It’s Blackjack season at Bag consecutive BJs to win up to £1,000!

Promotion Summary
  • Play Live Blackjack for a minimum of £5 per hand
  • Hit three blackjacks in a row to win £500
  • Make four consecutive blackjacks, and your prize doubles to £1,000
  • Prizes awarded in REAL CASH

You love games that challenge you. As such, you are an avid blackjack fan. You can’t bring yourself to play slots for hours mindlessly – where’s the fun in that? Sadly, the simplicity of that game makes it the most popular. It also means those players get most of the promos.

Every so often, however, a magnificent blackjack promo drops. This time around, is the one making an offer you can’t refuse.

What are they dangling? We’ll tell you all about it below.

How does this promo work?

Until further notice, is holding a “Beat the Dealer” promo. If you succeed in this mission, you could win up to £1,000!

How does it work? First, start by taking a seat at one of’s Live Blackjack tables. Once you do, commit to playing for £5 per hand. Then, chase blackjacks. If you manage to hit three BJs in a row, you’ll get a 500 cash prize.

Then, go for a fourth. If you hit four consecutive blackjacks, your prize will DOUBLE to 1,000! Here’s the best part: Every last quid is WAGER-FREE! Feel free to withdraw it immediately and go Christmas shopping – or whatever strikes your fancy!

If is one of the sites you play on, then what are you doing with your life? Make an account and get on it before they discontinue this fantastic promo!

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