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NBA betting is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the USA, only second to the NFL. BonusFinder US brings you the best online betting sites for NBA basketball, the best tips on NBA games, and NBA odds for your state. You can get bonuses for 20+ top NBA betting sites right from this site.

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Best Online Betting Sites for NBA

The best NBA betting sites have bonuses from $100 up to $2,000 dollars. These bonuses can be risk free bets, free bets, or deposit bonuses. With dozens of sports betting sites available, you should always combine the best welcome bonuses from different NBA betting sites.

Rank NBA Betting Site Bonus
1 PointsBet Sportsbook $2000 Risk free bets
2 BetMGM Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free
3 DraftKings Sportsbook $1000 Deposit Bonus
4 Unibet $100/$250/$500 Risk Free
5 WynnBET Sportsbook Bet $50, Get $200
Best NBA Betting Sites

PointsBet gives new players $2,000 in NBA bets. We’re not talking about practice now, Allen Iverson.

What To Look For When Choosing The Online Sports Betting Site?

New betting sites are constantly launching in the US, and it’s hard to keep track of all the options available. To make matters worse, not all of the sites in the internet are trustworthy. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the things you should look for when choosing your NBA betting site.

Welcome Bonus

Different sites have varying bonuses. If you are a new bettor, we suggest that you choose a betting site that offers no deposit free bets, like Unibet. You can place these free bets on any NBA game without any risk. Experienced bettors will of course look for the biggest possible bonus, like the PointsBet $2,000 risk free bet, to maximize their winnings.

NBA Odds

NBA betting odds are quite standard across different betting platforms. However, if you register for several sportsbook accounts, you might that betting lines for certain NBA games might look very different. For example, DraftKings might list the New York Knicks as a +115 underdog against the Los Angeles Lakers, but you might find the Knicks as a +125 underdog at BetMGM. It might not sound like a lot, but if you do this for every game, the difference will quickly add up.

Ongoing Promotions

Ongoing promotions like odds boosts and enhanced odds are always a nice addition to any NBA betting site. If you regularly get higher odds for the home team, you’ll also quickly add to your account balance. Some betting sites even run promotions like: bet $1 and win $25 if Joel Embiid scores. That’s an actual offer from PointsBet. By choosing a sportsbook with such offers, you easily get extra betting money for NBA games, practically for free.


Unfortunately, online sports betting is only legal in a handful of American states (we’ll talk about them below), and many offshore operators try to to enter the US sports betting market. Therefore, you should always make sure that you are choosing a reliable NBA betting site that is licensed by a correct state authority, like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Do note that some states, like West Virginia, have less betting options.

What is the Best NBA Betting Site?

If we combine all the above mentioned categories, we’re left with a competitive top 3 NBA betting sites. All of these top sportsbooks are official partners of an NBA team (several in the case of DraftKings). They also have great bonuses, and offer mobile NBA wagers, loads of NBA futures, and feature exciting ongoing promotions.

1. PointsBet

Pointsbet NBA
PointsBet is the best NBA betting site in the US. They have the biggest bonus by far, and their odds are as competitive as any. In addition, they regularly run easy-to-win prop bet promotions, where you can for example get $25 by betting $1 if a star player hits one three during the whole NBA game. PointsBet is legal in New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and Iowa, so it also checks out the legality box. They are also our no.1 pick for March Madness betting sites.

2. BetMGM

BetMGM 76ers
BetMGM is available in every legal gambling state, excluding Illinois. Although their welcome bonus ($600 risk free) is not the best, they consistently post the best lines in the business. Furthermore, they feature one game parlay promotions, enhanced odds for the home team in each of their state, and regular odds boosts throughout the NBA playoffs. This is why BetMGM takes the number 2 spot.

3. DraftKings

DraftKings Pistons
If DraftKings would have a better welcome bonus, they could easily be on top of this list. They are available everywhere where betting online is legal, they have great odds, and a lot of ongoing promotions. You can even play DFS on the same site. However, the bonus they offer requires you to deposit $6,000 to take full advantage of it. Unless you’re a professional sports bettor, that seems like a quite high one time deposit.

