Live Dealer Blackjack USA 🎖️ Real Money $1,500+ Bonuses 2022

Online Blackjack is the popular card game that's been brought to life as live blackjack. You can play live blackjack games with a human dealer and side bets in a casino setting right from your home in America with real money.


Here we've lined up the best legal live blackjack online casinos, where you can play blackjack for real money in January 2022.

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⭐ Live Blackjack USA

Live Online Blackjack casinos in the US offer the option to play the table game in real-time over the internet. There are licensed online casinos in the US in many states where you can play live real money Blackjack online with a live dealer from the comfort of your home. You need to be present within the state borders to use the online casino site of the particular iGaming casino.

  • You can play in USA Blackjack online for money in Michigan, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,and Connecticut. Online casino gambling and sports betting is the next big thing in the US with more states opening up internet gambling. We discuss here the online casinos for live dealer Blackjack game, the card game itself and the welcome bonuses and promos you can get to play the game.
  • Note that all real-money gambling sites (such as the Golden Nugget, Borgata, Caesars, DraftKings, BetMGM or WynnBET) listed here are licensed casinos legally allowed to operated in America in various state jurisdictions. For example, a casino operating in WV is licensed by the official authority WV Lottery and PA casinos are vetted by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and so on.
  • There are other live Blackjack game options across the country where bettors can play live Blackjack games. Almost all the casinos that offer various table games have option to play live Blackjack with a dealer. You can play live Blackjack games in retail, land based casinos across many states such as Florida, Nevada casinos, California, Arizona, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Kansas Washington, Las Vegas gaming, Oklahoma, and tribal casinos across the US. Options to play live Blackjack legally online are only possible in some states.
  • Las Vegas (Nevada) has many different variations and rules. In Las Vegas, Blackjack bettors can find sites offering blackjack games where it is possible to double down on any total or double down on 10 or 11! Also not all Blackjack game sites may offer the surrender option. Atlantic city Blackjack may appear different due to card counting rules. Las Vegas casinos can refuse service to a customer who is suspected of card counting fraud.
Live Dealer Blackjack USA

US bettors can play online blackjack at legal casinos. Live dealers are available for various games.

⭐ Understanding Live Dealer Blackjack

Online blackjack live casinos in the USA is very much a reality with the iGaming revolution. This means that you can play online live blackjack game at internet casinos in the US in WV, PA, NJ, MI and soon in CT. There are many real-money live dealer blackjack casinos. Not only live blackjack but you can play all sorts of live dealer games. Most online casinos in the US have live dealer games in the casino games library. Also the welcome bonuses offered by various gambling sites have dealer games in the terms and conditions for their use, albeit with higher wagering requirement.

  • Online live Blackjack dealer game is part of legal online gambling. You play the live Blackjack casino games at 100% certified online casinos in USA. It is not a legal casino operating online on the web if it is not certified by the State gambling authority like the Michigan or Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.
  • All big and popular internet casinos such as DraftKings, BetMGM, Golden Nugget and other have live casino games including the option for playing live Blackjack games online. USA players can play Blackjack live at real-money certified online casinos in various states in the US.
  • Blackjack tables are a popular feature in brick and mortar casinos across the USA and all over the world. Similarly, live Blackjack games tables are a standard feature at all US online casinos. It is difficult not to find live games at mobile casino sites.
  • All online casinos providing dealer games live (and other casino and sportsbook gambling) located in the US are geofenced. That means you need to be physically present in the particular state for the online and mobile casinos operating in that state.
  • For example, to play live casino games or blackjack tables online at a Michigan online casino, you need to be located in the Michigan state borders. However, you can register at the live dealer casino to play online blackjack while not being present in the state.
  • To illustrate it further, DraftKings online live Blackjack is available in all legal online casino states in the US (WV, MI, NJ, CT and PA) and so on and you can play online real-money Blackjack with a real, online dealer in these states from your desktop or mobile app.
  • Live Blackjack Lobby, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Dealers are pretty standard offerings in US online casinos. Live dealer casino games also feature in casino bonus offerings although it requires much work.

