BonusFinder Brain Teasers: Can You Solve These Tricky Puzzles?

author By Fintan Costello on 09/10/2020

Everybody loves a good brainteaser, so we’ve put together a challenging series of puzzles to get the grey cells going.

From our survey, we found only 2% of respondents can find all five hidden items, so get those magnifying glasses at the ready, as these are challenging. If you need an easier challenge, head here and collect your Sportsbook Promo Codes

Underwater Puzzle (Easy)

Can you spot the hidden Mermaid and make a note of her co-ordinates in the grid?

The quickest time to find the mermaid was 5 seconds within the BonusFinder office. Can you find her faster?


Seagulls at the Beach (Medium)

Find the co-ordinates for the seagull who’s caught a beach worm. The quickest solution for this one was 14 seconds, for those wanting an additional challenge.

Swimming Pool Essentials (Medium-Hard)

Locate the Unicorn amongst the crowd and make a note of the co-ordinates. We’re moving through the gears here, with 16% of those tested giving up at this stage.


Tasty Treats (Hard)

We’re really cranking up the difficulty now. Find us the hidden Acorn amongst the tasty treats.

Be warned, this one is extremely challenging and may cause immense frustration.


Festive Bonus (Hard)

Christmas isn’t far off now and with the way 2020’s been – the sooner this year is over, the better!

In homage to this chaotic year, we’ve hidden an Easter Egg in the puzzle below for you to find.


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Found all five mystery items and their co-ordinates? Enter the co-ordinates for each item in the form below.

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