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Pointsbet Highlights
  • Two risk-free bets (up to $500 each) - one on fixed-odd wagers, one on Pointsbetting
  • Offers Pointsbetting - the more you are right, the more you win!
  • Earn a $50 finder fee when you successfully refer a friend to Pointsbet
Review Summary
Pointsbet is the latest entrant to the American sports betting scene. This Australia-based gaming startup began operations Down Under in 2017 and established a beachhead in New Jersey on July 2018. Its claim to fame is a variant of spread betting it calls Pointsbetting. In short, the more a spread bet goes your way, the more you win! In this review, we'll see if Pointsbet lives up to the hype.
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Pointsbet Sportsbook – Sweet Welcome Bonus & Pointsbetting!

The USA sports betting market is starting to get crowded. Giants like Unibet, FanDuel, DraftKings, and others make it tough for newcomers to compete. Knowing this, it may be easy to discount Pointsbet, the latest addition to America’s betting landscape.

However, this Australian I-gaming startup couldn’t stand out more from the competition. They offer a unique twist on spread betting that could make knowledgeable sports bettors a TON of cash. Called Pointsbetting, it is currently taking the sports betting community by storm.

poitsbet nj spread betting

Pointsbet has brought their unique brand of sports betting to American shores.

Nonetheless, it’s tough to trust a new site. It doesn’t help that Pointsbet has only been around since 2017 in Australia, and July 2018 in New Jersey. How can you be sure your money will be safe?

Like all other sportsbooks in NJ, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement licenses and regulates Pointsbet. To stay open, it has to prove it keeps its operational funds separate from player accounts. Also, to ensure their integrity, they have to subject their games to external scrutiny. For these reasons and others, you can be confident your funds are secure on Pointsbet.

Ready to learn more about this unique sports betting website? We’ll go in-depth on everything Pointsbet has to offer in this extensive review.

What is Pointsbetting?

online sportsbook pointsbet

Pointsbetting can reward you handsomely for being right by a LOT.

As we teased in the intro, Pointsbet offers a variant of spread betting they call Pointsbetting. What exactly is it? Effectively, Pointsbetting is a form of spread betting applied to sports.

In equity and commodity markets, investors have used spread betting to make piles of money for years. You accept a bid price if you think an equity/commodity will rise, or the ask if you think it will fall. Then, you lock in a bet per point. If the market moves in your favour, you make money. Similarly, if it moves against you, you lose money.

Pointsbetting copies this approach and applies it to sports betting. Let’s say you want to bet on the total points scored in an NBA game. For the Raptors versus the Knicks, Pointsbet has assigned an over/under of 200. You take the over, wagering $20 per point.

Standard sports betting multiplies your bet by the odds to produce a win amount. In Pointsbetting, you make money for every point the wager moves in your favour. If both basketball teams end up scoring 218 points, you will have won the bet by 18 points. Multiply that by your $20 per point wager, and you’ve just made $360!

Does that sound like fun? It can be, but be careful – if the result falls well short of your wager, you could get cleaned out. Let’s say Pascal Siakam gets injured in the 2nd quarter – because of this, only 180 points get scored. All of a sudden, you’re out $400. Have less than that in your account? Because of one injury, you’re busto – just like that!

Pointsbetting offers unique betting markets

The example described above uses a common wager familiar to most sports bettors. While Pointsbetting offers these vanilla wagers, they have innovated by bringing in bets not seen on other sites.

For example, they offer bets based on quarterback completion percentages, time to the first touchdown, and basketball shooting percentages. All work well within the Pointsbetting system, which further bolsters this unique type of sports betting.

Conventional Wagers offered on Pointsbet Sportsbook

In addition to Pointsbetting, Pointsbet also accepts standard wagers based on fixed odds. Below, we’ll list the types offered by this sportsbook:

  • Prop bets
  • Moneyline bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Live bets
  • Spread bets
  • Over/under bets
  • Futures betting

New to sports betting online? We’ll briefly go over the most common wagers so you can get started. Start by making a moneyline bet. You’ve probably already made these wagers with friends – in short, you’re betting on who will win the game.

