Best Soccer Betting Sites in USA

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world, by far. If you have only bet on American major sports like football and basketball, you'll be astounded by the number of wagering options that American sportsbooks have for soccer. BonusFinder US is here to help you. We'll review the best soccer betting sites in the US and explain how to bet on the beautiful game.

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⭐ Best Online Sports Betting Sites for Soccer

soccer betting

Soccer – the beautiful game is the most popular and bet on sport in the world.

The best online betting sites are legal sports betting sites that offer a lot of wagering opportunities for soccer, good soccer odds, and great bonuses. These online sportsbooks also have ongoing promotions featuring soccer in Europe and US. US sports bettors can trust that the online sportsbook operators in this list are legal and give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to online soccer betting.

Rank Soccer Betting Site Welcome Bonus
#1 FanDuel Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Bet
#2 BetMGM Online Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free Bet
#3 DraftKings Sportsbook 20% up to $1,000
#4 Caesars Online Sportsbook $1,500 Match
#5 WynnBET Online Betting Site Bet $1 Win $100

⭐ Soccer Betting Apps USA

soccer betting apps usa

FanDuel, BetMGM, and DraftKings are the best soccer betting apps in the USA.

Even though most online gambling sites offer soccer on their sports betting apps, these five real money sports betting sites stand above the pack. American bettors and sports fans will recognize these books from daily fantasy sports and advertisements during college football and NFL games, but they are also excellent soccer betting options.

#1 FanDuel Online Sportsbook

Bonus $1,000 Risk Free Bet
Promo Code N/A
Soccer Leagues 60+
Odds Average
Pros Number of Markets
MLS Focus
Cons Fantasy Soccer Betting only on a separate app

FanDuel Sportsbook is the biggest online sportsbook for real money wagers in the US. They also have a huge sportsbook market selection for soccer fans with coverage of more than 60 leagues. You can also find a range of betting options from FanDuel that you can’t find at other books, including their MLS odds boosts and enhanced odds. The only downside is that, unlike their main competitor DraftKings, the daily fantasy soccer requires a separate app.

#2 BetMGM

Bonus $1,000 Risk Free Bet
Soccer Leagues 70+
Odds Best
Pros Number of markets
Number of betting options
Cons No fantasy soccer

The MGM Resorts International sportsbook BetMGM is the best soccer betting site when it comes to odds and lines in the USA. The feature more prop bets and soccer betting lines than any other online sportsbook in the USA. However, BetMGM does not currently offer fantasy soccer, which is a downside for some soccer fans as the beautiful game lends itself very well for fantasy sports.

#3 DraftKings Sports Betting App

Bonus 20% up to $1,000 Deposit Match
Promo Code N/A
Soccer Leagues 50+
Odds Good
Pros Integrated Soccer DFS
One of the best online sportsbooks in general
Cons Soccer promos very rare

DraftKings Sportsbook is an awesome online betting site. However, their soccer selection is not the best around. However, as an online sportsbook operator they are so good, that they clinch the third spot on this list. The additional benefit of DraftKings are the integration of DFS and online soccer betting within the same app.

#4 Caesars Sportsbook

Bonus $1,500 Deposit Bonus
Soccer Leagues 20+
Odds Average
Pros Excellent Bonus
Cons Lack of smaller markets

Caesars Sportsbook has one of the best online sports betting bonuses in America. You will get a deposit match bonus up to $1,500 regardless of whether your first bet loses or wins. If you are a good soccer handicapper, you can make nice gains with this bonus. However, Caesars doesn’t have as many of the smaller international markets as we would like to see. If you are a fan of mid-tier European soccer, look elsewhere. Southern American options are covered quite well.

#5 WynnBET Betting App

Bonus Bet $1 Get $100
Promo Code N/A
Soccer Leagues 20+
Odds Average
Pros Great Bonus
The best mobile app
Cons Lack of smaller markets

WynnBET Sportsbook is the best soccer betting app around. The reason for this is simple. Out of all legal betting sites it’s the only one who focuses completely on mobile betting online. Therefore, their mobile technology is second to none. They also have one of the best bonuses. You can bet $1 on either team to commit a foul and you win $100. The betting odds of that happening are quite high, don’t you think?

⭐ Betting on Different Soccer Leagues

There are more soccer leagues than there are leagues for any other sports. Different soccer contests don’t really differ other than the teams involved, but the odds for different leagues can differ quite a bit when you bet online. Here are the most common leagues for soccer bets and which sites you should use to bet on them.

Champions League Betting

The UEFA Champions League is the crown jewel of European soccer and most people betting on soccer choose to bet on this competition. It features the best teams from all the top European soccer leagues. This is where you can see Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Mohammed Salah, Erling Haaland, and Kylian Mpabbe all during the same day. Betting markets for the Champions League are offered by all the major US betting sites, but FanDuel has the most competitive odds and promotions.

Best Champions League Betting Site: FanDuel

Betting on the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga

European soccer has many great leagues and teams. The most famous league is most likely EPL (English Premier League) with clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. And of course there are Real Madrid and Barcelona (Spanish La Liga), Juventus and Milan (Italian Serie A), and Bayern Munchen and Dortmund (German Bundesliga), as well as a host of others. The best odds for European Soccer can be found from BetMGM’s extensive coverage.