Playing Live Dealer Blackjack: What’s the Concept

What is the deal with dealers and what can you expect at this table game played online? Well, we break down the terms and features to help you digest how it works.

🏛️ Live Blackjack Dealer Explained What to Expect at Real-Money Live Blackjack Games
What is live? The online Blackjack casino game is streamed live helping you play on the internet. You watch the webcast video live.
Who is a Live Dealer? Regular casino employees is/are the croupier or dealer(s). S/he conducts the Blackjack games online. A real human being is a croupier or live dealer who conducts the game. It is not an automated slot or recorded process. It is happening right before your eyes in real-time.
What are Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos? Online Casinos with live dealer Blackjack gaming options are live dealer casinos. A good example is the Golden Nugget Michigan Online Casino in the USA with multiple dealer options.
What are Live Dealer Casinos? Most online gambling casino sites are live dealer casinos. That means that they offer one or more live games including playing Blackjack online. One casino may have more than one live dealer Blackjack table.
Is it a simulated Blackjack dealer at any live Blackjack casino? No. A Blackjack human dealer online will deal out real playing cards on your screen from an actual casino setup streamed in real-time to you. So that you have the same fun from your home or mobile set.
Can I always play live Blackjack online? Most live dealer sites have a time limit for live-streamed games. Golden Nugget has many 24/7 dealers. Click on the links here for live Blackjack casinos.
Do I get Live Blackjack bonuses or welcome bonus for gambling?? Yes. You can use multiple promos and bonuses. You get the welcome bonus at all legal, US-licensed casinos listed here. Terms and conditions apply.
Playing Live Blackjack Click on the casino site links, and register your player account. Choose live dealer Blackjack games on the online gambling site. Make sure you have a good internet connection for HD quality video streaming.

online blackjack USA

⭐ Live Blackjack: Game Explained

The Blackjack card game ( Black Jack or Vingt-Un) puts the player against the live dealer to determine the best hand without going over the total of 21. The game is played by one or more players and a dealer. It can use one or more decks of 52 playing cards. As a player, you have two ways to win: you can get the highest hand at the end of the hand. Or you do not cross 21 when the live dealer does. Simple. Well, not so really. Because the rules are different for the dealer and the gambling player. The dealer has a fixed rule-set to play by while the players have more flexibility while playing blackjack. However, the player has to make the decision before the dealer has drawn additional cards. That makes Blackjack an exciting casino game.

  • Live blackjack games have become a staple at online dealer casino, thanks to the simple game types and the fun of a simulated casino experience.
  • You can already play live dealer blackjack games at several online casinos, and there are plenty of casino blackjack game options for beginners and high rollers alike.
  • Thanks to bonus money, you can test live blackjack games variations from several software providers at the live casinos BonusFinder recommends.
  • The blackjack table is the most widely played casino banking game worldwide. Blackjack casino players do not compete against each other but instead, each casino gambler competes against the dealer.
  • In live Blackjack games casinos, you play at an online live Blackjack table with an online dealer. It is with a live dealer conducting the games and not a recorded or automated version of the game.

Blackjack online US live dealer

⭐ How to Play Live Blackjack

Let us understand the playing card deck. In Blackjack table or online, numbered playing cards count on their face value. And the cards Kings, Queens and Jacks, all count as 10. Aces are 1 or 11 depending on the total of the hand.

  1. To begin the hand, you will make a bet. You as a player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. You get to see only one of the two dealer cards. His/Her other card will not be visible and lies face down.
  2. If you don’t have a Blackjack or the dealer doesn’t have one, then you get the option to improve your hand. You have the option to hit, stand, split or double down.
  3. After the players’ actions are over, the dealer calls the shots. It is his or her turn to draw until he or she makes 17+ or go over 21 in hand value. If both parties have the same total value, neither side wins or loses.

