The Best Apple Pay Casinos 🎖️ USA August 2022

Real money online gambling is now legal in certain states. It includes both online casinos, as well as online sportsbooks. In the fast-moving gambling environment, online gambling brands are trying their best to offer the safest and quickest payment methods to keep their customers happy. Luckily, most of the biggest gambling providers in U.S accept Apple Pay deposits.

The best Apple Pay Casinos in US in August 2022:

  1. BetMGM Casino
  2. Borgata Casino
  3. FanDuel Casino
  4. Barstool Casino
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⭐ Best Apple Pay Casinos

Online gambling industry is always developing and bringing new features to its audience to keep it satisfied. One of the key features, which plays the most important part in the process of choosing the Best Online Casinos, is the access to multiple convenient payment methods.

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Nowadays, most of the online casinos offer basic payment methods, which include bank transfers, ACH, debit and credit card. However, with the rapid development of online gambling scene in U.S, some of the biggest online casinos started offering Apple Pay payment method.

Apple Pay Casinos

Find out more about vest Apple Pay casinos and their bonuses.

As the Apple Pay option is a fairly new feature for online casinos, not all online gambling brands in U.S. adopted it, however some customers can already enjoy the fast and secure deposit feature. So far, users of BetMGM, FanDuel, Borgata and Barstool can use the perks of Apple Pay payment method.

BetMGM Casino & Sportsbook

BetMGM Casino is one of the most popular gambling brands that accepts Apple Pay deposits in legal states. While the variety of payment methods is quite big, Apple Pay app is rapidly gaining its popularity. All of the users in online gambling legal states have access to BetMGM Apple Pay payment method.

BetMGM accepts Apple Pay

BetMGM accepts Apple pay as a deposit option.

It’s very easy to use Apple Pay to make a deposit, as it only takes one click. You can find the option for Apple Pay payment method in the cashier tab. Don’t forget to use our exclusive promo code BONUSMGM, if you’re making your first deposit with Apple Pay, to claim $1,000 match bonus and $25 free.

After the Apple Pay deposit is done, the deposited amount will instantly appear on your BetMGM account. If there are any issues, you will have to contact either help support of your bank or BetMGM. For more information, you can check BetMGM FAQ section.

Borgata Casino & Sportsbook

Borgata Casino is also among the first casino that accept Apple Pay to make deposits. The process is very clear and quick. The Apple Pay option can be found in the cashier tab. It will ask you to fill in the required deposit amount. After verification of the transcation by Touch ID, Face ID or password, you will get a “Deposit Successful” notification.

Borgata Apple Pay Casino

Use Apple Pay to deposit money to the Borgata account.

Use our promo code BONUSBORGATA to get a $1,000 worth deposit bonus as well as $20 free. The bonus is available for your first deposit, that you can do with the help of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is considered one of the safest payment systems to be offered by Borgata Casino, which encrypts all of your payments.

FanDuel Casino & Sportsbook

FanDuel is one the most well known gambling platforms that offers daily fantasy sports, online gambling games as well as sport betting options. It was one of the first online gambling brands to accept Apple Pay for its users. Currently, the Apple Pay is available in the following states: AZ, CO, IL, IN, NY, and WV.

Using Apple Pay is possible through both website or mobile app. You can access the online payment system by clicking “Add Funds” on your account. After filling in the deposit amount as well as finishing the verification process, the funds will shortly appear on your online casino account.

For the new users of FanDuel, we have an exclusive offer. You can claim $1,000 worth risk free bonus. Use our link to get the bonus code.

Barstool Casino & Sportsbook

Barstool is another legal online gambling brand to accept Apple Pay. For now, the brand limited Apply Pay transaction to sportsbook accounts. However, the process is still quite quick and saves tons of time for their users.

Even though Apple Pay is among the accepted payment systems, Barstool informs its users that not all card issuers allow online gambling transactions. With that being said, before using Apple Pay, make sure your bank will allow the process to go through.

As most of the gambling brands, Barstool also offers different deposit bonuses, including $1,000 worth risk free bets.

⭐ How to Use Apple Pay at Online Casino

Apple Pay Casinos US

It takes just one click to deposit money with Apple Pay.

Nowadays, most of the online casinos offer basic payment methods, which include bank transfers, ACH, debit and credit card. However, with the rapid development of online gambling scene in U.S, some of the biggest online casinos started offering Apple Pay payment method.

How to Install Apple Pay Service

Apple Pay is considered to be one of the quickest options to make fast and secure deposits. Installing Apple Pay is fairly easy and accessible to all iOS users. Follow these quick steps to get access to Apple Pay account on your phone, tablet or smart watch. Be aware that Apple Pay is only available for iOS based gadgets

  1. Download the app “Wallet”, if you don’t have it already on your iOS gadget.
  2. Open the app and tap the option “Add a card”.
  3. Take a photo of a card you want to add or manually enter the required information (card number, expiration date).
  4. Verify entered information with your bank or card issuer if needed.

After all the steps are complete, card, which is tied to your bank account, should appear in the Apple Pay wallet. Some of the banks might offer the options to add the card automatically to the Apple Pay wallet, through the app. Moreover, if you have more than one Apple device under one iCloud account, the card will automatically be shared to all of the devices.

⭐ How to make a deposit with Apple Pay?

Online casinos offer similar ways to use Apple Pay payment method to deposit money on your account. Most of the online gambling sites have the payment methods available in the account section. Make sure the Apple Pay payment method is available in the online casino you're using as well as the state. If it's available, follow these step to successfully deposit money.
Click on the 'Account' tab

Click on the 'Account' tab

You can find the button either through the website or mobile app. This feature will work on all your Apple devices (including Mac). For the users of Android this option is not available, however the alternative payment method includes Google Pay.

