Legal Tennessee Online Betting in May 2021

Sports fans rejoice: Tennessee now has legal sports betting. BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Action247 were the first online sportsbooks to open, and other Tennessee sports betting sites will soon follow. What can you expect from Tennessee sportsbooks in 2021? We'll break down all the information for you in this extensive review.

We found 5 bonuses worth $1,250

Tennessee Sports Betting Bonuses 2021

Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation finally launched online sports betting in Tennessee on November 1st 2020. Four TN sports betting operators launched online sportsbooks the opening weekend. The sportsbooks in Tennessee have up to $1,000 online gambling bonus offers for new players.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook – $1,000 deposit bonus
  • BetMGM Sportsbook Tennessee – $600 risk free bet for TN sports betting
  • FanDuel Sportsbook – $1,000 free bet for bettors in Tennessee
  • Action 24/7 – $400 deposit bonus
  • William Hill – $500 risk free bet
  • WynnBET – $500 risk free bet
Tennessee Sports Betting Bonus

DraftKings has a 20% up to $1,000 deposit match welcome bonus package for new players in Tennessee.

Online Sports Betting in Tennessee

sports betting legal in Tennessee

Tennessee became the next state to legalize sports betting – but will excessive regulations sink their market? Tennessee Lottery opened online sports betting on Nov 1.

On April 30, 2019, online sports betting became legal in Tennessee, at least on paper with what seemed to be one of the most progressive betting laws. At the time, gamers praised the Volunteer State law for avoiding the protectionist model other states were adopting. In short, Tennessee was the first state that does NOT require betting operators to partner with a land based casino or retail sportsbooks. However, in the months since legalization, proposed rules have drawn the ire of Tennessee bettors.

Tennessee Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Currently in May 2021, there are six legal Tennessee sports betting apps. However, as mobile sports betting is now legal, there’s a good chance more major sportsbook apps will open up in Tennessee.

TN Sportsbook Mobile Sportsbook App Software
Action247 Yes iOS / Android
BetMGM Yes iOS / Android
DraftKings Yes iOS / Android
FanDuel Yes iOS / Android
William Hill Yes iOS / Android
WynnBET Yes iOS / Android
Action247 Tennessee

Action247 is a local, Tennessee based sportsbook with a top notch sports betting app.

Action 24/7

Tennessee Action 24/7 or Action247 is a Tennessee exclusive sports betting app. They try to compete with the leaders of the sports betting industry with their locality and their great ongoing promotions.

BetMGM Tennessee Sportsbook

BetMGM became the first online sportsbook to open an TN sports betting app. They offer new players an enticing $600 free bet in Tennessee with bonus code BONUSMGM.

DraftKings Sportsbook TN

DFS industry leader DraftKings Sportsbook is the most widely distributed online sports betting brand in the United States. Their daily fantasy sports site was already available in the state, and they launched their online sportsbook as soon as sports betting arrived in Tennessee.

FanDuel Sportsbook Tennessee

FanDuel already had daily fantasy sports in the state of Tennessee, and they were quick to hop on the sports betting app bandwagon. You can get a deposit match first sports bet risk free up to $1,000 at Fanduel Tennessee.

William Hill Tennessee Sportsbook

William Hill is an international giant with almost limitless resources. They have recently opened in Tennessee, due to the low competition rate in the state. William Hill offers a $500 risk free bet when you first sign up for the sportsbook.

WynnBET Sportsbook

WynnBET Tennessee is another newcomer to the TN sports betting apps crowd. They have an established presence in the US sportsbook app market, and were an expected addition. WynnBET Sportsbook app also offers a $500 risk free sports bet bonus to new bettors.

Future Tennessee Sports Betting Sites

Unibet Tennessee Sportsbook

Unibet is another popular international sports wagering player, who might come to Tennessee. They are not hugely popular in the States, but they certainly have the resources to make a land grab in Tennessee.

Legal Tennessee Sportsbooks – Free Bets, Risk-Free Bets & Deposit Matches

With a state population of seven million, Tennessee has the potential to be a decent sports betting app market. The lack of a sponsoring requirement means that, effectively, there’s no limit to the number of sports betting licenses the Tennessee State Lottery can issue.

best sportsbook promos tennessee

Come for FanDuel’s attractive welcome offer, stay for the awesome promos. T&Cs apply.

Assuming it can work out its regulation issues, Tennessee will be a highly competitive sports betting market. To attract Tennesseans, providers offer customers a variety of welcome promotions. When you are claiming your real money betting welcome bonus, remember to check if the casino requires any promo codes. Make sure to read the terms and conditions as well.

Tennessee Sports Betting Risk Free Bets

Tennessee sports betting apps offer risk-free bets, which means that online sportsbooks will cover your loss if the bet loses.