Game Objective

  • The objective of the game online is to defeat the dealer. How to do that? Well, you draw a hand value that is certainly higher than dealer’s hand value. You also beat the dealer if the dealer draws a hand value over 21. You will also win if you draw a hand value of 21 on your very first two cards while the dealer does not. You lose when your hand value is over 21 or if the dealer has a greater value than the player at the round’s end.
  • Note that you are only trying to beat the dealer. Other players and their hands are not important unlike a game of Poker. Blackjack is not essentially a team sport.

Playing Strategy

New to the live blackjack table? Blackjack rules and the basic strategies for live blackjack games depend on which blackjack variation you’re playing, and how you can double down, place side bets (like perfect pairs), or split your hand. You can also learn card counting, but experienced blackjack players and high rollers recommend a beginner does at least the following:

  • Always consider whether your should surrender before making other moves
  • Always split aces
  • Never split 10s
  • Always double down on hard 11
  • Don’t take the insurance bet

When the player cards are dealt, note that it can be one of the 340 possible combinations from the deck. So, you as a player need to react quickly with your live Blackjack strategy on how to play the game cards. It is a simple card game with low house edge and high winning potential. Some online casinos also offer side bet options in the game.

How Does it Work

There is nothing complicated about it even if it sounds so. Live Blackjack works just as the description says: You play it online, you have a human dealer and you also interact with the person whom you see streamed via a webcam.

  • You are not playing against an automated system or a boring computer dealing the cards. Top live Blackjack tables can be great fun and experience. Keep your mobile or laptop fully charged for an uninterrupted play.
  • Depending on the software provider, the studio features may have different camera angles enhancing your Live Blackjack player experience. Live dealer studio casinos are not easy to come by, it requires a lot of planning and investment. It is not like an automated slot game which online casinos can offer aplenty.
  • Don’t jump in to a live game without learning the software use first. Take your time in understanding the user interface so that you don’t make silly mistakes and lose your hard-earned money. You can always ask the dealer for some help. Also, the game may have betting limits. Some casinos have starting limit as $5 and max limit is around $500.
Blackjack dealer USA online

You play the card game with a real human being online.

How to Signup and Play

  1. Click on the online casinos with live dealers listed here. Pick and choose the one you like in your state. You may consider their bonus offer too before deciding to play live.
  2. Make your new player account. Do not forget to enter the promo or bonus code if needed. For example, you will need to type the bonus code BONUSMGM at BetMGM casinos. It also gets you a no deposit bonus apart from the casino deposit promo.
  3. You may need to enter the usual new account creation and registration details like name, address, phone number, last four digits of your social security number (SSN), answer security questions and so on. Your geolocation will be verified as per the federal law. You need to be in Michigan, for example, to gamble on live dealer games in a MI casino. You can register your account from anywhere.
  4. Make your first deposit and start betting on the live dealer game of your choice. Do read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. Live dealer games have usually higher wagering rules compared to online slots.

Online Game Facts & House Edge

When you play live games on blackjack sites, you can rest easy knowing that games are safe and secure to play. All live blackjack games have been reviewed and licensed by at least one of the independent gambling authorities. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and Pennsylvania Gaming Control have both accepted live blackjack tables as a kosher casino game for all Americans.

