March Madness Betting Sites 🎖️ NCAA Championship Betting Odds US 2022

March Madness Bracket Competition is maybe the biggest college sports event in the United States. In 2022, 68 teams will compete for the title of national champion.

Your betting choices are no longer limited to office pools. Betting on March Madness online is also available in more states than ever, as sports betting legalization has spread across the United States. BonusFinder brings you the best March Madness Betting odds, bonus details, and information about the legal states where you can bet on Sweet 16 teams or the tournament winner.

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🏀 March Madness 2022 Betting Sites

College Basketball Betting

You can now legally bet on NCAA March Madness.

March Madness 2021 was the biggest NCAA college basketball tournament ever and March Madness 2022 promises to be even bigger. With 15 legal sports betting states now live across the US, sports bettors have several betting options for the post season mens basketball NCAA tournament. Betting lines and bonuses vary between online sportsbooks, so BonusFinder US breaks down the best betting sites for March Madness in every legal sports betting state across America.

🎁 Best March Madness Betting Sites 2022

You can bet on March Madness at sports betting sites in 15 legal states. The best March Madness betting sites have up to $2,000 welcome bonus, free bet offers, and first deposit match bonuses. Online sportsbooks in the United States offer March Madness bettors the best odds and sign up bonuses for your March Madness bets.

March Madness Sportsbook March Madness Signup Bonus Bonus Code
🏀 PointsBet Up to $2,000 welcome bonus 2000BONUS
🏀 BetMGM Sportsbook $1,000 risk free bet BONUSMGM
🏀 DraftKings Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in deposit bonuses N/A
🏀 FanDuel Sportsbook $1,000 Risk Free N/A
🏀 Caesars Sportsbook $1,500 Risk Free FINDER15
🏀 Unibet Sportsbook signup bonus up to $500 N/A
March Madness Betting Sites

PointsBet betting website gives new players two risk free bets, good promotions, and competitive odds.

🏆 March Madness Odds 2022

The road to 2022 March Madness is not yet clear, but Caesars Sportsbook has already come out with odds for the 2022 NCAAB Men’s Basketball.

  1. Gonzaga +375
  2. Kentucky +700
  3. Arizona +700
  4. Baylor +1200
  5. Auburn +1200
  6. Purdue +1200
  7. Duke +1200
  8. Kansas +1500
  9. UCLA +2500
  10. Texas Tech +2500
  11. Villanova +2500
  12. Illinois +4000
  13. Houston +4000
  14. Tennessee +4000
  15. Wisconsin +5000

📊 March Madness Bracket

Selection Sunday is now done, and the official bracket can be viewed at the NCAA website. As expected, Gonzaga, Baylor, Kansas, and Arizona are the number one seeds. There were hardly any surprises as NET, the NCAA’s evaluation tool, was chugging away.

Which Teams made March Madness 2022 Bracket?

  • 1. Gonzaga (26 – 3)
  • 2. Arizona (31 – 3)
  • 3. Kansas (28 – 6)
  • 4. Baylor (26 – 6)
  • 5. Auburn (27 – 5)
  • 6. Kentucky (26 – 7)
  • 7. Villanova (26 – 7)
  • 8. Duke (28 – 6)
  • 9. Wisconsin (24 – 7)
  • 10. Tennessee (26 – 7)
  • 11. Purdue (27 – 7)
  • 12. Texas Tech (25 – 9)
  • 13. UCLA (25 – 7)
  • 14. Illinois (22 – 9)
  • 15. Providence (25 – 5)
  • 16. Arkansas (25 – 8)
  • 17. UConn (23 – 9)
  • 18. Houston (29 – 5)
  • 19. Saint Mary’s (CA) (25 – 7)
  • 20. Iowa (26 – 9)
  • 21. Alabama (19 – 13)
  • 22. LSU (22 – 11)
  • 23. Texas (21 – 11)
  • 24. Colorado St. (25 – 5)
  • 25. Southern California (26 – 7)
  • 26. Murray St. (30 – 2)
  • 27. Michigan St. (22 – 12)
  • 28. Ohio St. (19 – 11)
  • 29. Boise St. (27 – 7)
  • 30. North Carolina (24 – 9)
  • 31. San Diego St. (23 – 8)
  • 32. Seton Hall (21 – 10)
  • 33. Creighton (22 – 11)
  • 34. TCU (20 – 12)
  • 35. Marquette (19 – 12)
  • 36. Memphis (21 – 10)
  • 37. San Francisco (24 – 9)
  • 38. Miami (FL) (23 – 10)
  • 39. Loyola Chicago (25 – 7)
  • 40. Davidson (27 – 6)
  • 41. Iowa St. (20 – 12)
  • 42. Michigan (17 – 14)
  • 43. Wyoming (25 – 8)
  • 44. Rutgers (18 – 13)
  • 45. Indiana (20 – 13)
  • 46. Virginia Tech (23 – 12)
  • 47. Notre Dame (22 – 10)
  • 48. UAB (27 – 7)
  • 49. Richmond (23 – 12)
  • 50. New Mexico St. (26 – 6)
  • 51. Chattanooga (27 – 7)
  • 52. South Dakota St. (30 – 4)
  • 53. Vermont (28 – 5)
  • 54. Akron (24 – 9)
  • 55. Longwood (26 – 6)
  • 56. Yale (19 – 11)
  • 57. Colgate (23 – 11)
  • 58. Montana St. (27 – 7)
  • 59. Delaware (22 – 12)
  • 60. Saint Peter’s (19 – 11)
  • 61. Jacksonville St. (21 – 10)
  • 62. Cal St. Fullerton (21 – 10)
  • 63. Georgia St. (18 – 10)
  • 64. Norfolk St. (24 – 6)
  • 65. Wright St. (21 – 13)
  • 66. Bryant (22 – 9)
  • 67. Texas Southern (18 – 12)
  • 68. A&M-Corpus Christi (23 – 11)

