All Scratch Game Promotions 2019

The best bonuses in the USA for online scratch card games are here. There's plenty of sites instant win scratch card games for US players. Here you'll also find the best online scratch card promotions

Here's October 2019's top scratch game offers:

The best bonuses in the USA for online scratch card games are here. There's plenty of sites instant win scratch card games for US players. Here you'll also find the best online scratch card promotions

Here's October 2019's top scratch game offers:

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Online Scratch Cards – Win Real Money

best scratcher casino america

The Voice is one of countless scratch cards offered by American online casinos.

It’s late in the evening when you suddenly realize you have no milk for the morning. So you run out to your local convenience store; while there, you pick up a scratch card. Why wouldn’t you – for only a dollar or two, you could win enough to buy lunch. Or, if you’re lucky, enough to change your life forever.

Given the nature of the internet, it was only a matter of time before online scratchers became a thing. Select American online casinos now offer these games alongside slot machines and table games.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about online real money scratch cards in the USA. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Getting Started

Never played online scratch card games before? Like their real-world equivalent, they’re simple to play. Once a card loads, click on the panels (or on mobile, ‘scratch’ them away) to see if you’ve won. And that’s all there is to it!

Find the Right Casino

Legal online gaming in America is still in its infancy. There are, however, some sites that currently offer legal online scratch card games. These include Caesars, Golden Nugget, PlayMGM, Borgata, Hard Rock Casino, and BetAmerica.

As online gaming spreads and the popularity of online scratch cards increases, we’re confident availability will improve. Watch this space for updates as time passes.

In the meantime, ensure that you are playing online scratch offs on legit sites. Legal American online casinos are registered with state gaming authorities like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Any site not working with American regulatory bodies are offshore operations. If these entities engage in shady business practices, you will have no way to take legal action against them.

Before signing up with an online casino, ensure your state’s gaming regulator sanctions them. This way, you can play online scratch cards knowing you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings whenever you choose.

Buy Instant Win Tickets Online

Purchasing scratch cards online isn’t what you think it is. Rather than having physical scratchers shipped to your address, you play virtual instant win tickets on an online casino. Therefore, if you want to play online scratch cards, you must first deposit on an online gaming site.

After reviewing deposit bonuses on the brands mentioned earlier, take steps to upload money to them. The exact ways you can do this are examined later in this guide – scroll on below for the details. Once you’ve done this, check out all the scratch tickets at your disposal. For instance, on Golden Nugget, you have a choice of 12 scratchers. From Ghostbusters to Wheel of Fortune, they have just the game for you. Finally, purchase as many as you like and begin scratching – good luck!

Scratch Card Bonuses in the USA

best scratch card casinos usa

Golden Nugget Online Casino isn’t just the best American scratcher casino, their welcome bonus is incredible as well!

If you like playing online scratch cards, it’s highly recommendable to do so with a casino bonus. Usually you can also combine the bonuses with casino’s slots games and maybe even table games like roulette and blackjack. There are two types of bonuses to choose from.

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are the best value for your money. They are also extremely easy to use. Just register a new account, make a deposit and get free scratch cards that have real money value.

Deposit bonuses have wagering requirements that you have to meet before you’re allowed to make a withdrawal. Sometimes bonuses can also be permitted to a limited number of games. Therefore always read the terms and conditions carefully before making a deposit.

Free Money

Some of the scratch offers will even get you started for free. Also, these no deposit scratch bonuses come with wagering requirements. Once you’ve met the wagering requirements, you can withdraw your bonus money and all the winnings attached to it.

Playing Mobile

Like other online casino games, online scratch cards have been optimized to work on mobile. Every real money scratch card game available in America is available for play on your phone or tablet. To play scratch card games on mobile, sign up for an account on a site that offers them. Afterward, just log on to their mobile site and play scratchers until you’ve gotten your fill.

Which devices are usable on online scratch card casinos? They include the following:

  • iOS: iPhone and iPad (version 8 or higher)
  • Android phones and tablets (version 4.2 or higher)
  • Windows phones and tablets
  • Blackberry phones and tablets

Most online casino sites in America are mobile-friendly, but some have their own app. For example, Golden Nugget’s can be downloaded from their website (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

Thanks to their low-tech nature, online scratch cards are perfect for gamers in areas with poor mobile reception. While offerings like live casino require at least HSPA+, online scratchers can work with just a 2G EDGE connection. If you’re out in the country, scratch cards may be the gaming solution you’re looking for.

Why Are Online Scratch Cards so Popular?

The immediacy and simplicity of scratch cards have made them one of America’s most popular ways to gamble. Unlike the lotto, you don’t have to wait until the evening draw to find out if you won. And unlike games like blackjack, there’s no strategy to bother yourself with.

