DON’T MISS IT: Get into the biggest bingo match of the month at Unibet! £5,000 up for grabs!

Promotion Summary
  • Buy tickets for Unibet’s £5,000 Super Saturday for £1.50 per card
  • Buy up to 100 cards
  • The match happens the last Saturday of every month at 7 pm GMT

You grew up in and around bingo halls. When you were young, you helped your Gran dab numbers as the caller announced them. When you came of age, you walked into the smoke-filled halls as a player.

When you scored your first big win, it was a feeling you never forgot. Now, however, the old hall is no more. Whilst it may not be as popular among the current generation, your passion for bingo is still alive.

Always on the outlook for enjoyable bingo matches online? If so, Unibet has a once-monthly game you won’t want to miss. Follow us below the fold for all the details.

How does this promo work?

On the last Saturday of each month, Unibet holds its monthly Super Saturday bingo match. In this game, a £5,000 pot is up for grabs, drawing players from around the world.

Starting at 7 pm GMT, Unibet will call numbers on a traditional 75-number card. It’s an accessible game, with cards selling for £1.50 apiece. Feel like gambling big? A 100 card-limit is in place, so it only costs £150 to max out your entry.

Sales for each match open a full four weeks ahead of time, so you have no excuse. Buy your cards now for this month’s event – it’s just around the corner!

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