Legal States for NBA Online Betting

Online NBA betting is available in 10 different states and DC (which will soon be a state as well). If you’re wondering about the NBA betting opportunities in your own state, check out or list below. You can also follow the links to your state

New Jersey – Bet on the Brooklyn Nets

New Jersey sports betting is the oldest online market in America. With 20+ sportsbooks, NJ is a sports betting powerhouse. The obvious choice for NJ bettors is of course the Brooklyn Nets, who operated as the New Jersey Nets from 1977 to 2012. Nets games are available on all the major online sports betting sites, but they’ve officially partnered up with Betway Sportsbook. For those who don’t like the Nets, the New York Knicks and their official partner DraftKings Sportsbook are also just across the river.

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia 76ers Betting

PA sports betting is close second to NJ in total betting handle. There are more than 10 NBA betting sites in the state, but only one option for serious NBA bettors – the Philadelphia 76ers. Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson…and the list continues with the likes of Joel Embiid nowadays. The 76ers are legends in the National Basketball Association. Their sports betting partner in PA is BetMGM, and the site often features promotions for Philly games. Other PA sports betting sites to consider are Unibet and Barstool Sportsbook.

Illinois – Bet on the Chicago Bulls

Illinois sports betting is currently third in handle after NJ and PA. The most bet on sports team in Illinois? Naturally, the Chicago Bulls. The legendary team won two three-peats with Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen. Nowadays the Bulls hardly play for the NBA title, but they are still regularly featured in the NBA playoffs. Betway is the official NBA betting partner for the Bulls, but as they are not yet live in Illinois, Bulls fans might like to try out DraftKings, who have made an exclusive deal with Michael Jordan himself.

Michigan – Detroit Pistons Betting

Michigan sports betting is still in it’s infancy, but NBA betting sites in Michigan have already struck deals with the Pistons. They might not be the most successful NBA team at the moment, but Pistons still get enhanced NBA odds from their official partner DraftKings. Just make sure you’re betting against the spread if you’re rooting for the Pistons.

Indiana – Bet the Pacers

Indiana already has more than 10 live betting sites, and the Indiana Pacers are regularly featured on the best sportsbooks in Indiana. Although their exploits in the field are not as strong as they used to be, they are still a interesting NBA betting choice. For hometown bettors, their partner DraftKings often features enhanced NBA betting odds.

Colorado – Denver Nuggets Betting

Denver Nuggets have never won the NBA title. However, with Nikola Jokic, they have a chance in 2021. The 20+ Colorado sports betting apps have already noticed this, and are offering futures bets as well as Jokic MVP bets at very good rates. Their official and exclusive Partner is PointsBet, who offers every bettor the chance to bet the NBA playoffs with no juice. Basically this means that the sportsbook doesn’t take a cut on the NBA games during the playoffs. That’s a great deal!

Tennessee – Bet on the Memphis Grizzlies

Tennessee betting only consists of 8 sportsbooks. Therefore, you could to head either to DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel TN, or the local Action247 if you want to bet on the Grizzlies. However, the Grizzlies have partnered with the WynnBET Tennessee app, and that’s where you most likely find the best odds for Grizzlies betting. They will also cover your first bet up to $1,000 if you lose.

Iowa – Betting on the Timberwolves

Iowa doesn’t have a pro basketball team, so if you want to use your IA sports betting bonuses on NBA betting, the closest thing are the Minnesota Timberwolves. While Iowa doesn’t have a huge number of sportsbooks, you can still find BetMGM, PointsBet, and DraftKings, which should satisfy your NBA betting needs.

Virginia – A Booming New Sports Betting Market

Virginia sports betting was legalized early 2021, and the industry is rapidly growing in the sites. Although Virginia only has college basketball, there are numerous NBA betting sites online, including the usual top candidates. However, the best place to start is Unibet VA. They give new bettors $100 worth of free NBA bets and a $1,000 bonus on top.

West Virginia – Limited Choices

West Virginia sportsbooks are quite limited. Although the state has legalized all forms of online gambling, they just don’t have the numbers to attract most NBA betting websites. Therefore, bettors in the Mountaineer State have to settle for a small number of NBA online betting sites, including the usual BetMGM and DraftKings gambling site.

