Bonusfinder Body Language Analysis with Judi James | Jose Mourinho

author Written by  Judi James  on October 05, 2020

With a recent documentary out, a team that underperformed publicly last season and great expectations for the 2020/21 football season, all eyes are firmly placed (once again) on Tottenham Hotspur and their charismatic manager, Jose Mourinho.

Continuing our body language analysis series with body language expert, Judi James, we'll be taking a closer look at the Spurs boss, Jose Mourinho to uncover whether his second season will spell glory or disaster.

We watched a recent interview with for the purpose of this analysis.

Body Language Expert Dr. Judi James says

This is really interesting. Perhaps a new version of Mourinho in terms of his body language, leaning back in his chair with his head upright and chest splayed rather than slumped forward with his signature slightly sulky, jutting lower lip when he is in his traditional 'Napoleonic' mode.

This is a more incongruent mood for the very charismatic man. His overall pose suggests 'genial' but also very much in control of things.

He looks smug about things he shouldn't be smug about, as if all problems of the previous season are behind him and the good times are well ahead.

He's implying with his body language that what you see now is part of some long-term game plan, almost like a James Bond villain stating, 'you've won that round, but I'll win the long game'.

I've never seen him like this, an air of strange invincibility, rather than his more moody, bad tempered self we've become accustomed to over the recent years.

Overall, I'd say he looks worryingly calm and happy, with such high levels of displayed confidence, calm and control.

Alpha Males Can't Show Any Sign of Weakness

Mourinho is a very classic alpha leader though, one who often sets himself up as a figurehead for teams he's managed and a man who leads from the front.

His sense of power and invincibility are an important part of his magic when it can spread through the entire team, which means that, like any alpha animal that leads from their own sense of power, it's intrinsic to avoid any signs of weakness. That's when you make yourself vulnerable to challenge or attack from someone wanting to take your crown.

So, with this in mind, any signs of backstage problems or weaknesses will be hidden as much as possible during interviews like this, so don't read too much into his body language – he could be bluffing!

Only time will tell for how successful Tottenham Hotspur are under Mourinho's leadership this season, but should the North London club perform well and win silverware this season, you can thank Judi James' analysis for letting you know ahead time, on the blog.

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