🌎 Betting on March Madness in Your State

You can now legally bet on the NCAA Tournament online in 10 different states. New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, Virginia, Iowa, and Tennessee have all joined the legal betting club. We’ll break down the details for betting in your state below.

⭐ New York

new york online gambling

NY Sports Betting

Biggest betting state in America

New York is the crown jewel of American sports betting. The Empire State only legalized betting early this year, so this is the first March Madness you can legally bet in NY. With 8 operators in the state all desperately competing for customers, expect to see some great promotions. Our tip, always check more than one sportsbook before accepting a promo.

⭐ New Jersey

nj march madness

NJ Sports Betting

20+ sportsbooks, no betting on in-state teams

Although betting on college basketball teams in NJ, like the Rutgers or Seton Hall is not allowed in New Jersey, you can still bet on the first four or the final four. There are more than 20 sportsbooks in NJ, which means you can find the best odds for any given event. If you live in NJ, you can line shop and get bonuses from several different sportsbooks, like Caesars Online Casino NJ & Gambling Site.

⭐ Pennsylvania

pa sports betting

PA Sports Betting

Market with a lot of excellent promotions. +10 Betting sites.

Along with NJ, PA sports betting is one of the best places to bet on March Madness. College basketball fans can enjoy sportsbooks like Barstool Sportsbook and established online sports betting sites like BetMGM. The best college basketball betting site in the state is Barstool, with their promotional offers that can spice up every NCAA basketball game.

⭐ Michigan

michigan online betting

Michigan Sports Betting

Special promotions for betting on the Wolverines. +10 Sportsbooks.

Michigan just launched online gambling and betting on sporting events in time for the Super Bowl. Now bettors in the state can enjoy exciting new online sportsbooks such as Barstool Online Sportsbook and WynnBET Michigan with a $1,000 bonus. Top March Madness betting sites give you up to $1,000 in extra money.

⭐ Arizona

arizona online gambling

Arizona Sports Betting

In it to win it. Arizona is no. 3 seed and no.1 in the South. Many sportsbooks with special promotions

Arizona is number 1 seed in the South and number 3 overall. With +700 odds they are one of the biggest favorites to win March Madness. There are more than 10 sportsbooks in AZ, and we can bet that every single one of them will bust out promotions for Arizona.

⭐ Colorado

colorado online gambling

The second biggest betting state after NJ. 15+ betting opportunities

Colorado has a great selection of sportsbooks for betting on NCAA college basketball games. Their two NCAA division I teams could still make the bracket, and there are no laws prohibiting NCAA wagers in their online sports betting market. In addition to the traditional sportsbooks, bettors in Colorado can enjoy the huge 100% bonus up to $1,000 bet credits from MaximBet. Even better, PointsBet betting site gives players up to $2,000 in bonuses.

⭐ Indiana

Indiana online gambling

Indiana Sports Betting

Strong betting market with DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel all available in the state.

The Hoozier State played host to the 2021 NCAA Mens Division I Basketball Tournament, with everything from first four to the Championship Game being contested in the state. Now the show has moved on, but bettors in the state can get up to $2,000 extra money from PointsBet, the best March Madness betting site in the state. There are also a variety of other sportsbook bonuses, like Caesars $1,500 sportsbook bonus.

