Michigan Board urges inclusion of responsible Gambling awareness in schools and colleges

Michigan Gambling Control Board (MGCB) is urging schools and colleges in the state to think beyond the traditional 3Rs- Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. It advocates adding a 4th R to that list: Responsible Gambling. MGCB regulates Michigan online casino and sports betting operators.

Henry Williams, MGCB executive director, reminded the schools and colleges of the emerging responsibility. He also reminded all stakeholders including parents, families and school and college administrators about the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. The state residents have access to a 24-hour, toll-free helpline which could be used to seek help from problem gambling. MGCB’s Responsible Gaming can be reached at 888-223-3044. The MDHHS gambling helpline phone number is 800-270-7117.

The American Gaming Association also held a Responsible Gaming Education Month in September, 2022. 60% to 80% high school students have admitted to gambling for money in the last year as per a study by the National Council on Problem Gambling. 4% to 6% of students may be addicted to gambling. The American Gaming Association also released a toolkit recently for Responsible Gaming (RG) awareness that industry players can download and use.

Family members, teachers, and close friends can pay attention to these teenage gambling signals or red flags to identify a potential problem gambler.

  • Person selling personal belongings for monetary needs
  • Stealing
  • Availability of sudden cash
  • Anxious, jittery; unexplained moods
  • Borrows money, does not pay back
  • Spends time online on gaming sites
  • Obsession with sports scores for live betting or bet building
  • Inexplicable absence from school
  • Gets calls from strangers on the phone
  • Money problems
  • No time for friends, family

Michigan casino apps and MI sportsbooks are available for Michiganders who are at least 21 years old. The state liberalized online gambling in 2021 and has seen considerable growth in online gambling revenue and taxes.

The freedom to gamble legally also opened the road for intervention and protection of underage residents who may be tempted to gamble online at real money online casinos flourishing in many states of the USA. MGCB works closely with the police and investigation agencies to eliminate illegal gambling in the state.


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