Hunt 7s At 777 Live Roulette To Win Bags Of BONUS CASH!

Promotion Summary
  • Sit at 777 Live Casino Roulette from 7-9 pm GMT
  • Wager at least £7 per round
  • Win £7 every time “7” hits during that time frame
  • If “7” hits on consecutive rounds, your bonus will increase to £77

We all have different ways of unwinding. Some go for a run. Others hit the pub after work. And you? When you get home, you fire up some casino games.

Among them, roulette is your favourite. You can play as conservatively or aggressively as you like – it's a uniquely flexible table game.

It's safe to say you are a roulette fan. However, did you know that 777 runs a happy hour of sorts every single evening? By sitting at that time, you could win hundreds of quid if a specific number hits.

Want to know more? Scroll down below, and we'll fill you in.

How does this promo work?

Every day, 777 runs a promo they call Lucky 7s Live Roulette. To participate, sit at 777 Live Casino Roulette from 7-9 pm GMT.

Then, wager £7 every round you play. If the ball falls on "7", you win £7 in BONUS CASH. This experience will repeat every time "7" hits. But, what if you nail it on consecutive spins? Your £7 will become £77 in BONUS CASH!

A lot can happen in two hours. Head over to tonight and see if tonight is your lucky night!

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