Live Roulette Online USA 🎖️ November 2022

Roulette is one of the most legendary games in the history of gambling. Today, you are able to experience live dealer roulette games on virtually any gambling site, and enjoy the live game even on mobile devices. Find out all the detail about playing live roulette online from this BonusFinder US review.

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⭐ Live Dealer Roulette

Live Dealer Roulette USA

American players can now play live dealer roulette games at a live online casino!

Anyone who loves to play online casino games in the US will inevitably come across a live dealer roulette table. Playing live dealer roulette online with a real human dealer offers many players a great online gambling experience. Live casino games offer players the perfect substitute for a brick-and-mortar casino experience, while also enjoying the comforts of home.

At live roulette tables, live dealers oversee the games, and these professional dealers are all trained to operate both the roulette wheel and the table with its multitude of betting options. Real casino operators that feature live roulette games often have several versions of the real money game.

⭐ How To Play Live Roulette Online

Live dealer roulette starts out by connecting you via a video feed to a real live casino, from where the game is streamed live. The video stream is HD quality, and there are carefully thought-out camera angles that make sure you enjoy the online game. Software providers like Evolution Gaming and Visionary iGaming put a lot of thought into the playing experience, to make sure everyone enjoys playing live dealer roulette online. A real croupier runs the game, sometimes in multiple languages.

The casino roulette live stream game screen is divided into two sections. On the top half, you see a feed from the casino, and on the bottom half, you place bets as you play live roulette online for real money. Several casinos also provide a chat feature you can use to engage with other online players. The table layout is optimized for ease of use, so placing your bets with your mouse or mobile device is essentially effortless. Make sure you have a fast internet connection or you might get dropped from the game; you can check this by pulling up a YouTube video. If it plays normally, you are good to go!

Once you’ve placed your bets and the round’s time limit runs out, the human dealer spins the wheel. Depending on which number the ball lands, you either win or lose your bet. All wins and losses are added or subtracted from your account in real-time. Now you’re ready begin placing bets and to play live dealer roulette online! Let’s check out some game variants and the bet types you can place.

⭐ Game Variants

Live Roulette

Many live roulette online casinos have deposit bonuses you can use to start playing. Game weighting applies to all deposit offers.

There are many different online live roulette games from various software providers like Evolution Gaming and Ezugi, and they are very similar to each other. The most popular live roulette games in the U.S. are American, Classic and Auto Roulette, and there can be multiple tables of one type. The most popular software versions are European and French Roulette, so we are sure they will be available as top live roulette games soon. Roulette variants have different odds, so we’ve listed a couple pointers from each of the live casino games so you can get started with a good live roulette experience.


Live American Roulette is the mostly commonly found roulette game in U.S. online casinos. It has an extra pocket that contains a double zero, unlike other variants. It means that the house edge is slightly higher than that of European Roulette at 5.26%. The wheel layout is also different from the two other common game types.


European Roulette has 37 pockets with just a single zero slot, and a standard paytable. This version has a house edge of 2.7%; classic roulette games often follow European rules.


Finally, there is French Roulette, which has the lowest house edge of all – 1.35% (which players love, of course). This is due to rules like La Partage and En Prison, which are not available in other games. La Partage means that if the ball ends up on zero, half of a even money bet is returned to the player and the other half goes to the house. En Prison also applies to even bets; if an even number comes up after a zero, a player wins his bet. In some French Roulette games players can indicate whether they would like to follow La Partage or En Prison rule.


Another popular live roulette game is Auto Roulette, although there is no dealer as the wheel is automated. This type can be American, European, or French style game. In addition, the following other live roulette games are available, although very rare in the U.S.:

  • Speed Roulette: This roulette game is designed to run 25% quicker than the classic one, so if you want some swift live roulette action, this version is for you.
  • Immersive Roulette: Follows the rules of European Roulette; the only difference is that Immersive Roulette has a cooler appearance with multiple cameras.
  • Live Double Ball Roulette: As you might have guessed, the live dealer game Double Ball Roulette has two balls instead of one.
  • Golden Ball Roulette: This live dealer roulette game is very rare, but has a jackpot and other interesting details and special bets.
  • Lightning Roulette: One of the more popular games, Lightning Roulette is just like European Roulette, but adds Lucky Numbers and Lightning Strikes for extra winnings.
  • Auto Slingshot Roulette: Slingshot Roulette also follows the rules of the European one, but has an automated wheel.
  • Mini Live Roulette: Mini Roulette has numbers 0 to 12, house edge of 3.85%, and the La Partage rule, which makes playing live roulette on this version a lot of fun.
  • Dual Play Live Roulette: Dual Play means playing alongside customers in a retail casino.

