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BetMGM Highlights
  • $25 FreePlay no-deposit bonus on signup, 100% up to $1,000 in FreePlay on first deposit
  • Offers over 400 slots and casino games
  • Has an attached sportsbook and poker client
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MGM has been a leader in the American gaming industry since the 1970s. So, when New Jersey legalized online gaming, it was only a matter of time before they launched a site of their own. In 2017, they made their debut as PlayMGM. In 2019, they've rebranded as BetMGM. This site offers casino gaming (over 400 titles to choose from), sports betting, and online poker - all in one place. You'll get $1000 in FreePlay to boot, so come in and join in on the action!
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BetMGM Casino Review

Most know MGM for being one of the original Kings of Hollywood. However, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has also been a giant in the American gambling industry for more than a generation. Starting in the 1970s, they got into the brick and mortar casino business by purchasing a casino in Las Vegas.

betmgm bonus

BetMGM offers its players over 400 games – including craps.

A couple of decades later, they razed the MGM-Marina Hotel and built the now famous MGM Grand. They had plans to do the same in Atlantic City – however, in the end, the financials didn’t work out. In the mid-2010s, they acquired a controlling interest in the Borgata from partner Boyd Gaming.

In 2017, they launched PlayMGM, making them a late entrant into New Jersey’s online gaming industry. In September 2019, they rebranded as BetMGM. At the time of this review, they offer over 400 casino games, online poker, and a sportsbook.

If you’ve been to the MGM Grand resort in Vegas, you may be wondering: Does the greatness of their brick-and-mortar product translate over to their online presence? From their bonuses to the games they offer, we’ll leave no stone unturned in this comprehensive review.

BetMGM Casino Bonus 2019

No-Deposit Bonus $25 FreePlay upon creation of verified account
Casino Welcome Bonus 100% up to $1,000 in FreePlay
Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Risk-free bet up to $500
Poker Welcome Package 100% up to $1,000 bonus cash + $10 real cash + $15 in tournament dollars

BetMGM has the might of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer behind it. At first glance, it appears they have one of the more impressive welcome offers in New Jersey. For example, they offer a no-deposit bonus. The second you create a verified account, you’ll get $25 in FreePlay.

What’s FreePlay? Quite simply, these credits allow you to win real cash on the house. However, there’s a catch with BetMGM’s no-deposit bonus – you need to score 150 iRewards Points before your FreePlay yields actual withdrawable money (more on this in the “wagering requirements” section.)

BetMGM’s casino welcome bonus is even more enticing. This generous deposit bonus gives you a 100% match up to $1,000 in FreePlay credits. Like the no-deposit bonus, your FreePlay won’t earn you actual cash straight away. Instead, it will whittle down your iRewards Points balance (aka wagering requirements) first.

Are you signing up for the sportsbook? Your first bet with BetMGM will be a “can’t lose” proposition. If your first wager loses, BetMGM will refund it up to $500.

Are you depositing to play poker on BetMGM? Their welcome package is just as generous as the casino’s offer – 100% up to $1,000 bonus cash. That’s not all – you’ll also get $10 real money, and $15 in tournament entries. Again, it’s not quite that simple – you’ll have to unlock your bonus cash in increments. To do this, you’ll have to – yeah, you guessed it – earn a set number of iRewards Points.

OK – so, it’s time to ask the question of the hour: What the heck is the deal with BetMGM’s iRewards Points? It’s here where their welcome offer begins to unravel – we’ll untangle this mess for you below.

Wagering requirements

Like all online casinos, BetMGM imposes wagering requirements on its bonuses. However, it does so using a confusing system – iRewards Points. As you make wagers on BetMGM’s slots and table games, you earn iRewards Points.

