Bored Out Of Your SKULL? Play Scores Of Exciting Tournaments On Fun Casino!

Promotion Summary
  • Play in scores of EXCITING tourneys every month on Fun Casino
  • Themes and rules shift constantly, ensuring you’ll never be BORED
  • Top nine pay – win a minimum cash prize of £100, with £2,500 going to first
  • Live roulette/blackjack tourneys also happen regularly on Fun Casino!

Winter truly is a dull time of year. Days of grey slate skies become weeks. A steady drizzle and the chill of the season erodes at your soul.

The UK is far from its best right now. If hibernation until May is your plan, we can hardly blame you. However, you must admit that is a long time to cocoon oneself.

If you don't want to go delirious with cabin fever, you'll need ample entertainment. Fun Casino, as its name suggests, has it in spades.

Follow us below, and we'll tell you about their ever-changing slot tourneys.

How does this promo work?

Every month, Fun Casino puts on slot tournaments. That in itself isn't earth-shaking – so do many other gaming sites.

However, Fun Casino sets itself apart with its constantly changing themes and rules. When you sign up for one of their tourneys, it won't be the same experience as last time.

One month, you'll be playing on adventure slots. The next, you may be on machines dedicated to comic book heroes. The object of the game can also shift. The most game rounds, the biggest win multiplier, or the best RTP percentage are common goals.

The one thing that doesn't change – the prize money up top. Fun Casino pays out the top nine finishers. If you cash, you won't get less than £100. Finish in first, though, and you'll get £2,500 – wow!

Liven up winter with some exciting slot tourney action – head over to Fun Casino today!

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