⭐ Types of Bets

Roulette has a wheel with black and red numbers from 00/0 to 36, and the table layout where you place your bets. Just like in the game in a land-based casino, you can place numerous bets on the roulette table. There are two types: inside and outside bets. The names are derived from the bet positions on the layout of the table. Note that different wagers have different odds of winning, and some versions of the game have more bets you can make. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

Type of Bet What Is It?
Straight (Inside) These are made on a single number; you can bet on 1, 2, 3, etc. If the ball lands on the number you picked, you win.
Split (Inside) Placing bets on two numbers that sit next to each other on the table, e.g. 1 & 2, 2 & 5. Place your chip on the line separating them.
Street / Six Line Bet (Inside) Three numbers on the same row are all covered in the bet; you can also bet on two rows at a time.
Corner (Inside) This bet covers four numbers with a common corner, where you place the chip.
Top Line Bet (Inside) Top line bets are on 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 on American Roulette; this is considered the worst bet on roulette.
Column (Outside) This bet covers one of the three columns on the table; e.g. the first column includes numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, and 34.
Low (1-18) or High (19-36) Numbers (Outside) You bet on a group of numbers; if one of them comes up, you win. Both options are even bets.
Red or Black Numbers (Outside) You bet either a red or black number wins. This is an even bet, but because there are 0 or 00 on the wheel, odds of winning are not 50%.
Even or Odd Numbers (Outside) This bet type is also quite self-explanatory, and also an even bet.
Dozens (Outside) You can bet the winning number to come from the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dozen.
live roulette layout

Playing roulette online works either on software-driven versions or as top live dealer games. American Roulette is the most common roulette game.

Probability and Payouts

Here you’ll learn some relevant information for roulette variations as each bet has a specific mathematical probability of winning. Outside bets have higher chances of winning, but much smaller payouts. Inside bets, on the other hand, have less probability of winning, but considerably bigger payouts.

Roulette Bet Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
Red / Black 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Even or Odd 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Low or High 1 to 1 48.60% 47.4%
Column 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Dozen 2 to 1 32.40% 31.6%
Single Number 35 to 1 2.70% 2.60%
2 Number Combination 17 to 1 5.4% 5.3%
3 Number Combination 11 to 1 8.1% 7.9%
4 Number Combination 8 to 1 10.8% 10.5%
5 Number Combination 6 to 1 13.5% 13.2%
6 Number Combination 5 to 1 16.2% 15.8%

⭐ Roulette Strategies & Tips

Online live roulette games are super simple: you place your bets on the virtual live roulette table and let the real-time live dealer spin the wheel and release the roulette ball. When you play roulette, you can bet on a random number or different groups of numbers, whichever you feel will be luckiest for you. There are no side bets, but you can lay several bets for each spin.

While there are roulette strategies, live online roulette is ultimately a game of chance, and even casino experts can’t sustain indefinite winning streaks. Some players bet on hot numbers, or most recent winning ones, while some only play roulette live variants with a low house edge. If you feel adventurous, you can try the Martingale, James Bond, or Fibonacci strategies, but always remember that responsible gambling online means not going over your own limits.

  • The Martingale Strategy: Every time you lose, you double your bet. The idea is that eventually you’ll win, and the payout of more money should cover most if not all losses.
  • The Reverse Martingale Strategy: As you can imagine, you double the bet on the live roulette table when your bet wins.
  • The Fibonacci Strategy: Based on the iconic Fibonacci sequence, you place even bets only. After your first win, you increase your bet by 1. After another win, increase by 2, and so forth according to the sequence.
  • The James Bond Strategy: First, bet $140 on a number from 19-36, then $50 on a number from 13-18, and finally $10 on 0. You should get a win 2/3 of the time, although you shouldn’t play with this strategy for long periods of time.

Minimum And Maximum Wagering

When you play live real money roulette online, the stakes go as high as when playing at the best Las Vegas real money casino. Join high rollers’ roulette rooms and ask a pit boss to raise the table limits, max bet and minimum bet. After doing this, you can send the wheel spinning while betting $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or even $10K per spin.

If you prefer to play for smaller stakes and low limits, that’s easy, too. Just choose a roulette room with lower stakes – the minimum betting limits tend to be $1 per spin at many of the best live dealer roulette casinos, while the max bet varies according to the table.

⭐ Best Live Roulette Casinos

Several top online casinos offer live roulette games for USA players. It’s a good idea to check out the online casinos for yourself to see if it suits your preferences first, especially in terms of the live roulette selection and welcome bonus offer. Here at BonusFinder US we only list legit online casinos with a good reputation, so you can play live dealer roulette safely and securely at every online casino for USA players we recommend.

