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Score Four Tennis Cash Boosters Every Week on Unibet Sportsbook

Promotion Summary
  • Log onto Unibet Sportsbook on Wednesdays or Fridays
  • Wager on any live tennis market
  • Select the 25% profit boost offer
  • If your wager wins, you'll get a 25% profit boost
21+, new US players only

As sports go, only a select few match the intensity of tennis. Hard serves, rapid volleys, and speed changes are just a few of the challenges players face. But even as a spectator, it’ll make you break a sweat.

But, despite all that, some want to up the excitement even more. So, these fans wager on the outcome of these matches. If you’re among them, you ought to make the most of your wins. That’s why you need to know about Unibet Sportsbook’s tennis cash boosts. Every week, you can add 25% profit boosts to your bet slip.

Follow us below the fold, and we’ll show you how this promotion works.

How Does This Promo Work?

Start by logging onto Unibet Sportsbook on either Wednesdays or Fridays (or both – you do you). Then, go to the tennis section and find a live tennis market you like. After placing your wager (but before submitting it), select the 25% profit boost offer from the bonus drop-down menu. Lastly, kick back and watch the match. If your player comes through, you’ll get a generous 25% profit boost on top of your winnings.

Terms & Conditions

What a cool offer. But as always, there are terms and conditions to be aware of:

  1. In this offer, Unibet Sportsbook awards cash in the form of real money. As such, these funds are free of wagering requirements and may be withdrawn immediately.
  2. Players can wager a maximum of $50 on profit boosted wagers.
  3. On any boosted wager, Unibet Sportsbook caps extra winnings at $1,000.