Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack

Unibet Online Casino release the first ever professional themed sports casino game - The Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack. The new Philadelphia Eagles themed blackjack game is exclusively available at Unibet Pennsylvania, and they are planning to release Philadelphia Eagles Online Slot. BonusFinder US reviews the ins and outs of this Blackjack Game.

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Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack Review

Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack Game

Gambling News: Unibet launches professional sports-themed casino agmes in partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles (National Football League)

Unibet PA Online has created the first ever professional themed sports casino game in the United States – the Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack. The professional sports themed casino game is first of it’s kind in online gambling, but it might just be the first of many sports themed casino games.

Rules of the Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack Game

Online casino blackjack games come with many rules, some of which favor the player and some which favor the dealer. The Eagles branded online blackjack is average in this regard.

  • The Game is played with 8 regular decks
  • It is a hole card game
  • Dealer must stand on soft 17
  • You can split only once
  • Double is allowed after split
  • Players can not re-split aces
  • Player only loses original bet against dealer blackjack
  • Blackjack pays 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1 if dealer has 21
PA Online Blackjack

Football fans can now enjoy Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack at Unibet.

Philadelphia Eagles Blackjack at Unibet Casino

You can find the Eagles Blackjack from the front page of Unibet Pennsylvania. If it’s not shown on the front page, you can also find it under Blackjack or Table Games.


The Unibet Pennsylvania bonus is $10 no deposit and $500 deposit match bonus. This online gambling bonus can be used for the Philadelphia Eagles-themed blackjack as well. However, Unibet Online Casino wagering requirements state that table games only contribute 10% towards the wagering requirements. This means that you need to play table games a long time, before your wagering requirements are fulfilled.

Unibet Bonus

Unibet Online Casino gives new players a $10 online casino bonus without a deposit. It can be used for blackjack as well.

Partnership between the Kindred Group and the Eagles

The Eagles Blackjack was positively welcomed by both Manuel Stan, the Senior Vice President of Kindred Group, and Catherine Carlson, Philadelphia Eagles Senior VP of Revenue and Strategy.

“I am extremely proud of the work done by both teams to release the first ever professional themed sports casino game in the United States, and this is just the beginning”, commented Manuel Stan.

The Eagles Senior VP of Revenue and Strategy, Catherine Carlson, continued: “We are excited to collaborate with a forward-thinking partner like Unibet whose innovation continues to create new and exciting online opportunities for our fans”

Philadelphia Eagles Online Slot Machine

Unibet, Eagles & Kindred group also aim to be on the forefront of industry firsts and plan take online casino and sports team cooperation to a whole new level in other areas as well. They are set to release the first professional sports themed online casino slot in Pennsylvania later this year. The technology for the Eagles Slot Machine will be provided by Pala Interactive.


Unibet Pennsylvania is setting a new standard for online gambling provider and sports team’s collaboration. The work done by both teams to release a new online casino game based around professional sports is the first of its kind. However, most US casinos also carry a sports betting site and partnerships with a local team could convert valuable casino players to sports betting as well. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the trend will continue in the future.

πŸ¦… How does Eagles Blackjack work?

It is basically similar to all online gambling blackjack games. If you know the rules for the base game, you can play. For special rules, check the top of this page.

πŸ¦… Can I play the game at Unibet NJ?

No, Eagles Blackjack is exclusive to Pennsylvania online gambling.

πŸ¦… What bonus can I use to play the Eagle Blackjack?

You can use your casino gambling bonus from Unibet PA. However, table games only contribute 10% to wagering requirements, so you might be better off spending your bonus money on other games, and gambling on Eagles blackjack using real money.

πŸ¦… Can I play the game with my mobile app?

Yes, Unibet's platform works great on mobile. Both casino games and betting on sports are easy.