⭐ Illinois

illinois online gambling

Illinois Sports Betting

The Fighting Illini are the number 3 seed in West, but no in-state betting allowed online

The Fighting Illini are the top 3 seeds in the West. However, no betting on in-state college basketball teams can be done online. You need to head out to a retail sportsbook if you want to place your bets. However, the top March Madness betting sites in Illinois still give out huge bonuses for the NCAA tournament. In Illinois you can bet on March Madness with odds from betting sites like BetMGM and DraftKings.

⭐ Tennessee

tn online gambling

TN Sports Betting

A big market with some local sportsbooks as well. Good odds for Volunteers, who are 3rd seed in the South

The recently legalized state has severalbetting opportunities for bettors. If you want to support your local team, the local sportsbook, Action247 is sure to bring you the best odds and promotions for betting on the Volunteers. If you are just interested in NCAA March Madness games without choosing sides, choose BetMGM betting website.

⭐ Iowa

Iowa online gambling

Iowa Sports Betting

A lot of local operators, which means opportunities for line shopping.

College basketball betting sites in IA still give out massive opportunities for getting some extra money. From local operations like Elite Sportsbook and Q casino, to $1,000 in bonus money from the likes of DraftKings, March Madness betting is going to be big in Iowa.

⭐ Virginia

Virginia online gambling

Virginia Sports Betting

A good market with a lot to offer.

VA is a new sports betting industry and opportunities for March Madness betting are limited. However, DraftKings and FanDuel both offer $1,000 sign up bonus money for bettors in the state.

⭐ Louisiana

louisiana online gambling

Louisiana Sports Betting

The newest betting state in America

Louisiana is the newest sports betting state in America. Even though their basketball success is quite limited, the sportsbooks still give out great opportunities to bet on teams in other states.

⭐ West Virginia

wv online gambling

WV Sports Betting

Small state, but with good offers.

WV is not a big state, and the odds of their team winning the title are quite slim. However, each betting site in WV offers March Madness betting. You can get a great real money bonus from the likes of DraftKings Online Sportsbook or BetMGM in the state. Furthermore, WV has many new sportsbooks that offer great welcome bonuses.

⭐ Connecticut

ct online gambling

Connecticut Sports Betting

Limited to 3 operators

Bettors in Connecticut are limited to using 3 sportsbooks; DraftKings, FanDuel, and SugarHouse. However, these 3 operators give out $2,250 in bonus money, so Connecticut bettors don’t need to go empty handed.

⭐ Wyoming

wyoming online gambling

Wyoming Sports Betting

Small state with limited opportunities

Wyoming is not a big state. However, few sportsbooks still offer action to WY bettors. Our recommendation is to check out BetMGM sportsbook.

💵 Online March Madness Betting & NCAA Championship Odds

NCAA Betting

You can place your bets on anything ranging from prop bets to point spreads.

Best sports betting apps provide players with several opportunities for betting on the NCAA tournament. Although futures on the winner of the March Madness bracket are naturally the most popular, you can also wager on the outcomes of individual games. In addition to moneyline bets, sports betting apps offer individual bets on all the games in the tournament. By combining different online sports bet types from various sites, you can find the best odds.

  • Point Spreads
  • Over / Under bets (totals bets)
  • Teams Futures
  • Teams Props
  • March Madness Live Betting

Note that most states prohibit player prop bets and plyer futures for NCAA Tournament games and college sports like college football in general. Futures bet is still available for teams though.

College Basketball Bets

The free to play bracket contest for cash prizes or daily fantasy sports are fun ways to participate, but there are also several fun real money wager types for the casual sports bettor. You can take part in the basketball action with wager options like the number of free throws, most outstanding player etc.

Odds to Make NCAA Tournament

One of the most interesting betting prospect before the tournament starts is to bet on the teams to make the tournament. Because only 33 teams are selected outright, there is a huge betting market for betting which teams will actually make the March Madness Bracket.

Historical March Madness Odds

Checking out teams historical performance is one of the best ways to build your bracket or real money bets. For example, you can check out sources that provide you with March Madness over/under history to get most out of the NCAA Championship betting odds.

📅 March Madness Timeline 2022

The tournament will take place between March 13th and April 4th, and the Final Four will be contested on Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. The tournament consists of several stages. Each level means that a certain number of teams will be eliminated from the tournament. Therefore, each level has less games than the level before. You can find more information on exact dates, times and live streaming from

Selection Sunday

March 13th

It all starts on Sunday March 14th, when the selection committee announces each team that will be featured in the 2022 March Madness Tournament and places them into the bracket. 32 conference tournament winners will be featured automatically, with the committee selecting the last 36.

