Best US Betting Sites & Bonus List 2020

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana were among the first states to legalize online and mobile betting. More and more states are joining the mix as we speak, so there's a good chance you can get betting on mobile - if not today, then very soon.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana were among the first states to legalize online and mobile betting. More and more states are joining the mix as we speak, so there's a good chance you can get betting on mobile - if not today, then very soon.

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Online Betting Sites US 2020

Check the list above to find the legal & legit sportsbooks with great bonuses in your state.

Real money online betting in the US is becoming regulated state by state. Considering we’re the Land of the Free, that hasn’t been the case for real money online sports betting. Fortunately, the tide’s about to change, and online sports betting is becoming legal slowly but surely.

From you’ll find the updated legal status in your state, and once sports betting becomes legal in your state, we’re sure to offer you the best bonuses at legit sportsbooks you can trust your money with.

usa online sports betting

FanDuel Sportsbook was the first online bookie to open up in both PA and NJ. In New Jersey, they’re the clear front runners with DraftKings.

Legit & Legal Sportsbooks

So, what are legal & legit sportsbook like that we endorse? Let’s see.

  • Licensed in your state
  • Fast, secure payouts
  • Widely available banking methods like Mastercard and PayPal
  • Trustworthy customer service
  • Easy to use on mobile
  • Excellent bonuses only recommends the online betting sites that are completely legit & legal for you to play in. We’re well aware the internet is riddled with offshore bookies like 5Dimes and BetOnline who aren’t allowed to offer betting for US customers but do so anyway.

You shouldn’t sign up at any of these sites, because there are zero guarantees you’ll get your money. They’re “licensed” by countries like Costa Rica, which effectively doesn’t mean anything. They can do whatever they want, as they aren’t licensed by a real US authority.

They’re at risk of being the next Full Tilt Poker, who had their funds frozen and returned to the customers years later We want you to get paid right away, not a couple of years down the road. This is the reason you want to bet at a licensed sportsbook.

Fast payouts, plenty of banking methods and mobile nativity are also three critical aspects of a legit sportsbook. You’ll want your deposits processed instantly with the banking method of your choice, so you don’t have to run through extra hoops just to get a couple of bets in. Today it’s also equally important to be able to bet on a fast mobile betting platform, and their live-betting needs to work smoothly on the go.

Last but not least, you should always take advantage of the online betting bonuses you’ll get when signing up at a new online bookie. Let’s dig into this subject a bit deeper.

Types of Online Betting Bonuses

  • Deposit bonus
  • Free money
  • Free bets
  • Risk free bets
  • Profit boosts

You’ll always get an online betting bonus when you sign up at an online bookie where you’re not a customer yet. Betting bonuses come in different forms, with most of the true value in deposits bonuses.

Most of the time they’ll give you a sign-up bonus, so whenever you sign up at an online bookie, they’ll credit you with the promised bonus when you register as a new customer. The best online bookies like Unibet also offer you free bets and risk-free bets for big events like the Super Bowl or World Series.

What are deposit bonuses?

Deposit bonus at an online bookie always matches your deposit with a pre-set percentage. If they’ve got a deposit bonus and will “match it 100% up to $100”, it means when you deposit a hundred bucks, you’ll get $200 in total to bet with.

Deposit bonuses are typically the most valuable out of any US online betting bonuses.

Free money

Free money offers are hard to come by in online betting. Sometimes online casinos give “free money” with tons of strings attached for slots, but the free money offers are non-existent for online betting. If you’re lucky, you may find a $5 free money without a need to deposit, but don’t count on it. Always be ready to make a small deposit to gain from a bookie’s offers.

What are free bets?

Free bets are bets that a bookie gives a) on sign-up b) when you’ve been their customer for some time. Typically an online bookie matches your wager with a free bet of the same size. The stake is pre-determined.

Example: An online bookie gives a “two free bets worth $10 each” offer, you’ll typically need to place two $10 bets of your own and after that can use both of the free bets.