Go to the payment section and select Apple Pay

Go to the payment section and select Apple Pay

Some casinos have different names for the tab, it can be name as a 'Cashier' as well. Right after clicking the Apple Pay option, the system will redirect you to the payment tab.

Enter the amount you want to deposit

Enter the amount you want to deposit

Make sure you have enough means on your bank account to make a successful deposit. If you have a bonus code for a first deposit bonus, you can enter it as well.

Click 'Pay with Apple' button

Click 'Pay with Apple' button

In order to process the transaction Apple Pay will ask you to provide a verification. Usually it's either Touch ID, Face ID or your PIN code. If necessary enter a security code, that bank will send you or CVV code.

After all of the required information is entered, the transaction should be successfully finished. Apple Pay system offers secure payments and is completely free. However, your bank can take a fee for certain payments. Also, make sure you know your minimum and maximum limits, which are usually established by banks.

Apple Pay Withdrawals

Currently, none of the legal online casinos offer the option to withdraw funds through Apple Pay from your online gambling account. You need to read FAQ on the online gambling website to find out which alternative withdrawal methods are accepted. Nevertheless, gambling industry is very fast paced and it won’t surprise anyone if this option will be available in the nearest future.

Apple Pay Online Casino Security

All of the legal online casino offer secure payment methods. In order to see if the online casino is legal in your state, you can check casino sites for the license and its issuer.

Online casinos, which offer Apple Pay payment method, have solid security and privacy features. They ensure that all of the deposit transactions are completely secure. Moreover, Apple Pay is a part of the most respectable company in the word, which has one the most secure payment systems. When the Apple Pay payment is made, it will be encrypted in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in your device.

⭐ Apple Pay Casino Pros and Cons

One click transactions - Apple Pay requires only one click to deposit money to your online casino account

No additional or hidden fees - The payment service is completely free and will not charge you any additional fee

Secure privacy policy - Apple Pay doesn't share you personal information as well as payment information with third parties

Available on every Apple device - As long as you're using the same iCloud account, Apple Pay will be available on all you Apple gadgets

Encryption - All of your payments are encrypted on your device

Not available in some casinos - So far, not all legal casinos offer Apple Pay as an available payment method. You will have to look for an alternative contactless payment system, like PayNearMe or PayPal

Not compatible with some card issuers - Some banks don't allow the usage of Apple Pay to deposit fund to online gambling accounts. If that's the case, all of your transactions will be declined

⭐ Best Alternative Payment Methods

As the trend for contactless payment systems is rapidly spreading, many online casinos are working on offering Apple Pay alternatives. The payment methods accepted by online casinos usually vary, however the most common alternatives are PayPal, Skrill and PayNearMe.

For the users who are not able to find an online casino with Apple Pay, can definitely use a PayNearMe option. Recently, PayNearMe released new feature, which includes the partnership with Apple Pay. In the nutshell, you can use Apple Pay through PayNearMe app.

PayNearMe is already working with 16 biggest online casino providers and is available in 18 states. While they charge small price for mobile payments, they still offer a contactless and secure transactions for online casinos. There is no minimum deposit requirements, but there is a maximum limit, which is $500 per 24 hours.

Another feature available with PayNearMe, which is not offered by Apple Pay, is the possibility to withdraw funds. The new integration with Pin4 technology will make PayNearMe ATM withdrawals available in 2022. The process will be enabled by text message, which will include a link to a map with ATMs, in which you will be able to withdraw your bonus wins.

⭐ Apple Pay Casinos Summary

While there are not many legal Apple Pay casino sites, it is expected to see more of them in the nearest future. Best online casino that accept Apple Pay are BetMGM, Borgata, and FanDuel. You can deposit funds on your online account and gain access to various live dealer games, slots, sports betting options as well as multiple daily promotions and welcome bonuses.

Last updated: 08/05/2022

Apple Pay Casinos FAQ

1️⃣ What casinos accept Apple Pay?

For now, only four online casinos accept Apple Pay. These are BetMGM, Borgata, FanDuel and Barstool. The availability of Apple Pay payment systems varies among the legal states. You can find more information either on the official website of online casino or their app.

2️⃣ Why BetMGM Apple Pay is not working?

The most common issues that cause BetMGM Apple Pay to not work are related to either your card issuer (bank), Apple Pay account or BetMGM payment system. First, check if your bank allows Apple Pay deposits to gambling platforms. Also make sure that your Apple Pay account is verified. You can go to the setting on your Apple device to see the status of verification. If both of the steps are done, contact BetMGM customer service for further help.

3️⃣ Are there any minimum and maximum requirements for Apple Pay casinos?

Apple pay itself doesn't have any limits, however the online casino of your choice might have a required minimum amount. Usually the minimum deposit varies from $5 to $20. Make sure you read the T&Cs in case you want to claim a deposit bonus, which is offered by Apple Pay online casino.

4️⃣ Can I get a casino bonus from Apple Pay Online Casinos?

Yes. Best online casino bonuses are usually worth around $1,000 and are claimed in a from of site credit. Sometime you can also claim free money by depositing a required amount. One of the best online casino bonus is offered by BetMGM and you can get it by using our promo code BONUSMGM.

5️⃣ Are there any Apple Pay slots?

Yes. Legal online casino providers offer access to multiple Apple Pay slots. For instance, you can play your favorite slots on BetMGM or Borgata platforms. Both brands accept Apple Pay payment system.

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