First Four

March 15th – 16th

First four is not yet a full round of March Madness games. Instead it’s a play-in round where the lowest seed teams will play each other to determine who gains entry into the final bracket of 64 teams. The games will be played on March 15th and 16th in Dayton, Ohio.

Game Score Date Time (ET)
Texas Southern vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 76 - 67 March 15th 6.40 pm
Wyoming vs. Indiana 58 - 66 March 15th 9.10 pm
Wright State vs. Bryant 93 - 82 March 16th 6.40 pm
Rutgers vs. Notre Dame 87 - 89 March 16th 9.10 pm

First Round & Second Round

March 18th – March 21nd

The playoff rounds start with high seeds playing against an unranked team. Expert picks suggest that a lot of money can be made on spread bets, when a stronger team takes on a weaker team. The bulk of the tournament’s games takes place on the first two rounds.

Sweet 16

March 26th – March 28th

The Sweet 16 is the regional semifinal round of the tournament. Only 8 games are played and each winning team will enter the Elite 8. From a bettors perspective, these games start to be much more competitive and bets should be adjusted accordingly.

Elite 8

March 29th & 30th

Only 8 teams remain to compete for the coveted national title. To get through this stage, each team needs to be on their A-game. Many March Madness online betting sites offer promotions on the Elite 8 games, so you should check the offerings from multiple sites when the tournament proceeds to this phase.

Final Four

April 3rd

NCAA College Basketball

Baylor Bears are the favorites to go all the way in 2021.

The last four teams in the tournament bang it out on April 3rd. Betting Tip: almost every betting site features futures bets on what team will reach the Final Four, so you should definitely check out the March Madness odds from multiple sites if you want to bet on your favorite team to reach this stage.

The NCAA Championship Game

April 5th

It all comes down to this title game. Each March Madness online betting site will surely feature promotions for the final game, but if you want to bet on the results of the national championship alone, you should do some line shopping to find the best odds.

❓ Claiming Your College Baskbetball Betting Bonus and Promotions

There are several things you need to take into account when claiming your bonus money for March Madness. Different T&Cs apply to different bonuses. For example, some bonus money requires a min deposit amount, and some bonus offers restrict the odds, bets or games you can bet on. Therefore, make sure to read the T&C section carefully.

Creating an Account

Before you can add games to your bet slip, you need to create a new betting account. If you are only accustomed to betting on March Madness in office pools or bracket competitions, gambling sites registration forms might seem intrusive. However, they are required to ask for things like your social security number to ensure that you are of the legal gambling age.

Rollover Requirement

Bonus money usually comes with wagering requirements. Also called rollover or playthrough requirements, they mean that you need to wager through your bonus a set number of times before you can withdraw it. Fortunately for bettors, most sportsbook operators have wagering requirements ranging from 1 to 5x.

March Madness Promo Codes

In order to claim the sign up bonus at a sportsbook, you many need to use a code when creating a new account. Just insert the promo code into a designated field when claiming your bonus, and you’ll receive your extra cash. You can check the bonus codes for each online sportsbook from the state specific site.

Last updated: 06/01/2022

March Madness Betting FAQ

Can you bet on March Madness?

Yes. Top college basketball betting apps in 10 legal states offer betting opportunities on all 68 teams in the tournament. Betting on the NCAA tournament is legal online and on mobile device in NJ, PA, IL, IN, CO, IA, WV, VA, MI, and TN.

What teams qualify for March Madness?

Thirty-two (32) teams gain entry to the field through winning their conference tournaments. The remaining teams rely on the selection committee to award them a bid in the NCAA tournament. The selection process primarily takes place on Selection Sunday and the days leading up to it.

Where will March Madness Final Four take place in 2022?

The Final Four will take place at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans.

What are the NCAA Championship odds?

Betting future odds suggest that the favorite to win March Madness is Gonzaga (+350).

Can I use my bonus on other sports?

Yes, of course. If you claim a sign up bonus at a college basketball betting site, you can still use it for NFL betting or NBA betting as well. If you are adventurous, you can even try the English Premier League or Champions League.

However, do note that there are time limits for using the bonus, so you might not have time to wait for the World Series or the Stanley Cup.

Where can I get the best NCAA tournament odds?

Every legal sportsbook listed on this site provides NCAA tournament odds, but the best March Madness odds can usually be found from BetMGM or Caesars Sportsbook.

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