All you have to do is log on, load your favorite scratch-off game, and start scratching or clicking panels. When these online games are this easy to access, why would you bother to go to your local bodega?

Online scratch cards also happen to have a smaller house edge. Real-world scratch-off tickets have a return to player (RTP) percentage of 50%-70%, while online scratch cards have an RTP of 90-95%. Essentially, you’re printing money by sticking with virtual scratch cards.

Best Scratch Cards Online Casinos

There are several online casinos in America that host virtual scratch-off games. Before we dive in, though, an important reminder – some sites (like Bovada) are said to be excellent for scratch card gamers. However, these casinos have yet to be licensed by a state gaming authority. As such, any players who uses these platforms could lose access to their funds without legal recourse.

Before depositing on any site, always check if they have a license with your state gaming authority. In New Jersey, this would be the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Don’t just place your trust in the fine print – do a Google search. If there isn’t clear evidence of registration with a state gaming regulator, look elsewhere.

Or you could save time and go with who we recommend. All casinos we mention are properly licensed and regulated – on the web, reputation is everything. With that in mind, let’s talk about the top online casinos for scratch card games in America.

Caesar’s online casino tops our list. With over 20 games located in ‘Other Games’, they offer decent variety. From branded scratch-offs like Ghostbusters to online favorites like Merlin’s Million’s, you’ll have numerous games to choose from.

The PlayMGM online casino is a solid second choice. With 17 scratch card games in its own section (‘Variety Games’), there is enough here for an entertaining evening.

Other legit American casinos offer scratch card games. They include:

  • Golden Nugget
  • Borgata
  • Hard Rock Casino
  • BetAmerica

How Much Can I Win?

Potential winnings vary from one game to the next. For instance, Medusa offers a max payout of just over $24,000 for the best possible ticket (All Medusas on a ‘free ticket’). Alternatively, Ghostbusters gives you a shot at winning $75,000 if you can find five Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men.

Some tickets even offer jackpots. These online scratch cards take a portion of each sale and contribute it to an ever-growing pot. When triggered, these can award gamers a six or even a seven-figure prize – life-changing money!

Real Money Scratch Cards in the US

scratch cards usa online casinos

Ghostbusters: Spectral Search is a popular scratcher on Golden Nugget Online Casino.

  • DoublePlay Super Bet
  • Merlin’s Millions
  • The Voice
  • Medusa
  • Ghostbusters: Spectral Search

The selection of online scratch-off games in the USA keeps getting better as time goes by. Music and reality TV fans will get a kick out of The Voice. In every game you play, there are seven rounds. To win, you need to power up the music meter attached to one of the six chairs. In each round, either a single or double note will rise from 1-6 of the chairs. A single note gives one point, and double grants two points. If one of the meters becomes fully powered by the end of the game, you win the attached prize.

Ghostbusters: Spectral Search is another unique online scratch card game. While it will undoubtedly appeal to Gen X’ers and Millennials, its gameplay makes it worthwhile for anyone to play. This game has two rounds: in each, you’ll be hunting for ghosts, spectres, and poltergeists. Your spectral search device divides each room into nine squares – pick five in your search for supernatural beings. You’ll get between 1x-15,000x your bet for successfully finding a particular ghost – good luck!

Pull-Tabs Online

At present, no legal American online casinos offer online pull-tabs. If this changes, we’ll update this section with the best online pull-tab games available to gamers in the USA.

Is It Legal to play Real Money Scratch Games Online?

Yes and no. It’s 100% legal to play virtual scratcher games at online casinos licensed by state gaming authorities. However, sites NOT sanctioned by bodies like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement are not lawful.

Always check to see if your local state gaming authority has approved a specific gaming site. If they haven’t, you’ll have no legal recourse should something go wrong.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Ready to take your scratch card habits online? To do so, you’ll need to put a bankroll online. Deposit methods offered include:

  • MasterCard/Visa
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at the Cage (New Jersey)
  • eChecks (ACH)
  • Online Bank Transfer

All deposit methods allow play to begin immediately – however, some are more discreet than others. For example, depositing via credit card leaves a paper trail – not great if you need to keep things low-key. On the other hand, PayNearMe is a prepaid debit card – perfect for those who require discretion.

Withdrawing winnings can take a bit longer. Depending on the casino, VIP status, and method, it takes 24 hours to a week to get your money.

Do the scratch casinos really pay out?

The legit ones do. They have a track record of paying out customers promptly, and state gaming authorities monitor their behavior. Don’t have time to evaluate each casino? Don’t waste your precious time – we’ve done that for you. Check out our ranked list at the top of this page for the best scratch card casinos in the USA. Good luck – we hope you strike pay dirt!

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