sportsbook is a social media superstar among legitimate NFL betting sites. They don’t feature the best NFL betting odds, user interface or the bonus. However, what they offer sports bettors are the amount of crazy promotions and enhanced odds when you bet online.

Barstool is also one of the NFL football betting sites that offers new users free money. You get a $10 no deposit bonus and a $1,000 risk free bet when you join this sportsbook.

#8 WynnBET

Available States: NJ, VA, MI, TN, CO

If we were looking at the best NFL betting apps, WynnBET would be high up on this list. However, that’s the problem, as WynnBET does not have an online betting site. The sportsbook operates only on mobile. Although they have a great odds for legal NFL betting, the lack of a website means that they can’t be very high up on this list. They also have limited payment options, as they are a new sports betting operator.

#9 Unibet

Available States: NJ, PA, VA, IN

Unibet is a giant international betting site. However, among NFL online betting sites, they don’t have anything special to offer, unless you are from PA. Unibet is the official partner of the Philadelphia Eagles and as such, the betting site sometimes features enhanced odds and promotions when you are betting on the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles.

Different Types of NFL Bets

There are hundreds of different betting options, and your NFL betting strategies are largely influenced on what type of bet you choose.

Straight Bets Against the Point Spread

The straight bet against the point spread is the standard. You can place these wagers at the NFL betting websites, with -110 oods on either side. For these wagers, the outcome of the game is adjusted by a set number of points the other team needs to “cover”. For examples the line could be Packers -4,5 which would mean that the Green Bay Packers would need to win by 5 or more for you to cash your bet.

The extra 10% is the vig. Also called the juice, it’s how sportsbooks make money. If an equal number of NFL football bets are taken on each side at -110, they will make a profit regardless of the outcome.

Moneyline Bets

You can also wager on the outright winner of the game. Unlike the point spread bet with -110 odds on both sides, the like outcome of the game affects the odds. If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are visiting New England Patriots as 3 point favorites, the moneyline for Buccaneers might be -125 and the line for the Patriots might be +110.

Totals Wagering

All sites offering betting action on the NFL feature totals bets. It is the estimate of how many points the teams will score combined. You can either take the over or the under and the odds are balanced at -110.

Parlay Bets

The best NFL betting sites take a lot parlay bets. It is a wager where you place multiple games on the same betting ticket. The more teams on the ticket the bigger the win. However, the book takes a larger cut out of the ticket on parlays than on straight bets.

Halftime Bets and Live Wagering

Online sportsbooks post halftime lines on sides and totals for NFL games. Most NFL online sites also offer live betting, which means that you can place bets during the event. However, live betting on games is not available in every state, so make sure to check the regulations from local authorities or your own sportsbook.

Online NFL Futures Betting

A futures bet is the bet to make for every NFL fan. You can bet on the eventual division winner, the Super Bowl Champion, the finals MVP, or even the Heisman Trophy. For NFL football, the future is the most fun bet to make, because you can sweat it all season long. It’s also a good way to make money if you feel like you have insight on a team’s or player’s season long performance.

Proposition Bets

Also called prop bets, the best NFL betting sites offer these on all the games. They are wagers on events that happen during the game. For example, you can bet on a number of yards for a particular player or the number of field goals in a given game.

NFL Free Bets

If you want to bet on NFL without risking your own money, there are several sites that offer free bets to new customers. To check out the full list, visit our free bets no deposit page.

Legal NFL Betting States

You can bet on the NFL football at any retail or online sportsbook that operates in a legal gambling state. NFL betting sites are available in 14 states and DC, with 4 more states set launch before the start of the season in 2021:

NFL Betting Sites FAQ

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