Join KARAMGUESS: The Internet’s Most Lucrative Sports Quiz Show!

Promotion Summary
  • Opt into Karamguess
  • Guess the outcomes of four selected wagers every Saturday and/or Sunday
  • Guess all four on Saturday and get a $100 FREE BET
  • Guess all four on Saturday AND Sunday and get a $200 FREE BET

You've been a sports fanatic ever since you were a kid. Now, you have an encyclopedic knowledge of football, rugby, cricket, and more.

When your local pub quiz focuses on sports, you single-handedly carry your team to victory. However, as lovely as free rounds for the lads are, wouldn't you like to win CASH?

Of course, you would. Every weekend on Karamba, Karamguess gives you that opportunity. Follow us below, and we'll tell you all about this weekly contest.

How does this promo work?

Every Saturday and Sunday, Karamba hosts an online quiz they call Karamguess. To participate, start by opting-in on the contest page. Then, check out the four wagers Karamba has chosen.

Make your guesses and then, wait for them to settle. If you get all four correct, you'll win a $100 FREE BET. But before you run off and use it on a football match, wait. Make four MORE guesses on Sunday.

If you get all four right AGAIN, your $100 free bet will become a $200 FREE BET. Imagine all the real cash you could earn with a $200 house wager!

Put your sports knowledge to the test every weekend – play Karamguess on Karamba!

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