Scratch Cards 🎖️ Real Money Online Scratch Offs for Free 2022

Scratch cards are one of the most popular games for online gambling due to their availability and instant win potential. Many online lotteries and several casinos offer scratch cards online. Nowadays, you can even play them for free when you redeem a casino no deposit bonus from a online casino site in a legal state.

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⭐ What Are Scratch Offs?

Traditional scratch cards are cards made from cardboard or plastic that are used for real money gambling or raffles. They are named scratch cards or scratch offs as you need to scratch off a portion of the surface to reveal prizes. Usually, you win the prize by gathering three symbols. The winning symbol can be anything from a picture to a sum of money, the key element is that you must find exact three symbols. Different titles have different symbols and different themes. Nowadays, you can play scratch cards online at lotteries and many online casinos in the US. Online scratch cards work in the same way as the traditional ones, however, you can expect it to be more fun since top casino sites made the money games more interactive.

🥇 Game Type Online Scratch Off
🎁 Biggest Free Bonus $25
💰 Play For Real Money
🌎 Country USA
🏛️ Available at Online Casinos
💸 Games Merlins Millions, Irish Eyes, Color Cubes etc.

⭐ Free Scratch Off Games to Win Real Money September 2022

Free Scratch Off Games

Play online scratch offs and win real money in US.

You can play real money scratch offs for free at online casinos for real money in USA no deposit required. These free scratch off bonuses are available at casinos in New Jersey, West Virginia, PA, Michigan, and Connecticut. You can get up to $25 and play scratch cards online.

Real Money Scratch Card Casino Free Scratch Cards Bonuses
BetMGM Casino $25
Borgata Online Casino $20
Ocean Resorts Online Casino $25
Pala Casino $25
Scores Casino NJ $25
888Casino $20
Unibet Casino $10

⭐ How to Play Online Scratch Off Games

Play scratch off games online and win money is easy. First, you need to find an online casino offering online scratch offs, like BetMGM. Then register a new account with the BetMGM Casino Bonus Code BONUSMGM and get $25 for free. Then from their casino games selection, you can find real money scratch card games (usually found in specialty games tab). If there’s a search bar, you can also search for “scratch cards” or a specific scratch card game. Once you’ve chosen the one you like from the casino’s game selection of free real money scratch cards, you can start playing.

  1. Buy the scratch off: Once you’ve selected your scratch card game, you need to “buy” the ticket. Note that scratch card games don’t let you adjust the wager like online slots do.
  2. Scratch: Online scratch cards have an electronic “scratcher” that you use to scratch out the winning combinations one by one. You can also choose “scratch all” which will reveal whether or not you won anything.
  3. Autoplay: Like other casino games, there is also an autoplay feature, which lets you buy multiple online scratch offs in a row. The winnings will be added to your balance which you can then claim.
  4. Have Fun!

⭐ Popular Scratch Card Games for Real Money

The best online scratch off game feature much more than their retail counter parts. Although the basic idea is the same, online scratch offs often feature interactive themes, sounds, and other elements that can’t be found from regular scratch games. Here are some of the best online scratch card games available at top casino sites.

  1. Color Cubes
  2. Ghostbusters: Spectral Search
  3. Medieval Money: Dragon’s Loot
  4. DoublePlay: Super Bet
  5. Irish Eyes 2
  6. Medusa Scratch
  7. Merlin’s Millions Scratch
  8. The Price is Right: Come on Down
  9. The Voice Scratch Off
  10. Wheel of Fortune: Winning Words Game

As you can see, many of these online scratch games are based on popular franchises and themes. This is one of the aspects that makes playing scratch cards online such a fun experience. You can find your favorite scratch cards games easily and win real money instantly, instead of heading to a retail shop and not finding what you are looking for.

⭐ Where are Scratch Offs Available?

Free online scratch cards are only available in the five states that have legalized online casino gambling in the US: New Jersey, PA, WV, Michigan, and Connecticut. However, you can buy retail scratch card tickets in almost every state in the US, excluding the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

⭐ Increasing your chances of winning – Scratch off Strategy

Let’s get it over with. There are no ways to increase your chances of winning with scratch cards. When you play online scratch cards, the odds are fixed and always staked against you. However, at many online casinos you can play free scratch cards online with a no deposit bonuses and start winning real money. As you are not risking any of your own money, the expected value of playing scratch cards online with your casino welcome bonus is always positive. Here’s how to do it.