Tennessee Sportsbook Free Bets

Free bets are more aggressive. As the name suggests, the betting site GIVES you money to wager with. If you lose, you lose the house’s money. However, if you win, you collect the profit, but NOT the stake.

Tennessee Sports Betting Deposit Bonuses

Some sportsbooks also use casino-style deposit bonuses to attract customers. In return for depositing money, your sportsbook will give you a signup bonus matching a certain percentage, and up to a specific cap. For example, a 100% up to $250 deposit bonus will yield you $250 in BONUS CASH if you deposit $250 of your own funds.

Tennessee Online Sports Betting Promos

Welcome offers are only the beginning. To keep bettors in Tennessee interested, sportsbooks must provide an incentive to stay. Tennessee’s legal betting market is set to be a competitive one. If a bettor doesn’t like a site’s layout, its odds, etc., they’ll jump to another website – just like that.

There’s one thing successful sportsbooks have in common – engaging ongoing promotions. As such, there are many ways to entice sports bettors to stay. They include, but are not limited to, the following list:

  • Reload bonuses
  • Profit boosts
  • Odds boosts
  • Insurance promos
  • More

Reload bonus

Reload bonuses are among the most common promos out there. Here’s how they work: in return for re-depositing a minimum amount (usually $10-$20), they’ll match to a certain percentage/cap. Let’s say DraftKings is offering a Monday Night Football 50% reload bonus. They’ll give you 50% of whatever you put on the site, up to a limit of $100. To max out this promotion takes only $200 – not a bad deal!

Profit Boosts

As fun as that is, it’s an offer commonly found in online casinos. Profit and odds boosts, on the other hand, are exclusive to legal sportsbooks. A profit boost magnifies the money you make on a wager. For instance, let’s say you apply a 20% profit boost to a wager that will pay you $200. If you win, you’ll make $40 EXTRA on top!

Odds Boosts

What about odds boosts? As the name suggests, it applies its magic to the odds part of the equation. For instance, let’s say you’re wagering on the Memphis Grizzlies to win at -180. An odds boost might change that to -220, leading to an increased payout if you win!

Insurance Promos

Finally, we’ve all experienced the sting of the “miracle comeback.” A 4-6 team comes back from three touchdowns at the half to win – it hurts! Insurance promos, most often available on parlays, can protect your investment. If a last-minute comeback turns your bet into a loser, it will pay part or ALL your stake back!

Tennessee Sports Betting Promo Code

Casino gaming and sports betting bonuses sometimes require a bonus code. You can get the welcome bonus money when you put in the promo code.

Sportsbook Bonus Use Bonus Code
Action247 $400 Risk Free Bet GET400
BetMGM $600 Risk Free Bet BONUSMGM
FanDuel $1,000 Risk Free Bet BESTPROMOCODE

Sports Betting Markets Available in Tennessee

Given the size and market potential of legalized sports betting landscape in Tennessee, it will most likely attract the biggest players in the sports betting industry. Therefore, betting on professional sports leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, and MLB will certainly be available in Tennessee.

NFL Betting in Tennessee

The Tennessee Titans haven’t been a regular in the NFL playoffs during the 2010s, and their odds of winning the Super Bowl are slim at best. However, a loyal fan base follows each home game at the Nissan Stadium during the NFL season. For the sports bettors, proposition bets might be the way to go when betting on the Tennessee Titans.

NHL Betting in Tennessee

Ice Hockey in Tennessee is on the rise. The Nashville Predators were the division champions of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons. While they are still far from winning the Stanley Cup, they offer many interesting betting options.

MLS Betting in Tennessee

The Nashville SC (Soccer Club) entered the MLS in 2020 and they haven’t looked half bad. Their games are known for being low-scoring affairs, providing perfect opportunities for betting under.

MLB Betting in Tennessee

There has been a significant push to get a MLB team to Nashville in 2020. However, the plan is still under way, and it might be some time before Tennessee bettors can enjoy pro sports league level baseball betting in the state.

NBA Betting in Tennessee

The Memphis Grizzlies haven’t made the playoffs from the Western Conference in five years. For basketball fans in Tennessee things are not looking too bright, but maybe new minority owner Justin Timberlake can bring something to the table.

College Football Betting in Tennessee

Tennessee state sports wagering rules do no not prevent bets on NCAA college sports within the state like they do in New Jersey. Thus, you can place bets on college sports, and wager on the Vanderbilt Commodores or Tennessee Volunteers at Neyland Stadium where they have the highest college football team win total.

College Basketball Betting in Tennessee

The University of Tennessee Volunteers Basketball team is also highly succesful compared to the teams in professional sports leagues in the state. Conference champions in 2018, their all time win rate is impressive .611.

Foreign Markets Betting in Tennessee

As Tennessee sporting teams are not very succesful, casual sports bettors might want to check out foreign sports betting market options. Betting on the following sporting events will be available in Tennessee.