The rate you gain them depends on what you play. For instance, you’ll get one iRewards Point for every $5 you wager on a progressive jackpot slot – or a ratio of 5:1. On a conventional slot, that ratio is 10:1. They are even more substantial for other games. Due to their small house edge, the ratio is 20:1 for video poker, and 25:1 for table games like roulette and blackjack. On BetMGM’s real-money poker tables, you’ll get 5.5 iRewards Points for every dollar of rake or tournament fees.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to earn 150 iRewards Points with your $25 in FreePlay before it begins to yield real cash. For the deposit bonus, you’ll need to clear 6x the bonus amount in iRewards Points. If you deposit $100, you must earn 600 iRewards Points. Deposit $1,000, and you’ll need to get 6,000 iRewards Points!

That isn’t all, though – there are strict time limits imposed on these wagering requirements. After registering a verified account, you have seven days to claim the no-deposit bonus. From that point, you have three days to earn the 150 iRewards Points needed to unlock it. Fail in this task, and you forfeit any associated winnings.

Similarly, you have five days after depositing to claim the 100% deposit bonus. After that, you have three days to earn all the iRewards Points needed to unlock the bonus cash and associated winnings. If you don’t, you suffer the same fate as those chasing the no-deposit bonus.

Sound intimidating? Hold that thought – it gets worse. You can only work towards one bonus at a time. If you create an account, then deposit immediately after that, you won’t have time to chase both the no-deposit and the deposit bonus!

The process is slightly less bruising for poker players. Their deposit bonus is rewarded in 10% increments. For instance, if you deposit $100, you’ll earn your bonus cash $10 at a time. To get each chunk, you’ll need to earn 20x the bonus in iRewards Points.

To unlock each tenth of your bonus, you’ll need to gain 200 iRewards Points. By our calculations, you would need to rake $36.37 playing cash or pay that amount in tournament fees. Just as in the casino, you’ll need to put marathon sessions after depositing. You only have seven days to unlock this bonus – to earn the necessary iRewards Points, you’ll need to play a ton of hands!

The other parts of the poker welcome bonus are far easier to claim. To get the $10 in free cash, you only need to earn one iRewards Point. That can be done by generating about $0.20 in rake, or by playing a $2 tournament. BetMGM applies no wagering requirements on the $15 tournament dollars – you can use these immediately without restriction.

And, that’s it – whew! We’ll be brutally honest – the fact we had to write over 500 words about BetMGM’s wagering requirements is disheartening. People are sick of jumping through ridiculous hoops to earn bonuses. To claim BetMGM’s welcome bonus, you basically have to dedicate all your free time playing in your first week.

For players with significant others and families, that’s too much to ask.


Thinking about giving BetMGM a try? They offer a variety of ways to get your money on and off the site. Let’s review their deposit and withdrawal methods below:


  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayNearMe by 7-Eleven
  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Cash at Cage (Borgata)
  • Play+
  • VIP Preferred (ACH/e-check)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Skrill

For sheer convenience, depositing with a Visa/MasterCard is your best option. Just input your credit card number, expiry date, and your CVV code, then click deposit. Within seconds, you’ll be good to go! However, this method might not be viable for a couple of reasons. First, your bank may not allow transactions related to online gaming. And second, it’s not a discreet method of payment. When you pay via credit card, BetMGM will appear on your statement.

Get around both restrictions by using an online wallet like PayPal or Skrill. When you send money to either service, PayPal/Skrill appears on your bill, not BetMGM. If your partner asks, just say you were doing some online shopping.

However, PayNearMe eliminates pesky paper trails. Select this deposit method, and BetMGM will give you a PayCode. Take it to your closest 7-Eleven, along with the cash you wish to deposit. Tell the cashier that you’re making a PayNearMe transaction, and give them your PayCode and cash. Apart from a disposable receipt, nobody will know that you just made an online casino deposit!


  • Cash at Cage (Borgata)
  • Play+
  • VIP Preferred (ACH/e-check)
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Paper checks

When the time comes to make a withdrawal, BetMGM offers several convenient methods. Play+ is our personal favorite. It is a prepaid card you can use on BetMGM, as well as a network of brick and mortar casinos. When you initiate a withdrawal to Play+, it processes immediately. You can then use the card anywhere that accepts MasterCard transactions. That list includes ATMs on the NYCE and PULSE networks.

