Crave The VIP Treatment? Join the JonnyJackpot VIP Club!

Promotion Summary
  • Apply for VIP membership after joining JonnyJackpot
  • If you already have VIP status at another online casino, JonnyJackpot may match it
  • If your application is declined, you can earn your way in through consistent play
  • JonnyJackpot VIP members enjoy perks like VIP hosts, cashback, and invites to events

It's stunning how craven the owners of some online casinos can be. After offering an okay welcome bonus, they offer their players little else.

It's as if they expect you to show up and dump your money, day after day, week after week, without question. Gaming isn't about winning money per se – in the end, it's entertainment. Without an effort to create a lively atmosphere, what's the point in staying?

Fortunately, other sites do get it. JonnyJackpot is one of them, as they understand what gaming is all about. Below, we'll show you how their VIP programme stands tall above the rest.

How does this promo work?

JonnyJackpot has one of the better VIP programmes in the online gaming industry. However, you can't show up and become a member – you have to apply first.

JonnyJackpot shuttles those with VIP status on other online casinos to the front of the line. If you aren't a VIP already, you'll have to earn your way in. JonnyJackpot management regularly monitors play statistics – if you make the grade, they'll contact you.

Once you are in, you'll have access to VIP hosts, who will attend to your needs. You'll get better bonuses, as well as regular cashback.

Best of all, you'll get an invite to exclusive events. These include parties, but also their travelling roadshow. In the latter case, site reps will take you out to dinner in your community. This way, they can take the pulse of their players, paving the way for preferred changes.

Ready for a site to treat you like a somebody? Join the JonnyJackpot VIP Club Today!

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