Win Free Spins, Bonuses, And More Through The Bonus Drop on William Hill!

Promotion Summary
  • Drop a disc on a virtual board once daily
  • If you’re lucky, you could win free spins, bonuses, and other amazing prizes
  • This promotion expires on 5 April

Getting ill is never fun. However, as kids, it came with a silver lining. During our days away from school, we passed the time by watching television game shows. One of those shows was The Price Is Right.

Of the countless games that Bob Barker played with his contestants, Plinko was among the most beloved.

To win, players would drop discs from the top of a pegboard. If they were lucky, the discs would land in slots containing prize money. Those were good times.

Fast forward to today. Now, William Hill is running a bonus game similar to Plinko, and anyone can play. To find out how you can compete for cash and prizes in The Bonus Drop, scroll below the fold.

How does this promo work?

From now until 5 April, William Hill is running a promotion they call The Bonus Drop. Once a day, players can drop a coin/disc down a virtual board in the hopes of winning a prize.

Want to join them? Start by navigating to William Hill's "Promotions" page. Then, select "The Bonus Drop." Select your drop point – left, middle, and right are your choices. Then, let your disc go – if you're lucky, it'll land in a prize slot!

Prizes include bonus offers, slot promos, and FREE SPINS. The more you play, the better your chances of winning! Don't sit on this for too long, though – this contest ends on the 5th of April!

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