You can also make immediate withdrawals via the cashier cage at Borgata. Note that you need to begin the withdrawal from your account. If you don’t, and then show up at the cage asking for $200, confused looks are all you’ll get from the cashier.

PayPal and Skrill withdrawals generally take a couple of days to process. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll have your cash in two days, though. Processing times via your e-wallets could take an additional 3-5 business days!

If you withdraw by using an e-check, you could have your funds within three to five business days. Note that this is an average – these banking transactions can (and often do) take longer.

Of all the methods listed above, Play+ is best for players requiring discretion. If you don’t have this prepaid card, having a paper check delivered to a secret P.O. Box is your next best move. However, be aware that this is the slowest withdrawal method by far – allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Slots at BetMGM Casino

betmgm slots ghostbusters

Ghostbusters: Triple Slime is a fun, 720 ways-to-win slot.

  • GhostBusters: Triple Slime
  • BerryBurst
  • Piggy Riches
  • Starburst
  • Melon Madness
  • Divine Fortune

When it comes to slots, BetMGM offers an excellent selection. You’ll find approximately 400 games on its servers – a number that includes 14 progressive jackpot games.

Of those, Divine Fortune is among the most lucrative. Whenever a lucky player triggers its Mega Jackpot, they often win hundreds of thousands of dollars. If if you don’t win its top prize, this NetEnt title will entertain you from the first spin you take. With a fun Greek theme, free spins, and falling and expanding wilds, you won’t notice as the hours fly by.

Many of the slots offered by BetMGM are branded – this includes Ghostbusters: Triple Slime. Bring back your 80s upbringing with a slot featuring with symbols from the hit movies. From spectral scanners to Slimer scatter symbols, the nostalgia is strong in this game!

Its theme isn’t the only thing that stands out about this title, though. For starters, it is a 720 ways-to-win slot. Traditional pay lines don’t exist in this game – instead, 720 different formations will produce a win of some kind. Get super lucky, and you could find yourself winning more than 10,000x your bet – spooky!

Want to keep things simple? Opt for NetEnt classic BerryBurst. This game’s symbols are fruits of various types – oranges, limes, and raspberries all feature. To win, align clusters of five or more like symbols. Do this, and you can rack up wins very quickly. With its summery music and sweet graphics, this game is perfect for warming up a chilly winter night!

Top Table Games at the Casino

BetMGM has more to offer than just slots. On this site, you’ll also find a respectable collection of casino games. They provide more than only blackjack and roulette – video poker, casino poker, baccarat, and Craps are all available.


BetMGM offers seven tables of blackjack – two of them live. You can opt for vanilla American blackjack, but BetMGM offers variants for those who like to mix things up.

Sick and tired of betting behind on live blackjack tables? Unlimited Blackjack solves that problem. Hundreds of players can play the same hand at once – but how? It’s simple – when you choose to stand, the dealer continues the action for those wanting to hit. You are unaffected by further action – win or lose.

Of the software blackjack titles, Vegas Downtown Blackjack stands out. This title is based on the loose blackjack variant played in downtown Las Vegas casinos. When played optimally, it has a house edge of only 0.4%. Why so tight? For starters, this game is only played with two decks. Furthermore, you can do things like double down after splitting – crazy!


While BetMGM has a decent number of blackjack titles, its collection of roulette games will disappoint fans. BetMGM only has three roulette tables, one of which is live.

You’ll find two types of roulette on BetMGM – American and European. As unpatriotic as it sounds, we advise playing the latter. Why? Because the house edge is massive in the American version. With an extra “0” slot (“00”), the return-to-player percentage (RTP) of American Roulette is only 94.74%.