  • Online Blackjack follows a set of straightforward rules, making it enjoyable and easy to learn for anyone. As a player, you are only playing against the blackjack dealer (not other players). The main objective of a blackjack game is to have a hand that is close to but not over 21. If you go over, you go bust and lose the game.
  • The name of the game is to add up the value of your cards, with Ace being worth one or eleven, while face cards are worth ten and number cards are worth their face value.
Game Provider Evolution Gaming
Official Name Infinite Blackjack
RTP 99.47% (based on the first hand)
Minimum Bet $1
Maximum Bet $10,000
Special Bets Side bets, Bet behind
Compatability Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Live Dealers One
Instant Chat Yes
Games Available 24/7
  • Other variations like Blackjack Party, VIP Blackjack, and Salon Privé Blackjack (still at very few live blackjack casinos in the United States) all have a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 99.28%.
  • Similar to other table games, the blackjack house edge is built into the game. As you can see from the table above, using fewer decks decreases the house edge slightly. There are some variations between online gambling sites in terms of how the human dealer plays the game.

Game Variants

Most online casinos will carry a variety of Live Blackjack games. The number of variations changes among casino operators since there are differences in what software providers they have partnered with and each software provider has slightly different versions/variations of blackjack. We’ve listed the most popular options below:

Live Blackjack Variant Game Information
Spanish 21 The liberal version of the game. The players can double down any number of the cards, get payout bonuses for five or more card 21s, blackjack always winning. However, this is at the cost of having no number 10 cards in the deck.
21st Century Blackjack Also known as Vegas Style Blackjack. In this version, the player bust does not automatically result in a loss. Depending on the live casino, the player can still push if the live dealer busts as well. Note that often, the dealer has to bust with a higher total for the wager to be returned.
Double Exposure Blackjack In this version, the first two cards of the dealer's hand are face up. However, blackjack only pays even money (1:1), and the player loses at a tie.
Double Attack Blackjack The very liberal version of the game. You can increase your wager after seeing your first card. Note that blackjack only pays 1:1 in this version.
Blackjack Switch This game is played over two hands whose second cards are allowed to interchange. A natural Blackjack is paid 1:1, and dealer 22 is a push.
Super Fun 21 Allows players to split any hand up to four times. If the player has six cards totaling 20, he automatically wins. Wins are paid out 1:1.

Popular online Blackjack variations include the Single-Deck Blackjack (0.26% house edge, one-deck shoe), Atlantic city Blackjack (0.36% house edge), Vegas Strip Blackjack (house edge 0.39%, two-deck shoe) and PGCB Blackjack (Pennsylvania) which has a house edge of 0.40%.

Online Software Providers

Since online casino gambling is still in its early infancy in the U.S. compared to other countries, most live casinos are currently operated by the sites on which they are located. Elsewhere in the world, most online casinos offer live games to players via third-party live casino providers like Evolution Gaming.

  • The U.S. is shifting towards the third-party game providers as well, as Caesars Online Casino and DraftKings are two big bitters who have joined forces with Evolution Gaming. Online gambling sites are aware of the need for more live games in their casino gaming library. It is becoming increasingly common to offer live casino gaming offers including table games like the popular Blackjack in the library.
  • Evolution Gaming live Blackjack repertoire includes live Blackjack, speed Blackjack, VIP Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack, Blackjack party, and Dedicated Blackjacks. Features and side bets include bet behind, side bets, and initial decision bets. Initial decision bets are not available on Infinite, Free Bet, Power Blackjack and Speed Blackjack.

⭐ Best Live Blackjack USA Casinos

The best blackjack casinos in the US offer live dealer blackjack in addition to the software based blackjack games. Most casinos offer several live blackjack tables, a welcome bonus, and multiple banking options. Some even list rule variations for each blackjack game type for the best gambling experience.

Live Blackjack Online Bonus Offer Available in US States
DraftKings Casino $2,000 + $50 Welcome Bonus MI, NJ, PA, WV
BetMGM Casino Live Blackjack 100% Match Bonus Up to $1,000 MI, NJ, PA, WV
Borgata Online Casino 100% Match Up to $1,000 NJ, PA
888Casino 50% Match Up to $1,000 NJ
Golden Nugget Blackjack 100% Match Up to $1,000 MI, NJ
Hollywood Casino 1000% Match Up to $500 PA
Unibet 100% Match Up to $500 NJ & PA
Caesars Online Casino 100% Up to $1,000 NJ, PA
BetRivers Online 100% Up to $250 MI, PA, WV
TwinSpires Online Casino 24 hours risk-free casino play up to $500 MI, PA, WV
BetMGM PA online casino bonus

Claim up to $1,025 as a welcome bonus from BetMGM to play live blackjack games. Also check out their blackjack guide and other live dealer games.

