Penn State Moneyline Odds 🎖️ Get the Latest Lines for the Nittany Lions

College football is back and the Nittany Lions are trying to get back into the Bowl games. With a good team and long-term head coach back in the helm, Penn State is a real contender in the Big Ten Conference. Let’s check out the current odds for the next game!

match start time moneyline odds for away moneyline odds for home
Pennsylvania State University @ Utah UTH 2023/01/02 5:00pm (EST) -106 -113
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🏈 Penn State Odds for the Next Game

Penn State Betting

Start betting on Penn State this season with the best sportsbooks in PA.

Penn State will again be heavy favorites in week 12 when they host the Michigan State Spartans. It will be a 4 PM kickoff on Saturday, November 26th.

Point Spread

The Nittany Lions are heavy favorites heading into the contest. There are a few differences among the biggest books in Pennsylvania, so choose the one you like the most to wager on the game.

Game #12 FanDuel BetMGM DraftKings
Michigan St +18.5 -112 +19 -110 +19 -105
Penn State -18.5 -109 -19 -110 -19 -115


All major online sportsbooks in PA have posted the over/under lines for the game, but there are some differences in the expected score. On BetMGM PA, you can bet over or under 52.5 points.

  • ✅ Over 52.5: -110
  • ✅ Under 52.5: -110

🏈 Penn State Futures

Big Ten’s perennial top team, Ohio State, is once again the one to beat in the Conference. Alabama is the favorite for the Championship, followed by Ohio State and Georgia. Penn State is not ranked at the top for either but are well-positioned to fight for a place in the Bowl games this year.

To Win FanDuel BetMGM DraftKings
FSB Championship - - -
Big Ten - - -
Penn State Odds

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🏈 PSU Nittany Lions Schedule 2022

The 2022 season starts off with an away game against Purdue, followed by non-Big Ten games. If Penn State gets off to a good start, they are in a position to win back-to-back in Ann Arbor. If the Nittany Lions have any hope of winning Big Ten, the Ohio State game is a must-win.

Date Opponent Result
Sep 1 @ Purdue W 35-31
Sep 10 vs Ohio W 46-10
Sep 17 @ Auburn W 41-12
Sep 24 vs Central Michigan W 33-14
Oct 1 vs Northwestern W 17-7
Oct 15 @ Michigan L 17-41
Oct 22 vs Minnesota W 45-17
Oct 29 vs Ohio State L 31-44
Nov 5 @ Indiana W 45-14
Nov 12 vs Maryland W 30-0
Nov 19 @ Rutgers W 55-10
Nov 26 vs Michigan State W 35-16

Bolded are Big Ten match-ups.

Roster Highlights

Sixth-year quarterback Sean Clifford is back at Penn State for a final college season. Penn State added three transfers to offense: wide receiver Mitchell Tinsley from Western Kentucky, edge rusher Dameioun Robinson, and offensive lineman Hunter Nouzard from Cornell. Manny Diaz will be the new offensive coordinator, taking on the role after being the head coach of Miami.

In defense, some key players are returning with a few new additions. Fans at Happy Valley have every reason to be optimistic about Penn State’s defensive line and can expect a good showing this season. Most sportsbooks base Penn State at 8 wins for the season, but there’s definitely a great chance for Penn State to exceed the expectations.

🏈 PSU 2021 Season

Penn State opened the 2021 season with 5-0 but QB Sean Clifford was injured during the Iowa game. After that, Penn State wasn’t able to bounce back and ended the season with a 7-6 record and dropping to Arkansas in the Outback Bowl.

🏈 Betting on College Football

Betting on college sports is allowed in Pennsylvania and you can bet on in-state college teams like Penn State. However, you won’t find player props for Penn State or Pittsburgh Panthers betting as those are not legal in Pennsylvania online gambling. The differences in college and NFL rules don’t affect betting as they are not significant relating to the results.

Bet Types

Aside from player props, you can still place several types of bets on Penn State. Each online sportsbook posts the odds for the games well in advance, meaning you can take your time browsing the sportsbooks to find the best odds for your chosen bets.

