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Avoid Tragic Sports Betting Losses: Introducing Progressive Parlays at Elite Sportsbook

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  • Progressive parlays offer bettors room for error
  • If you lose one (or more legs), you can still turn a profit
  • Elite Sportsbook is available in Colorado and Iowa
21+, new US players only

We’ve all been there before – you’re about to convert on a big parlay when your last team chokes – it’s heartbreaking. But thanks to Elite Sportsbook, you can still salvage more than your pride.

Through their Progressive Parlays, you can still enjoy a profit (albeit a much smaller one) if one of your legs falls short. Want to learn more about this concept? Follow us below, and we’ll tell you more.

How Do Progressive Parlays Work?

So, first things first: what is a progressive parlay? We’ll start by defining a conventional parlay – it’s a bet where you wager on a series of two or more game events. To win, ALL selected events must go your way. The more legs you pick, the tougher it is to win. But, of course, if you do win, you get a LARGE amount of money – that’s what makes parlays appealing.

So, what’s a progressive parlay? A progressive parlay is exactly like a conventional parlay in structure – but Elite Sportsbook defines it as a bet on four or more game events. So, where do they differ? It’s in how they settle – if you lose one of your legs, you still win a prize, albeit a smaller one.

Now, the larger your parlay, the more room you have for error. If you wager on 4-6 game events, you can lose one leg and still profit. Bet on 7-9 game events, and you get two losses. And for 9-12 game events, you can lose on up to three legs.

It’s an amazing concept – to be honest, we can’t believe larger sportsbooks in New Jersey haven’t thought of this before!

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