Golden Nugget USA Blackjack Casino

There are a lot of top live blackjack casinos out there, so American players can take their pick based on all factors involved, like bonus terms, overall blackjack experience, and other casino games. If we had to pick one with the best live dealer blackjack games, it’d have to be Golden Nugget Online.

  • Their $1,000 bonus to players in New Jersey and Michigan (and soon in WV) is as good as it gets, but the best part of the Nugget is the independently-operated online live casino. In addition to live blackjack games, there are plenty more live games in their lobby, like live dealer Baccarat, Roulette, and Casino Hold’em.
  • What’s best, you can even play live Blackjack against the house. This means you can openly root for every player at the table and hope for unlimited blackjack luck for other players, too!
  • As the U.S. casino industry expands, newcomers like Betway Casino will most likely bring new choices for a blackjack player to enjoy. So keep your eyes peeled for new options in internet gambling!
Best online blackjack usa casino

Golden Nugget has human dealers you can play with for real money Blackjack.

⭐ Live Dealer Blackjack USA Bonuses

Online casino welcome bonuses are given for new players in various US states. You can claim multiple bonuses at various internet casinos and use it for playing Blackjack with a dealer online. There are hardly any direct live bonuses but that does not mean that you cannot use the promos for live gaming. You can use your risk-free gaming day offer or deposit bonuses at casinos online for table games including live and online Blackjack. For example, you will struggle to find ‘live Blackjack no deposit bonus’ and yet you can use the BetMGM no deposit bonus to play live games as per terms. Read the terms and conditions associated with each bonus offer.

Casino Bonuses Explained

  • Blackjack and other live casino games have an extremely high RTP, compared to slots. This is why you’re rarely going to find live blackjack bonuses and promotions – that would just be bad business for live dealer casinos. However, you can spend your welcome bonus on live blackjack games on most sites, but always check the T&Cs. For the same reason of very high return to players (RTP), you will not easily find any Live dealer Blackjack no deposit bonus.
  • A welcome bonus always has wagering requirements, and blackjack games usually count for 10-20% of the wagering.
  • If you are a high roller, this might not matter to you as much, compared to getting a great casino experience.
  • A timeframe usually accompanies bonuses as well, specifying the time window for earning and using the bonus, so make sure to check those before you start to play live blackjack.

How to Get Bonus to Play

  1. Check out the various online casinos and welcome offers. Decide on your casino. All casinos listed and reviewed on BonusFinder are real-money gambling sites authorized to operate on the internet (and brick and mortar buildings) in the USA.
  2. Click our link to visit the site, enter promo code where/if needed. Not all sites need a promo code. Go through the terms and conditions. Casinos offer multiple bonuses such as a no deposit bonus, 24 hour free-play, wager match, risk-free bets and so on.
  3. Make your new online casino account as explained above. Make a deposit, make the wager(s) as per rule. Start playing with a human dealer of your choice. Real money casinos will accept only actual money wagering for bonus claims as per the promo terms.

Bonus & Promo Codes

You may need to type and enter our promo code with some US gambling sites.

  • BetMGM casino Bonus code is BONUSMGM
  • BetRivers promo code is 250 MATCH
  • Borgata PA and NJ promo code is BONUSBORGATA
  • DraftKings, FanDuel, Golden Nugget and many other casinos listed here do not need a promo code. Just use our link from toplist.

Go ahead and play Blackjack online at top US casinos listed here. All of them are legal casinos allowed to operate in USA authorized by state gambling authorities.


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