Best site for betting on soccer in Europe: BetMGM

Betting on MLS – Major League Soccer

MLS or Major League Soccer is the biggest soccer competition in the US. The MLS also features teams from Canada and although the level might not be on par with the professional soccer in Europe, MLS often attracts big names at the end of their careers like Zlatan Ibrahimovic or Davic Beckham. MLS is actually one of the best betting opportunities in the US as mobile sportsbooks often have skewed lines as people bet on their home teams. Therefore, you should always choose the online platform that has the best odds for the game you want to bet real money on.

MLS betting tip: Look at several sportsbooks

Bet on the FIFA World Cup, Copa America and UEFA EUROs

Soccer is a truly international sports, and many of the most interesting matches are international events like Copa America where the US also takes part. Although the Stars and the Stripes don’t always make it to the FIFA World Cup, it is the most bet event in the world – by far. If you want great odds for international competitions, you need to shop around a bit, as the odds vary a lot. However, we would suggest that you check out DraftKings DFS for the shorter international events.

Tip for international soccer betting: Check DraftKings DFS

Betting on Liga MX and other South American Leagues

The best sites also offer Mexican League Bancomer, Argentina Primeira Division, and Brazilian Serie A. Compared to European soccer games, the South American games start at a reasonable time for American bettors and are quite competitive. If you speak Spanish or Portuguese, you may also find a good soccer wager that the betting sites have missed every now and then. Football fans will also enjoy seeing future talent that often comes from these leagues. Once again, BetMGM is the best choice if you want to place bets on these leagues. Another notable site is PointsBet, who have a good number of lines and a site in Spanish.

Best betting sites for South American soccer: BetMGM, PointsBet

⭐ Soccer Bet Types

The soccer bet types differ from major American sports in few crucial ways. First, draw is a a real possibility and happens very often. Furthermore, soccer matches often have far smaller spread, and they may use a feature called an Asian Handicap. We’ll go through the main soccer betting opportunities here.

Moneyline and Draw No Bet

The soccer moneyline bet has three options, as the games have no overtime and regularly end in draw. Online soccer betting sites also have the DNB or draw no bet option, which resembles a money line. If the game ends in a draw, you will get your stake back in full.

1x, 1/2, and x2

Soccer betting sites also let you make double choice bets (with worse odds of course). You have three different moneyline options; One of the teams will win, the home team will win or draw, and the away team will win or draw. American betting sites aren’t very keen on this real money betting option, but based on what we’ve seen from Europe, they’ll adopt this bet sooner than later.

Spread Bets

Followers of NFL, MLB, and NBA are used to seeing spread bets like -6,5 or even -12,5. This never happens in soccer, where the games are low scoring. The most common spreads are -0,5 and -1,5, but there is another closely related option.

The Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap let’s you choose the line anywhere between -0,25 to around -4,75. The system for Asian Handicap is complex. However, for true soccer fans, learning this option is worth the effort.

Over / Under Bets (Totals)

Totals bets work like every other totals bet in sports. However, you can have totals on a lot more than points. At online soccer betting sites, you can wager on the number of corner kicks, offsides, and number of warnings given out by the ref in addition to goals.

Soccer Proposition Bets

Sports betting options for any event include prop bets or proposition bets. Soccer betting sites are no different in this regard. However, the online soccer prop bets are a bit different from other sports. These are the options you’ll most likely find at any betting site.

  • 1st Player to Score
  • 1st Player to Receive a Card
  • Number of Cards/Fouls Points in the game (Note: These bets are different. Number of cards treats every foul as equal. Number of foul points scores every yellow card as a 1 and every red card as a 2)
  • Number of corner kicks
  • Whether a player will be sent off:
  • Whether there will be a penalty kick:

In Play Betting

Betting on soccer is one of the best live betting opportunities for the casual player. You can wager on basically anything. Will the next action be a foul, goal, side throw, or an offside? If you bet online on a soccer game, you can bet on all of these.


Soccer parlays work just as they do in other popular sports. You pick multiple games and hope you get them all right. However, one thing to remember when you bet on soccer: Although the strongest teams usually win their games, the level of competition in Europe is very high, and even mid-level teams can often get a draw, so be very careful with your soccer parlay bets.. Of course you can also use this to your advantage, as best sites have betting options where you can bet x2, 1x, or 1/2 on the money line.

⭐ Soccer Free Bets

Online Betting Site No Deposit Free Bets Matched Free Bet
BetFred N/A $500 (IA)
Golden Nugget N/A $250
Unibet 2x $10 N/A
Barstool Sportsbook $10 N/A

Soccer Betting FAQ

Where can I bet on soccer legally?

You can bet at state approved online sportsbooks & casinos in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia
  • Connecticut
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Arizona
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Tennessee
  • Rhode Island
  • Oregon
  • New Hampshire
What is the best online soccer betting site in the US?

Different sites are good for different leagues and events. However, if we need to choose just one, we'd go with FanDuel Sportsbook.

Can I bet on the US National Team?

Yes. Whenever the Stars and the Stripes take part in international event like FIFA World Cup, Copa America, or qualification for these tournaments, their games are available at online sportsbooks.

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