Get Paid $500 and a New TV to Watch Soccer And Test Beer! 🍻

author By Fintan Costello on 11/08/2022

Congratulations to James C from Ohio on being crowned our official World Cup Beer Tester. It was an extremely competitive selection process, and we would like to thank each and every one of you who entered. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for our next competition launching in early-2023!

Dream Job alert! Could you be the lucky judge of our own World Cup of Beer?

The Soccer World Cup is descending upon us, with the first game kicking off on 20 November. We want to celebrate this incredible tournament by giving one of you the opportunity to rate each country on a different skill: brewing!

Whether you’re a full-time soccer fan or you’re watching the World Cup for the first time: if you like beers from around the world, we at BonusFinder have the job for you.

Alongside sending the lucky new applicant a variety of beers, we’ll also throw in a $500 payment and throw in a new TV ready for the worst of winter!

Our previous dream jobs have included testing Halloween candy, Netflix and pizza, stadium hotdogs, and more.

This time, we’d like our winner to taste a selection of premium beers (some of which represent countries that are participating in the World Cup), and let us know what you think. There’ll be no Peroni this year, we’re afraid!

Think international craft beers: lagers, hazy pales, IPAs and more! Each one will represent a qualifying team, and it’ll be up to you to judge who comes out at the top of the tournament.


So, what does the job involve?

🍺 We’ll send you 32 beers AND make arrangements for you to have a new TV!
🍺 You try each beer and take notes to rank your favorites
🍺 Let us know which ones you loved and whether any left a bitter taste
🍺 We’ll compensate you $500!

How to apply:

Are you a lover of hops and hazes? If you’re from the US, Canada or UK, you can apply using the form below. Be sure to let us know what makes you the person for the job!

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    – Please drink responsibly and in moderation.
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    – The promoter does not take any liability or responsibility for any damages or accidents related to consumption of the prize supplied in this campaign.

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