What are risk free bets?

Risk-free bets save you from losing your bet altogether. When an online bookie offers a risk-free bet, you’ll get refunded if you miss your bet. Online bookmakers typically give risk-free bets to new customers and existing customers alike, so you should sign up & deposit at as many online bookies as possible.

Risk-free bets typically have low stake sizes, so they aren’t as lucrative as deposit bonuses. For example, sportsbooks like PartyCasino may offer a risk-free bet for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl up to $20. If the Pats win, great, you win your bet – if they don’t, you’ll still get your $20 back.

It’s a common misconception that free bets and risk-free bets are one in the same. As you can see, they’re not. Risk-free bets refund your stake if you lose, while free bets give you extra bets when you’ve already bet on something else. Both of the two are typically low value compared to deposit bonuses, but that shouldn’t prevent you from getting them. Get your free betting money wherever you can get it.

What are profit boosts?

Profit boosts give extra to your wins. If a bookie gives you a “100% profit boost up to $100”, they’ll match your win up to $100. So if you’d like to bet $100 to win $190 with the Golden State Warriors beating the -5 spread against Toronto Raptors, you’ll get the $90 doubled if the Warriors win. Then you can continue betting with $280 in your bankroll.

As free bets and risk-free bets, profit boosts are also usually given to either a new customer or an existing customer when a big event like the NBA Finals is coming up.

Pro tip: If the terms & conditions of the profit boost deal don’t bar parlays in the deal, bet with high odds with a low stake. This will essentially double your odds, and you can score really big with just ten bucks.

no vig nfl betting

DraftKings ran a no-vig NFL promotion for Week 1 of the 2019 season. Bettors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania got +100 odds on both sides, instead of the regular -110.

Wagering requirements

Every type of real money betting bonus comes with some strings attached. In the online gambling world, the strings are called wagering requirements (also referred to as play through and rollover requirements). They make your life a bit more difficult when playing with a betting bonus, but it’s by no means a tremendous undertaking. You can’t withdraw before you’ve met the play through requirements.

The rollover requirement is usually stated somewhere in the terms & conditions (aka “the part of a gambling website nobody reads except the editors of BonusFinder US”). This number tells you how many times you need to wager your money before you can cash it out.

For betting, the rollover requirement is usually 3 to 6. Compare this 3-6 to online casino bonuses, which have a rollover requirement of 25 to 60. It’s a huge difference.

In real money sports betting bonuses, the rollover requirement is most often calculated like this:

Wagering needed before cashing out = rollover * (bonus money + original deposit).

Bonus clearing example:
You deposit $50 and receive $50 with a rollover requirement of 3
You need to wager: 3 * ($50 + $50) = $300

You need to bet with certain odds for your wager to count towards clearing your bonus. This limit is often -120. Bets below the threshold are ignored as far as clearing the bonus goes.

After you’ve met the wagering requirements and played through your bonus, you’re free to cash out your winnings.

Players from different countries have different play-through requirements, but we’re on the right side of this. We in the USA still get very low wagering requirements as the competition for new American players is fierce among real money online bookies.

NJ Betting Promo Codes – February 2020

You can unlock NJ betting bonuses by using a bonus code. Sometimes you don’t even need a bonus code and you’re off to the races. Some bookies like William Hill NJ and Unibet NJ toss free bets and risk-free bets to new NJ customers. Check the list below for promo codes & bonuses you’ll get when you sign up.

NJ Sportsbook Bonus Code Bonus Amount
WilliamHill BONUSFINDER50 $50 in Free Bets
FOX Bet None Needed $20 Free Cash + $100 Sportsbook Bonus
PointsBet None Needed $1000 Risk-free bets
Unibet None Needed $20 Free Bets + $250 Sportsbook Bonus
DraftKings Sportsbook None Needed $200 Risk-free bets + $500
BetMGM BonusMGM $500 Sportsbook Bonus
Resorts Online Casino None Needed $250 Sportsbook Bonus

All the online bookies listed above are the most legit sportsbooks in New Jersey you’ll find. They’re all licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, so you can be sure you’ll be paid when you win.

