Bonusfinder Body Language Analysis with Judi James | Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid

author by Judi James on September 24, 2020

With Zoom, Microsoft Teams meetings, Google Meet conferences and Skype, we're more conscious than ever before about our body language and how we come across to others when speaking and not speaking in professional environments.

With this in mind, sat down with body language expert Dr Judi James to uncover the hidden signals of a number of famous faces.

We kickstart our series by looking at Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the dynamic breakfast TV duo, who enjoy a love hate relationship. Is all well in paradise or are there secret signs that either party aren't quite content…?

judi james

Body Language Expert Dr Judi James says

This is a successful double act that pulls together brilliantly on screen, but it might not necessarily be a perfect mix of personalities off-screen, just like a lot of famous double acts, where it's often the contrast and occasional sparks that work better than the similarities.

Piers is virtually impossible to share a screen with because he is an opinionated and often confrontational alpha male and that alpha status reflects in his body language.

He typically sits very squarely in his seat facing the camera, and he's often taking up most of the room on the sofa or desk and the screen. When he's in full flight he virtually ignores Susanna with his eye gaze although he might occasionally turn around like a naughty schoolboy to invite her in to make comments.

Susanna regularly performs submissive body language displays - in a lot of the clips you see of them together, she's resorted to 'self-diminishing' poses. Effectively, she's making herself smaller to allow Piers more space.

You can watch below what we mean!

She folds her arms quite a lot and she often stops looking at him and starts looking down. We can see facial gestures as she sucks in her lips, which is often a signal of disapproval but also it can be announcing that verbally you're stopping.

There are moments when Susanna does put up a bit of a fight by looking straight at the camera and sharing her thoughts with the audience. It is just like you can see at some business meetings when the Alpha business boss dominates everything and the lower ranking employee(s) will sit there looking at everyone else, quietly rolling their eyes to signal that 'I am not connected with his viewpoints whatsoever'.

Funnily enough, despite often giving the impression of dominance, Piers does also keep eye checking Susanna and I think there is possibly a feeling that he has quietly got more respect for her qualities as a calm, level-headed professional.

I think many women won't like to see any signs that Susanna is backing down, like hair touching, face touching or self-diminishing.

Final Verdict: Are they BFF's or Frenemies?

I don't get any sign that Susanna is intrinsically enjoying the professional relationship here, she in a way should, with all her experience and profile, be the body language lead on screen. When doing news reading or breakfast television you tend to get the lead person who does the heavyweight interviews and takes up all the room, and then you traditionally get the one that sits there looking sweeter.

I would imagine at times she could possibly be sitting on a whole head-of-steam about that quietly, but probably the only way to work with Piers is to take that approach.

I think Piers can occasionally do this verbal mock flirting with her and as a business technique that can seem to be diminishing the person you are working with, so I always get the impression that when they will go off screen, she will have a bit of banter and then hopefully turn to more friendship and laughter.

So, I wouldn't say it's 100% hate! I would imagine that if Piers stepped down at some stage though, we might just see a relieved facial expression from Susanna on screen.

Image: ITV