  • Point Spreads
    Point spread indicated the presumed scoring difference between the two teams. Once is labeled as the favorite with a minus sign (like -3.5), while the other is the underdog indicated by the plus sign (+3.5). The favorite must win by 4 points or more to “cover the spread” and for those bettors to win. The underdog must be within three points or win outright to cover. Point spreads are extremely popular for football betting and each sportsbook offers them for all games. The odds are balanced on both sides to ensure there’s a somewhat even distribution of bettors.
  • Moneylines
    Another popular betting type, moneylines are bets on the outright winner of the game. The same symbols indicate the favorite and the underdog, and you stand to win more if you bet on the underdog.
  • Totals
    Totals are over/under bets on a result. You can bet on the total score of the Penn State vs Purdue game (whether it’s over or under a certain predetermined number) or on the number of games Penn State is going to win this year (over/under 8).
  • Futures
    Future bets are bets on eventual winners of the Big Ten, National Championship, or the Heisman Trophy. The odds change throughout the season, so betting early means getting a bigger payout if your pick wins.
  • Parlays
    Parlays combine several bets (legs) as one wager. You can bet that Penn State, Ohio State, and Michigan all cover the spread in their games. If all do, you win your parlay. If one or more doesn’t, you lose. You can also place same game parlays on most sportsbooks, but your options are more limited for college football since player props aren’t allowed.
Betting on Penn State

Online wagering on Penn State is easy; just get started with our tips!

Betting Tips

Even though there are no drastic differences between NFL and college wagering, you might want to check out our tips on how to make the most of your betting experience. There are some regions who are more into college football than pro sports, meaning sportsbooks try to take care that they are not out of the loop when it comes the power rankings.

  1. Stick to What You Know: There are literally hundreds of top-tier college football programs in the U.S. You can’t follow all of them closely. Fortunately, neither can the oddsmakers. Stick to the teams you know best and you are in a better position to win your bets. Keep in mind that Penn State is one of the bigger programs in the nation and does get decent media coverage. If you can find out information, so can the people who make the odds.
  2. Conference Differences: Because there are so many college football programs, the top talent is not spread evenly. This can lead to big mismatches which are reflected in the odds. It might not be worthwhile to bet on each Penn State game if they are the runaway favorites as your payouts are quite small.
  3. Bowl Games: Threat or Opportunity? In general, betting on your favorite teams during the regular season is a safer choice since there are so many games each weekend and some match-ups not evaluated correctly. That all changes come post-season as there are so few teams moving on. Oddsmakers check the teams thoroughly and you probably won’t find any insights of your own. However, taking a risk on an underdog might net you big bucks if they do manage an upset. While we are not recommending place huge stack of dollars against Alabama, you never know what might happen.

🏈 Finding a PA Sportsbook

Now that you are ready to bet on Penn State, you just need to find an online sportsbook you like. PA online sportsbooks all have great odds, excellent bonuses, and easy-to-use apps. In general, you can’t go wrong with any of the books we recommend but there might be differences in odds and promos. That’s why recommend check out PA sports betting promos and signing up on a few books.

PA Sportsbook Welcome Bonus
✔️ DraftKings $1,000 Deposit Bonus
✔️ FanDuel $1,000 No Sweat First Bet
✔️ FOX Bet $50 Risk Free Bet
✔️ PointsBet 4 x $200 Risk Free Bets
✔️ BetRivers/SugarHouse $500 2nd Chance Bet
✔️ Unibet $500 Risk Free Bet

Last updated: 11/29/2022


1️⃣ Who is the head coach of Penn State?

James Franklin is the head coach of Penn State football. He has been coaching the Nittany Lions since 2014 and while the early years were quite prosperous, the 2020 and 2021 campaigns were letdowns. There's still hope in Happy Valley that Franklin can turn the ship around this year.

2️⃣ Will Penn State football be good this year?

Penn State is definitely a contender in the Big Ten and since the last two seasons weren't great, they might come as surprise to some. Penn State got some great additions to their team and if everyone stays healthy, there's no reason why the Nittany Lions couldn't go far this season.

3️⃣ Has Penn State ever won a National Championship?

Yes, they won two National Championship under former head coach Joe Paterno in 1982 and '86.

4️⃣ Who is Penn State's biggest rival?

Sadly, Penn State doesn't seem to have a love-to-hate-them type of rival. The Ohio State/Michigan rivalry is legendary and it's unlikely that either of them would consider Penn State as their biggest rival in Big Ten, so the Nittany Lions have to settle for being the little brother to these two.

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