You can also claim their bonuses if you’re on the go. Their mobile sports betting is the best in the business, and you can get your money in & out quickly from each of the legal NJ sportsbooks.

Live / In-play Betting

Live betting is one of the most popular ways of online betting. You don’t bet just the pre-match card anymore, as you can bet mid-game on intermissions and halftimes.

The live betting odds are ever-changing, as in the NBA the odds change during the course of the game – even in the middle of a possession. The tempo is fast, so you’ll want to be watching the games on the TV instead of a live stream, as there’s much less of a delay in cable TV if you’re betting live.

Live betting is the #1 way to make money in betting, as Vegas does have the pre-match number pretty well down these days. Live betting is still much less of an exact science for real money online bookies, as live betting has only been around for years, while the pre-match market has been around for decades.

In live betting, it’s much easier to judge the teams against each other as you’ve actually seen them play today on the same field or the court. The tempo of the game, defense stacking against each offense and the way superstars play each other. You can see all this happen live and then decide on what you’re going to bet, instead of trying to beat the online bookie in pre-match betting.

Mobile Betting Apps

mobile betting app usa

The DraftKings sportsbook app is clean, straightforward, and fun to use.

Newsflash: You don’t need a real money online betting app to bet on your phone. All the online betting sites are completely compatible on your phone’s browser, no matter if you’re running an iOS, Android, Blackberry or a Windows Phone.

Real money betting apps are never necessary, as online bookies work very well using your browser. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari – no problem.

However, you can find online betting apps if your state has legalized online gambling. For example in New Jersey, FanDuel and DraftKings have their real money betting apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. But you don’t need them really, as the mobile betting bookies work just as well on your browser.

Currently, you can’t download a betting app if you’re a resident of a state that hasn’t yet allowed online gambling. What would be the point, as you can’t gamble online yet anyway? Once states legalize online betting, you’ll see online betting apps appear in your app store as well.

Best Online Betting Site in US

Currently in February 2020, FanDuel gets the nod. They first established themselves as a daily fantasy powerhouse, but as online sports betting’s becoming legal state by state, FanDuel’s foray into the betting world has been a successful one.

You can bet all the major sports, college sports, as well as EPL if you’re into soccer. The odds are competitive, and they know what makes US bettors tick: Great bonuses with ongoing promotions that you’ll benefit from in the long run.

They’re currently available for gamblers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and are likely expanding to the rest of the country when other states regulate.


Are my betting winnings taxed?

Surprisingly enough, yes. Almost all gambling winnings are taxable events, but it's up to you whether to report them or not. Even real money online bingo is taxed (which, quite frankly, blows our mind).

There's a good chance the IRS isn't interested if you hit a parlay which nets you 200 bucks, but it may become interested if you win like a professional. Professionals win consistently - year in, year out.

You can, however, also deduct losses. You can deduct your losses up to the amount of your betting winnings. You can export your betting history easily if you gamble, for example at Unibet or at 888.

Do I need a bonus code to claim a sportsbook bonus?

Sometimes, yes. You'll find all the betting bonus codes in your state at the top of this page. We constantly update this page so you'll always find up-to-date bonus codes.

Betting bonus codes aren't always a necessity. Online bookies dish out their bonuses without bonus codes, too, so you don't have to worry about them.

If a sportsbook bonus requires a bonus code and you forget to enter one, don't sweat it. Just ask the sportsbook's customer service to credit the bonus after you've made a deposit and they'll surely oblige. Mistakes like that happen, and customer service is there for you if they do.

Is risk-free bet the same as free bet?

It's not. When you get a risk-free bet, you'll need to deposit and bet first. If your bet doesn't hit, you'll get your stake refunded and you can bet again.

With your free bet you can bet for free. Free bet offers are often much smaller than risk-free bets.

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