DC – Bet on the Wizards

Washington DC is home to the Washington Wizards. Although DC is not yet a state, BetMGM DC App and the state owned GambetDC operate sportsbooks in the state. Regulations might soon allow other sportsbooks to offer NBA bets as well. This will probably mean much better odds and at least some form of bonuses for NBA wagers.

NBA Betting Tips

If you want to bet on the NBA, there are certain general rules all bettors do well to follow. We’ll break down each NBA bet type, their pros and cons, as well as the tips for best practices when betting on the NBA.

NBA Betting

You can find hundreds of NBA wagers for a single game,


Moneyline bets are the easiest way to get some NBA betting action. You simply wager on the game winner. If you bet on the Milwaukee Bucks to win the Boston Celtics and the Bucks win, you’ll get your stake + winnings.


  • Straightforward: Moneyline bets are simple, and you get some extra enjoyment for following the game.
  • Safe: Quite often there’s a clear favorite to win, so if you find them at decent odds at a NBA sportsbooks online, they’re a quite safe bet.


  • Bad payout: Most betting sites have accurate odds for game winners, so you rarely find exceptional lines.


  • Use for deposit bonuses: If you’re playing with NBA online sportsbooks that have deposit bonuses, a decent moneyline bet on the favorite goes a long way to satisfying your bonus wagering requirements.

Spread Bets

Basketball teams are rarely equal. Therefore, mobile NBA betting apps will set a spread that the other Team needs to cover. So if you bet on the Dallas Mavericks to win the Houston Rockets at a +7,5 point spread, and the Mavs win by 8 or more due to some Luka Doncic magic, you’ll win your bet.


  • Good value: Spread bets generally have -110 odds on both sides, meaning that you have to wager $110 to win $100. Compared to -200 odds on the favorite on moneyline, this is decent value, especially if you know that there’s a big gap between the teams.
  • Expert picks: Your NBA knowledge will be very useful when spread betting. The Lakers might still be favorites to win even if LeBron James and Anthony Davies are out, but they probably won’t cover the spread. If you’re fast, you can place your bet, before the NBA basketball betting sites have time to adjust the spread.


  • Unreliable: The players don’t care if they cover the spread or not. So if Nuggets are up by 9 against the Warriors with 5 seconds remaining, they don’t care if Steph Curry hits another 3. However, your +6,5 spread will go right down the drain.


  • Follow the news: Spread bets are easily influenced by one key player missing. The team might still win with a star player missing, but maybe they won’t cover. You can use this to your advantage when betting.

Totals (Over / Under)

Totals are bets on the total number of points scored during the game. NBA games are quite high scoring, so betting sites usually set the line at something like over or under 231,5 points. If the teams combine for more than 231 points, your wager cashes.


  • No need to pick sides: If you know that two attacking teams with weak defenses are playing each other, you can just pick the under and cheer every time someone sinks a three.


  • Overtime: Totals count all the points in the game, including overtime. Therefore a game going to overtime might ruin your under, although it already looked like a done deal.


  • Take the under: Or rather, don’t just bet the over because you want to see many scores. Online sportsbooks are aware that players like to bet the over, and adjust the lines accordingly. You’re much more likely to find a good price on the under.


Parlay bets are combinations of two or more bets. These bets can be any types of bets. The parlays pay out a combination of all the odds of the individualized bets minus the NBA betting sites’ juice (which is considerably higher than for straight bets)


  • Big payouts: If you hit a big parlay, you’ll win big. Parlay odds can climb to more than 1:100, meaning that a $10 wager will net you a $1,000 profit.


  • Hard to hit: Every time you add more than one item on your bet slip, the odds of the bet cashing decrease significantly. Even if you only add “locks” to your slip, something is almost certainly bound to happen, and the bet fails to cash.
  • Increased juice: Professional sports bettors rarely use parlays, because every top NBA betting site takes an increased cut from your parlays compared to straight bets to cover the potential losses. Therefore, placing parlays will hardly be beneficial in the long run.