Meanwhile, the European game, with only the one “0” slot, has an RTP of 97.3%. Over many gaming sessions, this move will save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.


Feel like channelling your inner James Bond? Hit up BetMGM’s baccarat table. This table is staffed by a live dealer, which adds to the atmosphere of this game.

Not sure how to play? Unlike blackjack, you aren’t dealt cards, per se. Instead, the dealer deals two hands – one for a “player” and another for the banker. The object of the game is to bet on the winner.

The player pays out at 1:1, while the banker has slightly less lucrative odds at 19:20. Why the difference? The banker always acts last, so they have an advantage.

The winner is the actor who has a score closest to nine. How are the scores determined? To be honest, the exact rules of the game are a bit too detailed for this review. However, once you learn, you’ll get hooked on this pure gambling game!

Other Casino Games

videopoker at betmgm nj

BetMGM offers 12 different versions of video poker.

Are you looking for a break from roulette or blackjack? BetMGM offers a robust selection of other casino games. Video poker leads the way with a dozen titles. These include variants like Jacks or Better (need to make Jacks to qualify) and Deuces Wild (2s represent ANY card/suit).

You also have two versions of table game poker to choose from – one of which is live. The live variant plays Casino Hold’em rules – instead of playing against others, you face off against a dealer. You start by making an ante bet and can make a “AA” bonus wager – more on this later.

After the flop, you can fold or call – folding ends the hand, while calling costs 2x the ante. The turn and river are then dealt. If the dealer has fours or better, they qualify. This is important – if you beat the dealer when they have worse than fours, you only win the ante. Beat the dealer when their hand is fours or better, and you’ll win the ante and the post-flop call.

Wins pay 1:1 from high card to straight, and escalate from there. Snag an elusive royal flush, and you’ll get 100:1 on your money!

What about the “AA” bonus bet? If you make aces or better on the flop, you’ll win big – at least 7:1 at minimum. Like the ante and call bets, royal flushes pay 100:1.

Finally, BetMGM offers craps. Not many online casinos in America carry it – if you love this complex dice game, they offer a software table.

Live Casino

Crave the person-to-person interaction that a brick-and-mortar casino offers? If you can’t make it down to the Borgata, BetMGM offers a small live-streamed casino.

At this time, it offers five tables. Two are dedicated to blackjack, one to roulette, and the other two to casino hold’em and baccarat.

BetMGM Casino on Mobile

BetMGM NJ does not appear to offer a mobile app. According to sources in the gaming media, they formerly had an app under the PlayMGM brand. With their recent change to BetMGM, though, no mobile app section currently exists on their site.

Reports state they have recently launched the new BetMGM app. At this time, Apple users may be able to find it in the App Store. However, due to Google’s ban on real-money gaming apps, Android users need to download theirs from a third-party source.

At publishing time, BetMGM did not have a verified download source for their Android app. When this situation changes, we’ll update this space.


Is BetMGM Casino legit?

Yes. BetMGM operates in New Jersey under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. To maintain their license, they have to segregate operating and customer funds and prove the integrity of their games.

As such, you can rest assured that your funds are safe with BetMGM.

Does BetMGM offer a sportsbook and/or online poker?

Yes. In addition to the casino, it also has an attached sportsbook and online poker client. The site offers shared bankroll functionality that allows you to use your funds to play all three sections.

Does BetMGM have a mobile app? I can’t find it.

According to news reports, BetMGM has launched a new gaming app. At publication time, however, no information could be found about it on BetMGM. When they post information about their app, we’ll update this review to reflect that development.


MGM is one of America’s most trusted gaming brands. While their online casino shines in many respects, there is room for improvement. The lack of roulette options stands out, as do their complicated wagering requirements. Also, launching BetMGM without a mobile app section strikes us as odd – in 2019, more users than ever are on their phones.

However, with more than 400 games, a generous welcome offer, and an attached sportsbook/poker client, it’s a site no serious gamer can ignore.

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