Ride Shotgun with Jolly ‘ol Saint Nick – Play Santa’s Wild Ride this Holiday Season!

Promotion Summary
  • Deposit £100 into your account at Zodiac Casino
  • Play slot Santa’s Wild Ride until 31 December
  • Earn twice the usual Loyalty Points, up to a cap of 2,500

Ah, the holidays – despite what the media says, it’s anything but relaxing. We stress over gifts, and fight our way through crowds to them – whilst the weather does its worst.

And then, there are in-laws. You know, those bundles of joy that revel in pointing out everything wrong about your life.

It might not be possible to escape these social obligations completely. But, by ducking out every so often, you can retain your sanity. When you take a break from socialising this holiday, give Santa’s Wild Ride a spin on Zodiac Casino.

Scroll below, and we’ll show you why…

How does this promo work?

From now until the last second of the 2010s, you can earn double loyalty points on Zodiac Casino. Here’s how to do it – start by depositing a minimum of £100 on Zodiac. Then, play as much as you can on slot, Santa’s Wild Ride.

Every spin you take will earn you double loyalty points, up to a cap of 2,500. Why spend 100% of your free time tolerating judgmental relatives? Take mental wellness breaks and earn extra bonuses by playing Santa’s Wild Ride this holiday season!

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