Here are the best live roulette casinos 2022:

USA Live Roulette Sites Welcome Bonus Offer for New Players Available In?
PartyCasino 100% Match Bonus Up to $1,000 NJ
Unibet Online Casino 100% Match Up to $500 + $10 Free NJ, PA
DraftKings Casino 100% Match up to $2,000 + $50 Free CT, NJ, PA, MI, WV
888Casino 120% Match Up to $500 NJ
Golden Nugget Online Casino 100% Match Up to $1,000 NJ, MI, WV
SugarHouse / BetRivers Online Casino 100% Match Up to $250 NJ, PA, MI, WV
Borgata Online Casino 100% Match Up to $1,000 + $20 Free NJ, PA
DraftKings Casino bonus

DraftKings, like many other sites, offers a huge welcome bonus amount which you can use for playing roulette live. To get the max cash, you need to deposit $2,000. Check roulette bonus betting restrictions for casino offers before you play live roulette.

How to Choose a Roulette Casino

Always check the wagering requirements for each of live dealer roulette casinos, as some casino bonus offers for new players can’t be used on live dealer games. Then, you should make sure the virtual roulette games you want to play are available. For example, some live dealer casinos offer American Roulette as their only live roulette game.

Other factors too might influence your choice of casino, such as bonus spins for online slots or other live games offered; live dealer blackjack and live dealer baccarat are other options at an online casino. Banking options and the mobile casino’s appearance might also be important to you. You can find extensive reviews of most online gambling sites on BonusFinder US; we detail all you need to know before you start playing live dealer casino games.

Playing on Mobile

Most online casinos these days have apps for their products, and the most popular casino games have mobile compatibility. Top sites provide a great mobile live casino experience on their apps, and you can play live roulette on most mobile casinos and on multiple devices. Note that your local land-based casino might not have an app, so you’ll need to look up their online gaming partners to play table games.

Last updated: 11/02/2022

⭐ Live Dealer Roulette FAQ

1️⃣ Why play live roulette?

If you enjoy the social aspect of any casino game, you should play live dealer roulette online. You can interact with other players, there is no maximum limit of participants, and you can see a real roulette wheel spin rather than a software driven version, thanks to the multiple camera angles with high stream quality. Live dealer casinos are becoming more and more common, so you have plenty of choices when picking among live roulette casinos. While standard online roulette is also fun, live roulette offers interaction with other gamblers and lets you enjoy the game in a different way.

2️⃣ Can I play live roulette games on mobile devices?

Yes, most software developers have optimized their game selection to be mobile friendly, and virtually every live roulette casino has an app you can download for your computer or mobile device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection from Wi-Fi so you don't get kicked out near state borders, as many live dealer online casinos use geolocation technology to prevent out-of-state gamers.

To start playing, you'll need to register on a casino platform. Then, you need to make a deposit (most casinos have a great selection of payment options) before you start roulette betting. If you have questions, reach out to customer support via a live chat or phone.

3️⃣ Is online roulette rigged?

Not really, if you play on legit live dealer roulette sites recommended by BonusFinder US. Any live roulette table you find there is staffed with a professional, real dealer, and they run the roulette wheel without interference from others. You can assume every game is completely random. Software-driven American Roulette and European Roulette are created with a random number generator, so those are not rigged either. You can play just as you would in live casinos that are land-based.

4️⃣ Is live roulette really live?

Yes, online casinos broadcast live all of their live dealer roulette games, and you can watch the entire process on our recommended casinos. You place bets in real time, and all other players see what you see as well at the same time. Only selected games are available live, but the best online sites have a few options each.

When playing non-live version of the game, the online games are operated by a random number generator rather than a person, but many live roulette players enjoy these versions too as there is more variety.

5️⃣ Is it legal to play real money online roulette?

As an American player it is perfectly legal to play live roulette online - as long as your state’s legislation allows for it. It's always important to double check any licenses though as these will demonstrate whether the live roulette casino is safe to use and abiding by the specific rules and regulations laid out by the industry’s regulatory authorities. Currently CT, NJ, PA, MI, and WV allow many sites to operate live dealer roulette, often in conjunction with a local casino. If you have questions, you can reach out to customer support of your local regulator. Follow BonusFinder US for casino news and new casino sites.

6️⃣ What is Martingale strategy?

Martingale is a roulette system where you place a bet on red or black and double up your stake each time your previous stake has lost. Some sites online claim you can't lose using Martingale as eventually "you'll win anyway", but it's simply not true. Either you will run out of bankroll or you'll hit the maximum bet limit for the table - even if it would be high as $100k a spin. If Martingale would work, both online and brick-and-mortar casinos would be out of business as online gamblers playing live dealer roulette would keep winning money.

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