Teams with “plus odds” (e.g. +140) are underdogs – if you bet $100, you’ll get $140 in profit. Teams with “minus odds” are favourites – for instance, to profit $100 off a -160 team, you’d need to risk $160.

Didn’t log on in time to make a pre-game wager on the hockey game? No worries – you can wager on live markets! The current score, in-game injuries widely influence the prices available. If you think a team can make a comeback, you could make a fortune. Odds lengthen considerably when a team is down, even early in the game. Plunk your money down and hope for the best!

Making a parlay wager is another way to make some quick cash. A parlay is simply a combination of two or more bets. The odds of these wagers going your way are longer – hit, and you could earn yourself a nice payday betting on football!

Want to spice things up a bit? Let’s say you want to wager on a category mentioned earlier, like quarterback completion percentage. This type of bet is known as a prop bet. From the first player to score a goal to which team wins the third quarter, the possibilities are endless!

Suffering through the off-season, but want to bet on your favourite sport? Pointsbet offers futures betting. The most common form: Betting on which team will win the championship in the upcoming season. These wagers feature astronomical odds. As such, a little $10 stake could make you EXTRA HAPPY when your team goes all the way!

How to place a bet on Pointsbet Sportsbook

To first-timers, the dashboard of online sportsbooks can be intimidating. How do you place a wager on Pointsbet? Start by selecting your favourite sport. After the screen has loaded, click on the “Next Up” tab. Scroll until you find the contest you wish to wager on. From this screen, you can click on common bets like money line or the spread. However, we advise clicking on the contest for more options.

At this point, you’ll have two choices – to wager using fixed odds or to choose Pointsbetting. Betting on fixed-odds is straightforward. Click on the wager you want, enter your stake, and hit “Place Now”, then “Confirm”.

If you want to give Pointsbetting a try, click on the Pointsbetting tab. After selecting it, hundreds of markets will be open to you. Once you’ve found one you like, select it. When you enter your stake, remember that you will earn that amount for every point you are right, and lose for every point you are wrong.

Things could go south – to avoid getting wiped out, set a stop loss. This move will cap your losses, but it will also place a ceiling on potential winnings. Finally, note that the site will withhold a portion of your bankroll until the bet is settled. With a 30x stop loss, a bet of $5 per point will tie up $150 of your bankroll.

A final note – to comply with state law, users will have to submit to a location check. This feature ensures that gamers from unlicensed states aren’t placing bets illegally. If you don’t consent to a geolocation check, the app will bar you from wagering with Pointsbet.

Pointsbet Sportsbook Welcome Bonus 2019

When they entered the American market, Pointsbet knew they were in for an uphill battle. Despite their unique spin on sports betting. New Jersey is a saturated market. Several excellent sportsbooks are already established, which makes it tough for new players to breakthrough.

As such, Pointsbet has put together an exceptionally bold Welcome Offer. After making your first deposit, you’ll get not one, but two risk-free bets. You can use one on fixed-odds wagers, and the other in Pointsbetting markets.

It’s here where the generous aspect of the sign-up bonus kicks in. If you lose either wager, you’ll be refunded up to $500 in bonus bets. While Pointsbet have attached strings (you only get winnings back from bonus bets, not the stake), its size stands out from the competition.

Pointsbet Sportsbook promotions

Some sportsbooks lure bettors with an attractive welcome offer, only to disappoint with infrequent, lackluster promos. Pointsbet is NOT one of those sites.

A quick breeze through the “promotions” section of their site reveals well over a dozen active contests. As of the writing of this review, the 2019 NFL season was just getting underway. As we skimmed through the available promos, we were pleased to find they were highly detailed.

For example, a booster promotion promised juiced-up odds in several selected markets for Week 1. Here’s one selection: “+160 – Tom Brady & Ben Roethlisberger to Combine for 600+ Yards (Boosted from +135).” If you’re betting on the bigger side, that could firm your profits up nicely!

