Seven Is The LUCKIEST Number: Play Roulette on To Win £100,000 in Golden Chips!

Promotion Summary
  • Play Live Roulette on
  • Include a straight bet on “7” as part of your wagers
  • Hit “7” twice in a row to win £100 in Golden Chips
  • Hit “7” three times in a row or more to win increasing amounts of Golden Chips
  • Hit “7” an unprecedented seven times in a row to win £100,000 in Golden Chips

For ages, we've associated the number "7" with luck. They appear on nearly every slot. Three of them make a blackjack. And in poker, pocket sevens just look so sexy.

So, it's no surprise this number is the subject of countless online casino promos. Today, we've got a roulette promo from that promises up to £100,000 in Golden Chips.

What is its connection to lucky number seven? Follow us below the fold, and we'll tell you.

How does this promo work?

Until further notice, is running an ongoing promotion they call Winning Streak. To participate, take a seat at their Live Roulette table.

Bet as you normally would, but include a straight wager on "7". If it hits, you'll scoop a generous 35:1 payout. But, that's what usually happens when a straight wager hits – so, where's the payoff?

Keep wagering on "7". If seven hits again on the next spin, you'll win £100 in Golden Chips. These credits have a value of 1 GC = £1. Whatever you win with them, you keep.

Think that's it? Keep wagering on "7". If "7" keeps hitting for some reason, your Golden Chip prize will keep growing. Three 7s in a row will net you £1,000, four in a row yields £5,000, and so forth.

If you manage to hit an unprecedented seven 7s in a row, you'll win an unbelievable £100,000 in Golden Chips!

Ready to try your luck at a live casino? Test it out on!

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