  • UEFA Champion’s League
  • English Premier League
  • Tennis US Open
  • Tour De France
  • The Olympics

Horse Racing

In addition to sportsbooks like DraftKings that offer fixed odds on horse races, you can bet on horses legally using designated horse betting apps like AmWager Racebook or TVG. These horse racing sites offer horse racing pools, instead of fixed odds betting.

Available Sports Bets in TN Sports Betting

TN Sports betting operators offer the following bet types.


You bet on the winner. For example, you can bet on the Nashville Predators to win over the Colorado Avalanche. Simple.

Spread Bets

However, sports games are often not evenly matched, and online sportsbooks try to offer interesting odds for bettors. For example, if the Patriots are playing Tennessee Titans, the betting site might offer a Patriots -7,5 bet. If the Patriots win by 8 or more, the point spread bet wins.

Prop Bets

Continuing with the same example, the online sportsbook might also offer a bet that Tom Brady scores two touchdowns. This is called a proposition bet or a prop bet. Prop bets are available for most sports.


You can also bet on the total points scored in a game. For example if the Tennessee Volunteers Basketball are playing Kentucky Wildcats, you can bet on whether the combined score is over or under 150,5.

Futures Bet

In futures bets, you bet on a future event. For example, you could bet on the college football season winner.


Parlays are a combination of multiple moneyline bets. For example, if all the Tennessee pro sports teams play on the same day, you can wager that they all win.

Live Betting

Live betting, or in-game betting is done during the event. Sometimes you can even wager on very specific things like the next foul committed.

Are There Bets That Are Not Legal in Tennessee Sports Betting?

Yes. Live betting on college games and collegiate prop bets are not legal in Tennessee sports betting, but pretty much everything else flies in the Volunteer State.

How to Join a Tennessee Sportsbook

In order to get the bonuses from a legal Tennessee Sportsbook, you’ll need to provide them with some contact information. The most commonly required fields are listed below:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Zip code
  • Mobile phone number
  • Age verification

Banking Options at Online Tennessee Sportsbooks

how to deposit tennessee sportsbook

Like other states, Tennessee will offer a variety of deposit methods.

Ready to try out online sports betting websites in Tennessee? You’ll need to deposit first. We can’t say with 100% certainty that all options are available for all sportsbook apps, but here are a few common options:

Banking Method Deposits Withdrawals Withdrawal Time
Credit/Debit Cards Yes No N/A
Prepaid Card Yes Yes 2 - 6 hours
PayPal and other e-wallets Yes Yes 2 - 3 days
ACH/E-checks Yes Yes 3 - 5 days
Bank Transfer Yes No N/A
PayNearMe by 7-Eleven Yes No N/A

Tennessee Sports Gambling Conclusion

TN sports betting sites launched on Nov 1st 2020. However, whether or not they will be successful remains an open question. As they stand now, Tennessee’s sports betting regulations may force odds to be markedly higher than offshore sportsbooks. That’s not good news for Tennessee bettors.

If legislators adequately address these concerns, sports betting in Tennessee will be a thriving market with unparalleled freedom.

Tennessee Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Tennessee?

Yes. BetMGM and DraftKings were the first TN betting sites to open and more will join soon. Sports wagering is regulated by Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation and any sports betting app must fulfill licensing requirements before setting up.

Am I able to place bets in Tennessee using a VPN?

No. In fact, we advise strongly against it. Although Tennessee sports betting apps are not only available to Tennessee residents, the betting regulations prohibit sportsbooks from accepting out-of-state wagers. This rule is similar to what is in place in other sports betting states. In those jurisdictions, sportsbooks track your location using geolocation software.

They also track if you are using IP addresses associated with VPN services by using geolocation software. If a sportsbook catches you using a VPN IP address, they can close your sports betting account without warning and seize its funds. If you use a VPN for privacy purposes, turn it off before indulging in TN sports betting apps.

Why is there so much controversy surrounding TN sports betting regulations?

Over the past several months, Tennessee legislators have been drafting sports betting regulation. When regulators released the sports betting bill for public comment, there was an uproar. For starters, the sports betting tax rates will be among the steepest in United States – only Pennsylvania’s will be higher. The sports betting license fee of 750k is also an issue for many.

Worse yet, Tennessee is mandating licensees to hold up to 15% of a wager. Simply put, this requirement will mean sports betting odds markedly worse than offshore competitors. Sportsbook operators are also required to buy league data from official sports leagues.

Finally, the sports betting law actually passed without signature from gov. Bill Lee.

Is 21 years the legal sports betting age limit in Tennessee?

Yes. The legal sports betting age in Tennessee is the legal gambling age of other states, 21 years.

Can I bet on my mobile device in Tennessee?

Yes, absolutely. All sportsbooks in Tennessee have a mobile sports betting app.