  • Use free bets: Some NBA betting apps give you free bets when you register a betting account. If the odds for this free bet are not capped, why not try to hit a +2,000 parlay? You can’t lose real money anyway.

NBA Prop Bets

NBA props are bets placed on the events during the game. Top NBA betting apps offer two types of props: player props (player’s points, fouls, rebounds, assists, etc.) or game props (no of three pointers, fouls, etc.) NBA props are one of the most common ongoing promotions at online sportsbook sites.


  • Fun: Watching your favorite player’s performance is a bit more fun when you have a little money riding on him doing as well.
  • Knowledge matters: Most casual bettors don’t follow NBA closely enough to recognize when a player or a team has had a bad game or if they’re actually in a bad form. They will move the NBA betting lines based on a single result, which will give true NBA fans better odds on many prop bets.
  • NBA betting bonuses: Many NBA sportsbooks feature bonuses on props. These are usually minimum wager bonuses, but they are easy to win and can boost your bankroll nicely.


  • Rotation: If the coach decides to rest a star player when they’re comfortably in the lead or playing a weaker team, your prop bet for points scored will fly out the window (unless you bet the under of course).
  • Referees: Unless you are a true hard core bettor, you probably don’t know the ins and outs of different referees. The number of fouls a certain ref calls might not decide the fate of the game, but how closely they call the Euro Step might decided the fate of your Dwyane Wade prop bet.


  • Watch the games: NBA betting markets are quite volatile to one bad or good performance. People see good stats on someone, and the line is shifted one way or another. However, if you watched the game, you might notice that somebody only scored a lot in the previous game because the opposition did a bad job defending. They are not hot at the moment, and you’ll be better off with the under on their points scored.

NBA Futures

Futures are bets on teams or players season long performance. The best NBA betting websites offer NBA futures on everything from NBA finals winner to a player’s three pointers during the regular season.


  • Long term enjoyment: Futures will certainly benefit your long term online NBA betting experience as you can follow them all year long.
  • Current knowledge: Futures are often based on past performance. If you have a good grasp on how the player or team is doing currently, you can find good odds on your futures wagers.


  • Injuries: The NBA regular season is long, and when you add playoffs to the mix it’s two additional months. One injury will rarely determine who will win the NBA Championship, but if you have an MVP or Best Rookie futures bet, your chances are as good as gone if your chosen player gets injured.


  • Choose less known players: There are hundreds of players in the NBA. The lines for the top players are set quite accurately, but you might find great NBA betting markets for lesser known players’ props.

Live Betting

Live betting or in-game betting are bets placed during the event. They are fast-paced bets where the odds change quickly. Most NBA betting sites offer live betting, but the number of lines is more limited on some of the smaller sites.


  • You’re on the pulse: If you react fast enough, you can take advantage of events that happen during the game. If LeBron looks like he might have injured himself, betting against the Lakers spread might be a good idea.


  • Getting carried away: It’s easy to get carried away with live bets and bet more than you can afford when you’re watching the game. Remember to always gamble responsibly.


  • Only bet live if you’re watching: The odds change for a reason. You should always watch the event in question when placing live bets, not just bet the numbers, because the sportsbooks don’t change the line for fun.
NBA Finals Betting

The Finals and Playoffs are the most exciting time to bet on the NBA.

Last updated: 05/17/2022

NBA Betting Sites FAQ

How do I know if an NBA betting site is legit?

You can check for a state authority logo at the bottom of the page (like Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board). If it's there the site is legit. You can also check the state specific pages for BonusFinder, we only list recommended NBA betting sites that are 100% legal and legit.

Can I bet on the NBA with my phone?

Yes, betting on the NBA is just as easy from your mobile device as it is from your computer. NBA betting apps are offered by most sportsbooks, and even those that don't offer an app have a mobile-optimized page.

What is the best NBA betting app?

Our top rated NBA betting sites all have a great mobile NBA app. However, DraftKings app is perhaps the best, even though PointsBet and BetMGM are not far behind.

Where can I watch NBA games online?

Most online betting sites might have a stream for the event in question, but if you want high-end coverage, we suggest you head out to, Youtube TV, or watch TNT or ESPN through internet.

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