⭐ Claiming a No Deposit Bonus for Scratch Cards

To claim your free bonuses, you must first register at an online casino. Most top gambling sites have a no deposit bonus, although some of them offer free spins, which you can’t use for online scratch cards. Here’s how to best win real money prizes from casino promotions when playing scratch cards.

  1. Register You first need to register at an online casino site. During the registration process, you will be prompted to give the casino sites information like your name, address, and social security number. This is not a scam, as all US casino sites are required to verify your identity.
  2. Check the Terms & Conditions: Some online casinos require things like bonus codes for the no deposit bonus. Therefore, you should check the T&Cs when claiming your bonus. You can also find the relevant no deposit bonus codes from our page and read about the required terms and conditions on our brand reviews. If you are claiming a welcome bonuses in addition to no deposit bonuses, you should also check the minimum deposit required.
  3. Stay away from the more expensive online scratch offs: Although the idea of winning more than $100,000 sounds lucrative, the more expensive games will drain your free bonus in one or two tickets and the odds of winning are very slim. If you play the $1 online scratch cards, you have 25 free games for a chance of winning up to $20,000 with your no deposit bonus.
  4. Don’t play online scratch games to satisfy the wagering requirements if you win: If you win money, don’t play scratch offs for the wagering requirements. Scratch games have huge volatility, and it’s highly unlikely that you hit a big win twice in a row with real money scratch cards. Rather, play high RTP slot like Bloodsuckers or table games like blackjack, until you can withdraw your winnings. After you’ve cashed out, you can go back to playing scratch cards online with real money.

⭐ Mobile Scratch Cards

You can also find mobile scratch cards that you can play with your mobile device. Actually, the best mobile scratch offs games and casinos are all available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. For example, with gambling sites like the BetMGM casino mobile app, you can find all the different real money games, exclusive bonuses, and easy to use interface that you would find on their desktop version. The motion of scratching with your finger instead of a mouse also more closely resembles the act of physical scratching, so there’s a nostalgia element to mobile sratch offs as well.

⭐ Chances of Winning with Scratch Cards

Determining which scratch cards have the best odds is a difficult task as the winnings differ from state to state. Pound for pound, the best odds are at Mississippi Lottery Mega Ca$h, where you have 1 in 24,273 chance of winning $200,000. The best odds for winning a million dollars are in Wisconsin, where you have a 1 in 160,000 chance for $1,000,000 with Wisconsin Millions. However, the ticket is also quite pricey, with $30 for a single scratch card. If you are planning to purchase the ticket, you must be 18 years or older.

Online Scratch Cards RTP

The biggest RTP among online scratch card games in the US is Merlin’s Millions. These scratch card games are available at casinos like BetMGM, DraftKings, and Unibet. Merlin’s Millions has a RTP of 95.17% making it the best online scratch cards game in the US. However, 95.17% is quite low compared to other casino games and the best playing slot machines. The catch is of course the huge grand prize of $250,000 is the highest among real money scratch cards.

Last updated: 07/29/2022


1️⃣ Are scratch cards the same as instant lotteries?

Yes, instant lottery or instant online lottery is just another name for scratch cards. They got their name, because they were sold by the state or national lottery and scratch card players started associating the scratch offs with lottery. Therefore, they became known as instant lotteries.

2️⃣ How much can I win from online scratch offs?

It depends, the best games have jackpot wins of more than 1 million dollars. Online scratch cards are usually capped at around $250,000 although you can find some premium scratch offs that can pay out higher as well.

3️⃣ Do online scratch cards and retail scratch offs have the same odds?

If you find a version of a retail scratch card from an online casino, the odds will be the same. However, online casinos usually have different games than state lotteries, as they are private businesses. You can win big with both products, and generally speaking neither one of them has better odds.

4️⃣ Are there any free online scratch cards for real money?

There are no free scratch card games online. However, you can use no deposit bonuses & casino bonus to play online scratch cards for free and win real money. These welcome bonuses are available at select US online casino sites and will practically give you free scratch cards.

5️⃣ What is the legal age for playing online scratch cards?

You should be 21 years old or older, if you want to play online scratch off games. However, if you are planning to play a scratch offs by purchasing a scratch off card through lottery, you will have to be 18 years or older.

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