Table Tennis Betting Guide 🎖️

Table Tennis Betting became extremely popular in 2020 when it was one of the only sports that was still being played around the world. Due to the fast paced nature of the sport it has retained its popularity. Nowadays you can find table tennis odds on almost every sportsbook in America.

🏓 How to Bet on Table Tennis

Table tennis or ping pong is a one on one or two on two sport where two players use paddles to hit a plastic ball over a 6 inch net on to a 9′ by 5′ table. A table tennis game is played until a player wins 3 sets out of possible 5. 11 points are required to win a set and the matches usually last around 15 minutes.

The sport experienced a huge ramp up in popularity during 2020, when many players decided to add it to their bet slip. In 2023, table tennis betting is available at most US sports betting sites. Most sportsbook sites allow bettors to wager on live games, total points scored, or the exact number of sets, as well as the winner.

🏓 Table Tennis Betting Tips

Very few people are familiar with table tennis sports betting. Therefore, it’s good to get to grips with the basics of the sport. You can find odds for a lot of things, but the main thing to remember is that table tennis is a very fast game. Therefore, if you are trying to catch live odds, you most really move fast. Furthermore, not all table tennis events are on equal footing when it comes to reliability and integrity.

What Events Can I Bet on Table Tennis

There are hundreds of table tennis events that you can bet on. In addition, every tournament has multiple table tennis matches that only take about fifteen minutes each. Therefore, sports bettors can always find a table tennis match to bet on.

International Table Tennis Federation

The biggest organizer of sanctioned tournaments is the ITTF. They organize single events as well as team competitions in various parts of the world. Ping pong is especially popular in Asia, which means that you can bet on table tennis when almost nothing else is available. The betting markets for ITTF tournaments are quite solid, and you can sometimes find high quality streams on the games being played.

European Table Tennis Union

European table tennis betting is very popular as well. Although the sports wagering is not as popular as it is for ITTF tournaments, legal sportsbooks still offer European table tennis odds. The information give to sportsbook clients is also reliable, and you can trust the sources. The games rarely have any match fixing as well.

Moscow Liga Pro

Russian table tennis is one of the most popular table tennis leagues to bet on. Because the games take place in the morning, you can place some bets before heading out to work. Obviously, betting on the Moscow Liga Pro is like playing roulette because the betting odds are quite random, the sports data company is at least slightly questionable, and the only stream available for the Moscow Liga Pro has a considerable lag, so odds providers are way ahead of you with the live odds. The games might also be played at undisclosed locations, which makes match-fixing a real possibility.

Eastern Europe

Countries in Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Czech Republic, and Romania are also big for table tennis betting. One of the most popular leagues is the TTStar Series, which is based in Prague. The Setka Cup in Ukraine is almost exclusively played for betting purposes. Another popular tournament is the Win Cup.

Table Tennis Bet Types

Before you start placing bets and planning your table tennis betting strategy, you should be aware of the different bets that can be made in table tennis. Wagers like spreads or totals are not often available. Therefore, betting on table tennis is a bit different from most major sports.

Money Line

Moneyline wagers work as they do with any sport. You wager on the winner of the match and if your chosen person wins, you win your wager.

To Win First Game

You will also see the option to wager who wins first game. This option is only available in team competitions, and not in singles. So if you see the first game option available, you know that you are not wagering on a singles game.

To Win Set

Sportsbooks will also offer odds on who will win the set. These are usually live wagers. To win a set, the player needs to be the first to reach 11 points.

To Win Point

Another live betting option is betting on who will win the next point. This wagering option is not offered on every event or game. However, when it is available, you can bet on every individual point during the game if you’ve got the guts.

Number of Sets

When you wager on the number of sets, you are betting on how many sets the game will last. Compared to totals betting, table tennis betting sites often offer you the exact number of sets to bet on. Therefore, you can wager on whether the games will take 3, 4, or 5 sets to finish.

How do Table Tennis Odds work?

The odds for a table tennis game work like any other odds. So if you know how to read odds for other sports, you know how to read table tennis odds as well.

🏓 Legal Table Tennis Sportsbooks

With many offshore sportsbooks offering table tennis tournament betting, it’s important to know how to find reliable sites that you can trust with your money. On this page, we only list legal and legit operators. However, if you are checking online by yourself, always look for a state specific gambling authority logo. These include state agencies such as New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and Colorado Department of Revenue – Division of Gaming. Here below you can find all the legal table tennis sports betting sites:

  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • BetSafe
  • Betr
  • Betly
  • Golden Nugget Sportsbook
  • Borgata Sportsbook
  • Fox Bet
  • PlayUp
  • PointsBet
  • Unibet
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • Superbook
  • SaharaBets
  • BetRivers Sportsbook
  • Hard Rock Sportsbook
  • WynnBET
  • Tipico
  • Betway
  • SI Sportsbook
  • Barstool Sportsbook
  • Parx
  • Bally’s
  • Harrah’s

🏓 Which States Allow Betting on Table Tennis


1️⃣ Is betting on table tennis legal?

Yes. Betting on table tennis is legal in every jurisdiction where sports betting is legal. However, it's not always available in smaller states.

2️⃣ Where can I bet on table tennis?

Most sportsbooks in America allow table tennis sports betting. However, sometimes smaller states like Connecticut might not have as many markets as other states.

3️⃣ Which table tennis events are available for betting?

Depending on the time of the year, there will be anything between 5 and 15 events you can bet on. The most popular international competitions include the Moscow Liga Pro and the Setka Cup.

4️⃣ How do I bet on table tennis?

You bet on table tennis as you would on any other sport. However, there are a few specifics that you should be aware of, like betting on a single point or a set. You can find all the relevant information on this page.


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