Put your sports betting chops to the test with Karamguess

Promotion Summary
  • Guess the outcome of four wagers every Saturday and Sunday
  • Get all four right, and you’ll win a £100 free bet
  • Get all four right on Sunday, and they’ll upgrade it to a £200 free bet

When it comes to sports betting, you’ve always been the smart one. Head-to-head, your mates have always had to rely on luck to beat you.

Lately, you’ve taken your game online. However, the first sportsbooks you’ve played on have underwhelmed with their lack of promos.

What if you could win a £200 free bet, for NO MONEY UPFRONT, for flexing your sports betting knowledge? That’s what Karamba promises sports bettors, each and every weekend.

Scroll below the fold, and we’ll fill you in on the details.

How does this promo work?

Every weekend, Karamba runs a promo they call Karamguess. The process is simple: Karamba will present you with four wagers every Saturday. Get all four right, and Karamba will reward you with a £100 free bet.

Hungry for more? Come back on Sunday. If you get all four selections right, your £100 free bet will transform into a £200 free bet. Imagine the MAD profits you could make with a wager of that size!

Don’t take this promo for granted – Karamguess only runs until the end of May 2020.

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