We also liked one titled the “Biggest Parlay Competition.” It promised the winning parlay with the highest price $2,000 cash. With offers like this, we’re confident Pointsbet will catch on fast across the USA.

Pointsbet Referral Bonus

Betting isn’t the only way to make money on Pointsbet. The site also offers finder fees to players who get their friends to make a deposit. After betting through $1,000 and being a site member for 14 days, share your referral link with interested friends. You’ll find it in your “My Account” page – copy and paste it in a message, or on your social networks.

Once a friend deposits a minimum of $50 on Pointsbet, both you AND your friend will get $50 in bonus bets! You can earn up to $2,500 in wagers per year doing this – if you have marketing experience, this could make you some sweet side money!


deposit methods at pointsbet

A lack of deposit/withdrawal options is one of Pointsbet’s few cons.

Want to give Pointsbetting a try on Pointsbet? Before you can, you’ll need to deposit first. Below, we’ll list the ways you can deposit and withdraw from this sportsbook.


  • Credit cards (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Pointsbet Debit MasterCard
  • ACH (e-checks)
  • Online Bank Transfer

Since their New Jersey debut, Pointsbet has impressed on many fronts. Sadly, their payment options are NOT one of them. At press time, they only offer four deposit options. Credit cards, e-checks, and online bank transfer allow you to transmit funds to their site. Immediately afterwards, you can start to place bets.

While they are convenient, they fail customers who require privacy. If having gaming transactions pop up on your bank statements is a problem for you, there’s one alternative – the Pointsbet Debit MasterCard.

You’ll have to apply for it on their site and have it shipped to an address. To avoid arousing suspicion, you may have to set up a private P.O. Box, or have a trusted friend receive it. 7-10 business days later, you’ll be able to fund your account and make withdrawals with this card.

While this is a workable solution for those with privacy concerns, there are better options out there. E-wallets like PayPal or apps like PayNearMe produce little or no evidence of gaming activity. As time passes, we hope Pointsbet will adopt these deposit options.


  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Pointsbet Debit MasterCard

Withdrawal options from Pointsbet are even more limited than their deposit methods. There are only two ways to get money off the site – via bank wire or the Pointsbet Debit MasterCard.

We recommend using the latter option. Withdrawals via the Pointsbet card process faster, and can be claimed by any ATM that accepts MasterCard debit cards. Further, they offer discretion that isn’t provided by bank wires. Keeping its existence a secret is the only privacy concern you’ll have with this withdrawal method.

Pointsbet Sportsbook on Mobile

These days, many sports bettors make wagers away from their computer. Bets are made on a friend’s couch, or from a sports bar’s stool while watching the game.

Pointsbet has kept pace with the mobile revolution. It has a mobile app that works on iOS and Android devices. You can easily download the iOS version via the App Store. However, Android users will need to download their version via Pointsbet, as the Play Store forbids real-money gaming apps.

Sometimes, your device may block you from downloading apps from the web. If you cannot download the Pointsbet app, you’ll need to switch on “Accept Unknown Sources” in your security settings.


Is Pointsbet Sportsbook legit?

Yes. In New Jersey, Pointsbet is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. This government agency regularly scrutinizes its operations to keep games fair and customer funds secure.

As such, you can be assured your money is safe with Pointsbet.

Are there promo codes available for Pointsbet Sportsbook?

Periodically, Pointsbet may run deposit bonuses that use promo codes. Keep an eye on the “promotions” portion of their site, so you don’t miss out!

Does Pointsbet Sportsbook have a mobile app?

Yes. Pointsbet offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. It is easily attainable for iOS users via the App Store. Android users need to download theirs via nj.pointsbet.com/android, as the Play Store bans real-money gaming apps.

I can’t find answers to a question I have. How do I contact Pointsbet support?

You can reach Pointsbet support 24/7 via e-mail ([email protected]com), or their Live Chat web app.


Pointsbet has made a big splash in the NJ sports betting market since their July 2018 debut. We’re not going to lie – their deposit/withdrawal options need work. However, their innovative sports spread betting system more than overcomes this deficit. If you’re looking for a new sportsbook, we recommend checking them out!

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